Unclutterer goes shopping with The New York Times

When I started writing for Unclutterer, I didn’t have many expectations. I simply wanted to share the information I had learned about uncluttering and organizing with people who were seeking it. I knew how stressed and overwhelmed clutter and disorganization had made me feel, and thought I might be able to help a few people discover a more calm and enjoyable life.

Let me tell you what I didn’t expect:

A feature in The New York Times — “Ending the Reign of Chaos

When the reporter contacted me and said she wanted to do a feature, I thought one of my friends was playing a joke on me. After a few Google searches, it became obvious that Julie Scelfo was the real thing. She wasn’t kidding. She really wanted to fly to D.C. to spend a day with me.

The piece that ran today in the print edition is marvelous — even helpful to readers — and I am so flattered to have been profiled. Unimaginably flattered. For more information on establishing a family information center in your home, check out the section on Reception Stations in the Monday chapter of Unclutter Your Life in One Week.

(Image by Michael Temchine for The New York Times.)

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  1. posted by Amanda on

    This was great! What a neat thing to be asked to do!

  2. posted by Eleanor on

    Well, this is totally vacuous comment, but I love your hair! Congratulations on the article, too 🙂

  3. posted by Ravi on

    Wow, being profiled in the NY Times? Congratulations!

  4. posted by deb on

    How exciting! And I love the hair too!

  5. posted by Lilliane P on

    Wheeeeeeeeeee! I’m impressed that I even know someone who’s profiled in the NY Times. Well, I feel as if I know you since I read every word of the blog every day and have your book.


    What’s so great about the blog, in addition to the content, is its dailiness, that it’s there every day and functions to keep my mind focused. I read it every morning, even check it sometimes before you’ve posted. I get up real early. If I just read the book, all the lessons would fade away but the blog keeps the lessons and my intentions fresh.

    You have no idea what a difference you make in my life and the lives of others, I’m sure.

    Thanks are in order.

    Virtual flowers for Erin! A massive bouquet!

  6. posted by Handy Man, Crafty Woman on

    Awesome! congrats! Off to read it now…

  7. posted by momofthree on

    way too cool….I have told many people I know about this site…now to make mention that you were featured in NYT.

  8. posted by Mary on


  9. posted by Jill on

    Congratulations! 🙂

  10. posted by Meredith from Penelope Loves Lists on

    Wow, good for you! And, you know what? You ARE rocking the hair. Very cute.

  11. posted by Richard | RichardShelmerdine.com on

    Hey congratulations that is a huge step. To be honest, you do rock the hair lol

  12. posted by Bryan Villarin on

    That’s so awesome – congrats Erin!

  13. posted by Andrew Twigg on

    Erin, this is great and great fun. Congratulations!

  14. posted by Beverly D on

    One of these days you are going to be as ubiquitous as Martha Stewart. Just please keep your values…..

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