File your taxes already!

Since tax time is a little less than a month away, I wanted to nudge everyone to get their papers filed if you haven’t already done so. Especially if the government owes you money, it’s good to get this chore marked off your to-do list earlier than later.

Be sure to check out “Three year end tasks to take the edge off tax time” for tips on keeping your paperwork orderly before you file. Then, once you’ve filed your taxes, I highly recommend using the FreedomFiler system to help you maintain an organized filing cabinet. (And, just so we’re clear, FreedomFiler did not pay us to write that — I’m a true fan and user of the system.) If your files are already in decent shape, check out “How to store your tax returns” for a few tax-time reminders.

If the entire process gives you a headache and makes you nauseated, be sure to read this tax filing and organizing advice from the personal finance professionals I read daily:

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  1. posted by Jay on

    We owe the govt. a lot (to us) of money, and we are waiting until Apr 15 to mail the check. No point in giving it to them early.

  2. posted by Alix on

    I have (I’ve been told) the world’s easiest tax return, so I try to get it out of the way as soon as possible. Actually, I try to get *any* interaction with the government done as soon as possible, which is why I’ve already filled out and returned my census form. I’ll procrastinate on my own projects, but not Uncle Sam’s.

    The “Random Lessons Learned” post is *hilarious*!!

  3. posted by Cyphase on

    I’m so glad I don’t pay taxes. The paperwork sounds annoying :).

    Btw.. their* taxes ;).

  4. posted by Laura @ PARING DOWN on

    Ours are filed and finished. We received about $300 back this year. It feels great to have it behind us for another year!

  5. posted by adora on

    I used to file my tax on Feb 1st when I was in college. As life happens, I need more papers and receipts. Gosh! People wouldn’t give me those paper until end of March! (My employer always give them out on the last Friday of March!) Argh! Just wanna get it over with!

  6. posted by Mike on

    I always file ASAP, because we get fat refunds thanks to mortgage interest, student loan interest, charitable write-offs, and two child credits. But this year I got stung a bit for it… I received a late 1099 for income I had forgotten about, so I have to file an amended return and give back about fifty bucks. I guess it pays to be a *little* patient.

  7. posted by Rebecca on

    If you file online you can set the date the funds get pulled from your bank account. This allows you to get the filing piece done early, but keep the money in your hands (hopefully earning interest) for as long as possible.

  8. posted by Melissa A. on

    Filed mine in February, had the refund in my bank account on March 5th.

  9. posted by Louise on

    I would love to have filed my taxes by now, but several reports from investments haven’t arrived yet. Not all who wait are procrastinating…

  10. posted by Jay on

    I highly recommend using tax preparation software (such as H&R Block At Home or TurboTax). Organize your W-2, 1099s, and other tax forms. Input the data into the software, as requested.

    It *almost* makes tax preparation fun.

  11. posted by Alix on

    I thought employers, banks, etc. were obligated to get reports to people by the end of January!

  12. posted by infmom on

    I already had plans to do it tomorrow. 😀

  13. posted by Tabatha on

    just finished mine, I used H&R Block to get mine done. But mine is super easy since I am not married, don’t have kids and don’t have a house, only one job and don’t have to make any special claims except my school which helps me get a little extra back.

  14. posted by Kelly on

    I’ve used TurboTax the last two years. Prior to that I did them myself. We’ve owed a lot (to us) the last few years and I’ve gotten to the point where I wait until the last minute. Oops. I’m hoping some adjustments we made will make it a little less painful this year. Part of the reason I’m putting it off is because I’m afraid of the results!

  15. posted by Vanessa (One New Thing) on

    My trick for making filing as easy as possible is to use TaxAct (online) and spread the process over a few days. When you log out of TaxAct, it saves where you were in the process, and I’d say other products offer that feature as well.

    PS: Thank you Erin for the links; I’ve been looking for a few good finance blogs/sites.

  16. posted by Jen on

    we already filed our taxes (since we are due a refund), except that we live in NY state and have now been told that NY will give us our refund check pretty much whenever they feel like it. because the state is nearly bankrupt. their way of saying thanks for the interest-free loan i guess! at least we’ve gotten that chore out of the way and off our plate – this is something we do early every year.

  17. posted by Shalin on

    Thanks soo much! I’m sending this link out to my financial literacy group! 🙂

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