Kindle software available for Mac users

I know that not everyone is on board with reading electronic books as a way to control over-flowing bookshelves, but if you are, you might be happy to know that Kindle software is now available for Mac.

Just like it is on the iPhone, the software is free to download. It provides easy access to Amazon’s more than 450,000 digital books. If you already have a Kindle device, you can now synchronize your account between it and your Mac. Or, instead of using a Kindle to read books digitally, you can use your Mac and avoid purchasing a Kindle completely.

My guess is that Amazon released this product in an effort to thwart a competing service that Apple might have for its iPad. I also expect the price of the Kindle to drop after the release of the iPad to be more competitive — so if you’ve been waiting to buy a Kindle, you might wait until after April 3 to see what happens.

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  1. posted by HappyDogs on

    I bought my Kindle last month, I decided I just couldn’t wait.

    For those who are a bit clumsy and worried about the Kindle being fragile, here is my experience. After having mine for about 1.5 weeks, I dropped mine. It wouldn’t turn on. I called Amazon Kindle support, and they walked me through a hard reboot, which didn’t work. I freely admitted that I had dropped it, but they replaced it anyway. No charge, and second-day-aired the replacement to me.

    I adore Amazon. And I adore my Kindle.

  2. posted by Rachelskirts on

    The nook (by Barnes & Noble) offers desktop software, too, along with apps for BlackBerries, iPhones, and other smartphones.

  3. posted by tim on

    Also a Kindle owner. Looking forward to the iPad in two weeks. Outside of work related content – if I can’t get it in an electric format I simply don’t buy it anymore.

  4. posted by NookSurfer on

    Smart move from Amazon. Apple has their hands firmly gripped on a big piece of the market, might as well try and leverage that as much as possible. What you guys think…does this smell like the end of the Kindle?

  5. posted by Amy on

    I have the kindle software for PC and love it. It’s on my desktop and little netbook and the software syncs between the two. I’d wanted a kindle for digital books, but not another piece of equipment.

  6. posted by Marguerite Floyd on

    I refuse to buy a Kindle or any e-reader if the books I buy can be taken away from me by the seller — the way amazon took back copies of 1984.

    Can you imagine Barnes & Noble coming into your home and taking back books you’ve purchased from them?

  7. posted by Heron on

    I want to get an e-reader, but I’m leaning towards the Sony ones.

  8. posted by Jack on

    I love my Sony Pocket reader. I highly recommend Sony’s product. As far as I know, there’s not even a mechanism for Sony to take back books I buy – of course, I don’t use the Sony store. I buy from publishers who specialize in ebooks, from Fictionwise, and from individual authors on Lulu. The files are mine, all mine, and impossible to take away.

  9. posted by Archirat on

    I want to buy one for myself and one for my husband. We are going on an overseas trip and books are a security blanket to us. We have too many in our house though we are paring down… a little at a time.

    Since there is a weight limit on our luggage, I thought a Kindle, or two, would be a good idea. I waited a month to be certain I wanted it, then my husband suggested that we wait for the ipad to come out for the kindle price to drop.

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