Embark on new adventures: Erin’s second set of 2010 resolutions

Back in early January, I marked the Ides of March as when I would officially check in on my first set of resolutions for 2010 and finalize my resolutions for the second quarter. In the post “Increasing energy: Erin’s first set of 2010 resolutions,” I outlined what I planned to do for January, February, and March.

For the most part, I’ve kept to the resolutions I created. Unfortunately, I had to take six weeks off from the gym and withdraw from the race I planned to run in April because I kicked a rocking chair and significantly injured my foot. I’m just now getting back into a modified gym routine and can wear regular shoes again.

One of the highlights of my first-quarter resolutions was discovering new recipes for my healthy meal plan. One of the things I did was add the Canyon Ranch Cooks cookbook to my collection. With it, I have successfully made and enjoyed dozens of new recipes. During the doldrums of winter, it was nice to keep mealtime interesting and nutritious. Additionally, simply having more energy has been a wonderful thing.

The theme for my second-quarter resolutions is “Embark on new adventures.” Now that I have the much needed energy I was craving, I’m excited about putting it to use. The following are the resolutions I’ve set for April, May, and June:

  • Plant and tend to an herb and vegetable garden.
  • Take a knife skills class.
  • Go rock climbing.
  • Accomplish all 67 tasks on the “Spring Cleaning for the Overachiever” list on pages 189 and 190 of Unclutter Your Life in One Week.
  • Go through my entire home and office and play the uncluttering game I’m moving overseas! (Just to be clear, I’m NOT moving overseas, I’m simply playing the game.) Essentially, take on a full-home minimizing project.

To help me achieve these resolutions, I’m going to reference the post “Creating a plan to achieve your 2010 resolutions.” I’m also going to keep up with all of my first-quarter resolutions to maintain the energy levels necessary to help me with these second-quarter goals.

What are your resolutions for April, May, and June? How are your resolutions progressing for 2010? Share your resolution stories in the comments.

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  1. posted by Lousy Housewife on

    Medical issues, two cats dying, my business going down to the tubes, and now, my husband being laid off, all in the last 15mo, has made me just appreciate getting through the day. So let me pretend I didn’t read your question about how my resolutions are going and just say that l’Academie de Cuisine in Bethesda has a great knife skills class. 🙂

  2. posted by Mrs.Mack on

    I really *am* moving overseas! I wish that article you linked had given more advice.

    We’ll be moving from the US to Japan in late July/early August. We have to get everything ready between now and then—not just decluttering and choosing what goes in storage, but also all the paperwork. Not to mention to emotionally prepare ourselves! I grew up there, so I’m excited. But my husband has only visited once before, so he’s really nervous (and I’m afraid he’s going to experience a lot of culture shock).

    Any advice would be so helpful! I’ve already started talking about it in the forums: http://unclutterer.com/discuss.....g-overseas

  3. posted by trillie on

    Wasn’t it January just, um, yesterday? Where did all the time go? Where did the gym pass go? *insert frantical search here*

    Erin, it seems like you’re the only person I have heard of who actually manages to stick to their resolutions! Hooray for you! Thank god I know you did have to declutter your basement room, otherwise I’d think you were perfect and not a real person 😉

  4. posted by bg on

    In order to motivate myself (self-talk) that the Queen of England was coming for a visit. LOL Sorry to hear about your foot.

  5. posted by chacha1 on

    I had among my goals for the year to:

    get outside more (haven’t),
    start playing piano again (haven’t),
    watch less TV (a bit of success there),
    start making jewelry again (have!),
    start baking again (have),
    start learning Argentine Tango (not really),
    work on backward bends in yoga (yes!),
    start putting together books of vacation photos (nope), work on music library (have),
    start using camera settings besides “auto” (haven’t).

    5 no, 5 yes. Really want to make some progress on the 5 no’s in the second quarter.

  6. posted by Claycat on

    I just have a few goals this year, but they are big ones.

    One goal is to make money on the internet. That includes selling on eBay (I am!), starting my art again and selling on Etsy and eBay (Not yet, but I bought paper!), and starting and monetizing a blog (That’s a ways off yet.).

    The other is to live healthier. I’m slow on that one, but I have been good about walking again!

    And of course, the last one is to significantly unclutter my life. (I’m definitely working on that one!)

    So, I would say I am semi-successful, and that is far better than years past.

  7. posted by Steve on

    Knife-skills class?!

    Cue mental picture of Erin wearing a tutu and feathers, Unclutterer staff members stood in front of an old door, knives flying and shouts of, “Ta Daaaaaaa!”… (or Owww!)

    I like the idea of setting goals in blocks like this rather than simply setting a series of new year resolutions – thank you for this. Good luck with your goals!

  8. posted by Tabby on

    Um, Erin, sweetie *takes hand*, Knife skills?! Rock Climbing?! You took up running, ahem, a relatively safe activity, kicked a rocking chair and injured your foot…

    I love your posts but I’d also like you to stay in one piece!

  9. posted by Nicole on

    I second Trillie’s comments. And didn’t you just have a book release/tour in addition to all this?!

    I’ve been feeling unmotivated but your post has given me a little kick. Thanks – I LOVE your blog! Even if I just clean out one drawer today it’s something!

  10. posted by AMD on

    I’d like to echo Steve:

    KNIFE SKILLS??!?!?

    What does that MEAN?

  11. posted by Erin Doland on

    AMD — I want to learn how to wield knives like a professional chef and butcher. Chopping, filleting, butchering, etc. I know basic skills — I can dice an onion — but I’m not very fast and I’m not always certain I’m using the best knife for the job. Also, I’d like to know how to dress a rack of lamb, safely open an oyster, butcher a PSMO of beef, etc.

  12. posted by Erin Doland on

    @Tabby — Ha! I contend that the rocking chair attacked me 🙂

  13. posted by Emily on

    If I took a knife skills class I’d probably chop off my finger! Resolutions? Ahh – those goals derailed by DH’s hospitalization, my ER visit and illness, DM’s fracture and move into a nursing home. I’m starting the year over on April 1. Wish me luck!

  14. posted by Annabel Candy, Get In the Hot Spot on

    Lovely mixed bag here although the knife skills worries me too. I recommend moving overseas as the best way to declutter ever. Whittling it down to you and a backpack is liberating. I’m resolving to keep up the good work I’ve been doing so far this year:)

  15. posted by April on

    @bg, I like your idea of imagining the Queen of England coming for a visit. That’d sure make me clean up in a hurry!

  16. posted by Marie on

    Knife skills and rock climbing? Sounds like your real resolution is to earn double-oh status. Secret agent blog, secret agent blog…

  17. posted by Cat on

    My champion all-purpose decluttering method is to ask “Would I a) buy this again or b) miss it if I lost it?”

    I usually think of it in terms of if (god forbid) everything I own went up in a fire. If the answer is no, I wouldn’t care enough about this to buy it again/miss it (sentimental items), then why the hell is it in my house now? I find it a really helpful way to get clear about the reality of letting an item occupy my space.

  18. posted by Amber on

    Perfect timing. I just did a quick recon on what I have accomplished in the last three months and what I want to do in the next three. It is a more manageable chunk then a whole year!

    One goal I did accomplish was finishing 50 hours of exercise since January (which earns me a free coffee mug through work). I’m proud that I managed to do that! Last year it took me all year to make 50 hours. On to the 100 hour prize – an umbrella I think.

    I also set up a payment plan so my student loans will be gone by December 2010. Can’t wait! I started a TFSA (tax free savings account, new in Canada), talked to my parents more often and bought a beautiful set of stainless steel pots on sale for $99 (off from $350!).

    Still have goals to work on though. Not losing any weight, even with all that exercise, so need to work on planning my meals and portion control plus more veggies. I’d love to take a knife skills course too, have been looking around here but haven’t found one that works for me yet. Hope you find one near you! I have a friend that enjoys indoor rock climbing but be careful – she ends up covered in bruises quite often. When walls attack…giggle.

    And I now need to reorganize my cupboards to fit my lovely new pots. Will be going on my To Do list for April – June.

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