Unitasker Wednesday: Cupmen Instant Noodle Figure

All Unitasker Wednesday posts are jokes — we don’t want you to buy these items, we want you to laugh at their ridiculousness. Enjoy!

If it weren’t for instant noodles, I might have starved in college. Back then, I could buy 10 servings for $1. I would add vegetables or meat or even pasta sauce to them if I had some extra cash. I remember months when I ate them twice a day, every day. I continue to be incredibly nostalgic about instant noodles and will make some when the mood strikes.

In addition to being inexpensive, instant noodles are also idiot proof. If you let them sit in water too long, you have soup! If you don’t let them sit in water long enough, you have yummy, crispy noodles! They’re the perfect food for anyone who hasn’t yet mastered basic cooking skills. Which is why I am completely dumbfounded by this product:

The Cupmen Instant Noodle Figure rests on the lip of your steeping noodles and tells you when they’re “done.” In three minutes, the plastic, heat-sensitive Cupmen Figure transforms from a little blue guy into a little white guy. When he’s all white, you know your noodles are ready to eat. Yay, unnecessary plastic doodads!

I prefer to simply poke a fork at my noodles and see when they’re the consistency I prefer. A fork and my eyes seem to work extremely well. If you want to get high tech, you could even set three minutes on your watch, microwave, or timer … things you probably already own, and don’t have to buy or clean or eventually toss into a landfill.

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  1. posted by Rue on

    I just think he’s cute. Can I have one to sit on my computer monitor? I promise he’ll be awesome.

  2. posted by Maureen on

    I think he’s whimsical and fun. Sure, you could just use a timer… I could see using him with little kids.

  3. posted by Anita on

    Sigh… the perils of unnecessary cute things.

    Also: I now crave instant noodles. Thankfully lunch time is fast approaching 🙂

  4. posted by Raychel on

    This would be particularly useless for me since I like my cup of noodle soup al dente.

  5. posted by Jeannette on

    Yep, he’s whimsical and fun, and a set of three — in different colors, for day-to-day variety — costs just $57, plus $15 shipping. Seems like a sweet way to unclutter the old bank balance.

  6. posted by Happy Dogs on

    Pie birds…..

  7. posted by saya on

    who wants microwaved ramen anyway??? ick! ramen has to be made on the stove!

    (Then again who wants ramen noodle soup as anything but soup either, in my opinion, then again I grew up eating it because we liked it, not because it was cheap… thow some carrots in and thats all you need! I just don’t understand all these other views of ramen…)

  8. posted by Sandman on


    I thought you were kidding about the price. It’s cute and holds down the flap. If you are person who has to eat cup noodles this is a little out of your budget.

  9. posted by Tiffanie on

    Too bad its cute. Its hard to hate something that cute. Wait…it really costs $57? Not so cute anymore.

  10. posted by themusiclivez on

    $57 for that thing??? The only thing I think it could be good for is hold the top down on the cup of noodles so the heat stays in while they are “cooking”, however I just use a book for that. The price can’t be right… what a joke!

  11. posted by Caroline on

    Way cute! But yes, useless, really. I just put my fork o nthem, and when the steam stopped escaping from the lid, and the fork didn’t have steam condensation on it anymore, then they are ready (I like my ramen mushy).

    These would be fun with kids though… and yes, I would put one on my monitor, with a little taped-on speech bubble saying “ACK!” for fun…

    Off to Thinkgeek I go… They’ve gotta have something like it.

  12. posted by Jay on

    The little man is a duo-tasker or bi-tasker. He lets you know when 3 minutes have passed, AND he holds the lid down.

  13. posted by Dug on

    He’s in kind of an awkward position…

  14. posted by James on

    57 Dollars! What the…!

  15. posted by Sarah on

    I’ll see your $57 ramen minders (it IS a set of three, after all) and raise you…the $74 rubber cruller!


  16. posted by jon on

    “In addition to being inexpensive, instant noodles are also idiot proof.”

    Yes. Yes they are. Unless you wander off and start playing on the internet and come back an hour later to find them burnt black on the pan and the kitchen full of smoke. (Yes, the smoke detector needed a new battery – done now).

  17. posted by chacha1 on

    I lived on noodles while I was on fellowship in grad school. Once I gave that up and got a job, I don’t think I ever ate them again.

    They were pretty good with a slab of monterey jack and some peas from the farmer’s market, though. I never did use the “seasoning” (aka MSG) packet.

    Cannot believe some of the things that get made. And sold.

  18. posted by The Tiny Homestead on

    It is cute…because it’s a little person hanging off your cup. But I really fail to see how this would be “fun for kids”. I mean, only if you’re raising them to eat junk and buy junk. For $57 I think anyone could find better ways to entertain the kiddos.

  19. posted by klutzgrrl on

    Cheap version: Get a 3 minute sand timer for about $3 from Walmart or Amazon. Get a square of Sculpey clay, make a gingerbread man sort of shape with arms long enough to hold the timer, with legs bent to sit on the cup. Take out the sand timer and bake him (or her!) using suitable bakeware to support the shape if need be.

    Still clutter, but at least it would be $6 clutter instead of $57 clutter.

  20. posted by klutzgrrl on

    I still kinda like instant noodles, but now if I’m having them for lunch, I fine-slice a carrot, some Zucchini or whatever veggies I have, cook them in the water for a minute or two, then add the packet noodles (not cup noodles, you actually have to boil them for two whole minutes!) – a bit high in sodium if you use the packet flavoring, but otherwise much better than other fast food.

  21. posted by Lilliane P on

    Tons of ramen recipes online also …. one site ….

  22. posted by Oonafey @ Little Pink Houses on

    “I’ll see your $57 ramen minders (it IS a set of three, after all) and raise you…the $74 rubber cruller!”


    I was actually ready to click “Add to Cart” until I noticed the price. Eek! I actually don’t even own a microwave, but they are so cute!

  23. posted by ShooShoo on

    It’s not only overpriced, it’s useless…. unless – after turning blue – it gets up, runs across the room and screams real loud….

  24. posted by Jess on

    I use rice vermicelli from the Asian shops for my instant noodles – still not exactly nutritious but at least not full of weird oils and ummmm, stuff. 🙂 And still quite cheap. And no comment on the $57 dollar man….

  25. posted by MyLife at BCIT » Minimalism! on

    […] intend on using it for its original purpose any time soon. But at least I don’t have this unitasker (but I kind of want it, just for […]

  26. posted by Karyn on

    Erin, I cannot tell you what I thought when I saw that figure in that position; it would probably get censored, and rightly so. 😀

    I rarely eat ramen-cup soup, but if I do, I just use the spoon to hold down the lid till the noodles steam and soften to perfection. Much cheaper than $57, and if it’s “cute” I want, there are plenty of “cute” toys out there for a lot less than $57.

  27. posted by Nelson on

    They’re not $57. They’re $8. Still steep, but not crazy.

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