forScore app brings sheet music to the iPad

Although I’m still somewhat skeptical of the iPad, I can’t help but be very impressed by a small number of new and forthcoming applications being developed for the platform. In fact, the video demo for one soon-to-be-released app is weakening my resolve to wait out the first generation of the device.

forScore is a sheet-music management application that will allow the user to load his or her own PDF files, instead of relying on a proprietary format. The application also supports page specific annotations, which is particularly useful for marking up difficult passages. The developers were also quite clever to include an integrated metronome that can flash the border of the screen at a pre-set tempo.

The idea isn’t new. Electronic sheet-music displays have been around for a several years, but they’ve been even more expensive than an iPad. This seems like a good multitasking alternative, if you’ve already been considering such a device.

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  1. posted by Kate on

    The KindleDX can natively display PDF files as well, but I’ve found most of my scanned/digital piano PDF sheetmusic to be a little hard to read.
    The lyrics and music are very crisp and clear, but it is smaller than regular sized sheets, and in landscape mode (where everything is plenty big enough) you have to hit the ‘next page’ button every other 10th measure.

    Since the iPad screen is of equal size I guess I’d have the same issues there?

    It also depends on how fast a flipped page will load if it’s playable. The DX is OK, iPad might be faster? I don’t know how both devices differ in how they load pages/PDF files..

    Playing from lyrics with guitar chords written above them works great (for me with the text size set to something slightly larger than the default).

    I’ve tried scanned books (to JPG to PDF) as well as Finale PDF exports.
    (and in case this is just me, maybe my -6 glasses need an upgrade..?)

    Wonder if forScore will build in a mp3/midi sampler tool so you can hear what a song is supposed to sound like?

  2. posted by yoshi on

    The iPad (and iPhone/iTouch) can already display pdf files both within Apple’s applications as well as there is third party applications. I am already using one on the iPad.

  3. posted by Marco on

    This might be a good alternative:

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