Zipco closet organizer: Pies! Pies! Pies!

I had a good laugh at this sketch from this past weekend’s episode of Saturday Night Live, and I wanted to share the fun. Erin lost it at “Dirt!” and now I can’t stop chanting, “Pies! Pies! Pies!” And, we should definitely warn you, it’s probably not safe to watch at work because of the “testimonial” in the middle of the sketch.

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  1. posted by georgetownsandi on

    Hilarious! Would this qualify as a unitasker? :O)

  2. posted by Paula McIntyre on

    That was very funny. Then the sketch where Jon Hamm met the closet organizer guy in a bar and asked him to ‘do a little bit’ of it…Pies…pies…pies!

  3. posted by Natalie on

    If you’re outside of the US, you can view the clip at:

  4. posted by SandyO on

    I watched that sketch and immediately thought of unclutterer.

  5. posted by schmei on

    We laughed so hard when we saw it the first time that we actually missed some of the gags. Watched it again this morning. “Loose Peanut Butter!” KILLED me.

  6. posted by Dawn F. on

    OMG!!!! This is major hilarious! Perfect for this dreary, rainy day down here in south Texas! Thanks!

  7. posted by Misty on

    Water… more water! 🙂

  8. posted by Abeline on

    You owe me a new keyboard. This one is covered in tea.

  9. posted by Jirka on

    Thanks Natalie for the working link!

  10. posted by Gianpaolo Pietri | The Optimalists on

    Two meals a day and a little bucket to do it’s business!


  11. posted by Kelly on

    Thanks for posting this…we laughed so hard that, like schmei said, we missed some of the lines on Saturday!

  12. posted by momofthree on

    “Loose Peanut Butter”….oh to see the face of the staffer who was first told they would be scooping some from a jar and hurling it across the stage at someone!!

    My PB sandwiches will never be the same.

    Thanks for the Laugh….missed SNL on Sat. (went to bed early for a change)

  13. posted by Claycat on

    LOL! I think I’ll pass on that closet organizer!

  14. posted by Laetitia in Australia on

    Loved the idea of “organizing” water.

  15. posted by Kylie on

    lol this was great. In addition to all the great gags, I appreciated that they said “too stupid to do it yourself?” It may not apply to closet organizing, but it seems that most of these product commercials feature completely inept humans who can’t even use a plunger.

    I will indeed be saying Pies! Pies! Pies! all day now :}

  16. posted by Jill on

    lol that was great, hearing cheese made me tear up from laughing! 🙂

  17. posted by LauraRN on

    Erin– I thought of you when I saw that clip.

  18. posted by RL on

    Thought it was ‘stupid.’

  19. posted by Ella on

    I have never laughed so hard in my life!

  20. posted by Courtney on

    very funny! in all seriousness, doesn’t everyone need to get their closet organized?

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