Boxetti: Sleek minimalist furniture

If money were no object and I kept a spectacular flat in London as a second or third home, I would decorate it with furniture like this:

The Boxetti furniture collection (beware of the music that starts playing when clicking on the link) by Rolands Landsbergs is a beautiful feat of minimalism. From the product description:

The capability of the modules to be transformed into compactly solid blocks is essential for the design concept in order to obtain an unobstructed and comfortable space – free of uselessness.

When I see designs like this, I really do wish I had that flat in London.

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  1. posted by allen on

    /me drools

  2. posted by Lilliane P on

    me drools too

  3. posted by Donna on

    If you aren’t packing it up after use every time,it functions just like normal furniture. And if you do pack it up after every use, it is making more work.

  4. posted by Suz on

    It looks like something out of A Clockwork Orange

  5. posted by momofthree on

    clockwork orange thoughts too!!
    too cold and too sterile for my taste.
    Where’s the comfy place to put your feet up with out marring the surface?
    In my house, we are all for putting our feet up and chill-axing after a long day of school or work.. this stuff just doesn’t look like snuggle up with a good book and mug of hot cocoa on a winter day….but that’s just my opinion.

  6. posted by Jonathan on

    I don’t know, Erin. In my mind, minimal design doesn’t include chunky white cheap-looking laminate boxes taking up space in my living room. I’ll stick with the Breuer chair.

  7. posted by HKWC on

    Ugh! I don’t like it at ALL. No warmth; looks like a sterile outer space moon colony from the future…

  8. posted by chacha1 on

    It’s very clever, but “clockwork orange” came to my mind too. Visually, I’d probably love it if a) the shapes were curvy instead of hard and b) it were finished in natural woods.

    As for utility … these are reminiscent of the Murphy bed storage wall units you can get, which enable multiple uses of a space. But these take up a little too MUCH space on their own when closed … and I’ll bet they are heavy, not easy to shove around to open up the floor space.

    Let’s redesign! LOL. Put the couch, side table, and chair in one wall unit, and the desk/stereo in another, and then you have a lovely empty room when everything’s folded up.

  9. posted by PJ Doland on

    It’s way more THX 1138 than A Clockwork Orange.

  10. posted by Laura on

    Yeah, I thought “Kubrick” as soon as I saw it too – never seen “A Clockwork Orange” but it reminded me of 2001.

    I like modern design, but I agree that this one is too cold for me.

  11. posted by JC on

    I hope you also have a maid to go with the flat. I would hate to have to dust all those crevices.

    I like the concept of modular pieces, but, like others have said, it’s a bit sterile.

  12. posted by Adam Snider on

    Sterile. Ugly. And still quite big and boxy even when they’re folded away. Not really very minimalist or uncluttered, in my opinion. And, it’s all too ugly and sterile looking for my liking, even if it was a great minimalist option.

  13. posted by Lehcarjt on

    While it is a really fun and innovative concept, it doesn’t say ‘home’ to me. There is more to uncluttering that just not having any stuff. For me it is about building a life that has meaning. Where is the meaning in a big white box?

  14. posted by Lehcarjt on

    Plus that is one REALLY uncomfortable looking bed.

  15. posted by L. on


  16. posted by Richard | on

    Me drools 3. Looks completely un-natural but still looks beautiful. I would love that in my place.

  17. posted by Lilliane P on

    Again, it’s in a second home, not the primary one. The house by the lake or the shore. Freedom rooms and weekends. A change.

  18. posted by Happy Mum on

    Hideous. (I do live in London — first and only home.) And btw — I don’t think a “second home” (or third, or…) sounds uncluttery. Sounds greedy. Perhaps I’m missing the joke…

  19. posted by Karen on

    I actually went to the site to see if it was as ugly as I thought from the first pic. And…yep. Ugly. Also it looks extremely uncomfortable. The “Workstation” unit has a wee, tiny reclined chair inside, with a table top that looks smaller than the top of my five year old’s Thomas the Tank Engine desk.

    I didn’t see cushions in the couch. And who needs a kitchen that completely folds into a box?!

    It just doesn’t say “home” to me. I suppose to certain tastes, but when i come home I don’t need my furniture to look like a work of minimalist art, I need it to look comfortable and inviting. 🙂

  20. posted by Will on

    I thought the purpose of Uncluttering was to make life easier; these things look like they make it harder, without any added value. Unless the purpose of your home is to be a modern art gallery showcasing big, awkward blocks of white polycarbonates, these things look like they’d be a pain. Plus, it’s not like you’re freeing up space in your house for anything more useful; you have to keep the spaces clear in order to get out your furniture when you need it.

    And then there’s the fact that everything looks horribly uncomfortable. Just look at that cut out chair in the block with the desk; I can’t imagine spending any amount of time in that without becoming extremely claustrophobic.

  21. posted by Marty on


  22. posted by eveh on

    I know it is uncluttered and easy to keep clean but it just looks so sterile and cold to me. I don’t like clutter but I want cozy too. I think I can have both. A matter of taste.

  23. posted by Jill on

    I think it looks horrid. I love comfy couches/chairs and pillows/blankets and stuff. This stuff is super sterile looking and probably not at all comfortable.

  24. posted by Leslie on

    Definitely not to my aesthetic taste. Maybe if it wasn’t orange. No, pretty sure not even then.

    To each their own, but I prefer softer lines, and less white, cold hard look. I’m with eveh that I should be able to have uncluttered and cozy, too.

  25. posted by MP on

    Not on your life!

  26. posted by abdulkadir on

    Minimalist fırnitures is a bit different. But I liked it.

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