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Do you have clothes in your closet that have been there for months with their price tags still attached? Are there great clothes in your closet that you just never have occasion to wear? Are you ready to clear out some “like new” items that don’t fit you right to make way for pieces that do?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you might be interested in joining ThredUP. ThredUP is a clothes exchange service that helps you get new and like-new clothes you don’t wear out of your closet and clothes you would like to wear into your closet. From their website:

1. Tell us exactly what you like. We shop other people’s closets to find you hidden gems in your size that we think you’ll love.

2. Let us know the great items you’re no longer wearing. We find thredUP members who are interested in items like these.

3. We manage the peer-to-peer exchange. You send and receive items using our pre-paid envelopes [three envelopes for $12.50] — no trips to the Post Office, ever!

The company was started last year by three men who dislike spending lots of money on clothes and quickly grow bored of what they do buy. I like the program’s Golden Rule: “Send only what you’d be willing to receive.” And, I like that it gets rid of the clothes that you don’t wear that are taking up space in your closets. On the downside, it’s only available to U.S. residents.

Learn more about ThredUP on their FAQ page. Also, they plan to launch a ThredUP KIDS section in the near future. As a parent with a son who never fit into the newborn size, I could have definitely used this service to pass along an entire box of never-worn newborn clothes. (Thankfully, my friend is pregnant with a boy and she was very happy to take the box of clothes from me.)

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  1. posted by shash on

    Happy April Fool’s Day?

  2. posted by Erin at Unclutterer on

    Not a joke. Real. We actually forgot today was April Fool’s until we went to the Google homepage this morning.

  3. posted by Alexandra on

    It sounds like a great idea, but is a bit expensive for me. I prefer to do something like Swap-o-rama-rama: (But then again, I know how to sew and enjoy unique pieces.)

  4. posted by Karen on

    Thanks for the post! Wanted to also let you guys in on the launch of our killer app – thredUP kids.

    Clothes don’t grow. Kids do. thredUP kids is a new place to help busy parents exchange clothes that no longer fit their kids for stylish ones that will!

    This link will give you access to our invite-only beta site:

    Hope you like it!

    -thredUP team

  5. posted by Kate on

    Not loving it… after looking at the website, it seems like there’s a little too much “luck” involved… you could potentially get something you like or potentially something that you really don’t like at all — you don’t get to choose, since they choose for you. I’d prefer a system more like where I can earn credits for what I send out and then get something from someone else by redeeming my credits… but that’s just me!

  6. posted by PlantingOaks on

    I agree with katie. Luck of the draw is all well and good – except for paying to ship all these things around the country.

    Also, restricting things to the same brand and category you send limits the utility – a major reason to clean out your closet it because your clothes don’t fit your life anymore.

    It sounds like a much better idea for kids, where you really do want another item that’s almost the same, just larger. Still, shipping seems problematic compared to the thrift store.

  7. posted by dcgrrl on

    I’ve been using thredUP for a few months, and I’ve had good luck all the way around. I have only gotten one top (out of 9) I didn’t like, and I just put it back into the thredUp system and traded it for something else!

    The shipping is very simple: it’s my favorite part, because when you buy in, you get envelopes with pre-paid postage stickers. No trips to the post office or weighing evelopes.

    Planting Oaks – you are correct I think – this is not for a major closet clean-out. This is to swap out a few tops that just aren’t doing it for you any more.

  8. posted by Mark on

    I’m slightly puzzled – the posting and some of the comments seem to indicate that this is for both kids + adults, but the site seems to indicate that it is only for kids clothes? Which is it? (I have several very nice jackets that I’d love to see go to a good home, including an almost new trench coat that I never wear – it would be cool if I could swap them for something more useful…)

  9. posted by Erin Doland on

    @Mark — The answer is “both.” However, the kids site is only in beta right now and you have to apply through a form on their site to be able to use it.

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