Workspace of the Week: Splendid shelving

This week’s Workspace of the Week is Almostbunnies’ sleek storage shelves:

In this setup, I like the consistently muted color palette, how all of the items have an assigned storage container, and that it works well for its users. Each cube appears to be dedicated to a purpose — all magazines are together, books are separated from workbooks on the bottom shelves, etc. I also enjoyed the caption under the image:

My golden rules for organizing:
1.must have easy access
2.leave some room to grow

Thank you, Almostbunnies, for your submission to our Flickr pool. Your office bookshelf is splendid.

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  1. posted by Lose That Girl on

    Stunning! Love the calm colour scheme.

  2. posted by Andrew on

    We just got this same shelf system from Ikea (EXPEDIT).

    Ikea also makes drawer and cabient inserts for the spaces, as well as fabric boxes that fit perfect in the cubby holes.

    The only thing i would change about your setup is: the stacked boxes. any time you need to access something from those boxes you’re going to need to pull the whole thing down, extract your box, and then put everything back in.

    Instead I think if you put in those stackable mail “inbox” trays, and put all the stuff in those trays, you access the contents without having to put them in boxes (if it’s paper). if it’s oddly shaped things, i would go with the drawers.

  3. posted by Pammyfay on

    Sure, this is pretty.
    But this is like telling people, “We don’t care how much cr*p you have. Just run out to Ikea and buy more stuff to keep all your cr*p LOOKING neat and you’ll have a great workspace.” I’m sorry, but this isn’t a workspace; it’s just a bookcase holding your stuff, one that looks a lot better than any other bookcase you could probably do on your own, but still just perfectly stacked boxes. The challenge of a good workspace is finding the ultimate solution to the stuff that is not 8.5×11 and easily tucked just into a nice box or magazine holder. And as Andrew says, if you have to keep moving boxes out and back in to get to your documents or whatever, how efficient is it, really?

  4. posted by nicole 86 on

    Esthetic storing for things one use every two months but not for everyday use. And I dislike items when they are displayed above the shelves, it’s kind of clutter.

    I suppose boxes and baskets hide agressive colours. Drawers or closed storing seems better.

  5. posted by Jenna on

    Maybe this person home schools their children so they need boxes for this. There could be many difference reason why this is a workspace to this person. If you don’t care for the way they chose to organize their things, don’t take any ideas from them. There’s no reason to bash the way THEY have chosen to display and organize THEIR items. It works for them, so they chose to share their success.

    Be polite people!

  6. posted by Dawn F. on

    This is a great storage space! I wonder what’s in those flat boxes? Looks ideal for storing scrapbook paper or for photo archiving or keepsakes.

    The nice thing about choosing these muted colors for the storage boxes and baskets is that they could easily be used in other spaces/rooms/areas.

    I like the personal items on display – it gives a touch of life and personality to the space.

  7. posted by Lori Paximadis on

    I like it. Neat, organized, but yet still has personality.

    I don’t mind stacked boxes. I have a couple of sets in the office and even more up in the studio. The most-used box naturally migrates to the top of the stack, and the least-used to the bottom. If all my boxes were full of stuff I need every day, I’d choose another way to store them.

    I like, too, that they’ve chosen mostly natural materials. I’m slowly working my way through my own workspaces to replace the plastic organizers with things that feel more “real” and less temporary and make-do.

  8. posted by Handy Man, Crafty Woman on

    I like it, to. If the stuff in the stacked boxes isn’t needed very often, its ok to be stored like that. I have a few stacked boxes in 1 closet; its just some memorabilia (old letters, postcards, etc) that I might look at once or twice a year, if that. They are out of the way enough for me, but accessible enough for once or twice a year.

  9. posted by Handy Man, Crafty Woman on

    I swear, I can spell. my “to” should be “too” in the first sentence. *blush!*

  10. posted by chacha1 on

    I used to be the box queen! Now, thanks to ample bookcases and cabinets, all I have in boxes are seldom-consulted records. I got a few of the stackable snap-assembly boxes from World Market that are printed with “batik” looking patterns, much prettier than plain cardboard and not so big as to be prohibitively heavy when full.

    It’s a constant battle to manage paper/media, and I think anybody who can do it as neatly, and with as much visual appeal, as Almostbunnies is doing well.

  11. posted by Mike on

    Indeed, the Ikea EXPEDIT bookshelves are winners IMHO. I have a 5×5 and a 4×4 in different rooms. The 5×5 holds books (we have many) and the 4×4 holds my daughters’ toys on the lower levels and general child care items on the top level (since the girls can’t reach it). The thing I like most is that they are rock-solid bookshelves that aren’t likely to sag or lean over time. I can’t tell you how many old Target particle-board shelving units I’ve been through that haven’t lasted more than a few years under weight.

  12. posted by nicole 86 on

    @ jenna

    sorry for being impolite. I’m French and I don’t write good English

  13. posted by Meredith on

    I think this is lovely. The palette is perfect and it’s neat and tidy.

    And I love the “R” mug.

  14. posted by ET on

    Room to grow- then what?

    Buy stuff to fill with stuff – it’s everything that’s wrong with home decorating/uncluttering.

    Let’s not kid ourselves – “uncluttering” is just another form of decorating. Albeit with a bit of organizing (that could be part of regular cleaning days).

  15. posted by Karyn on

    I think it looks very nice and neat. Uncluttering doesn’t mean ceasing to own stuff beyond a toothbrush and a towel; it means getting rid of the excess and then organizing the rest so that everything has a place and can be found as needed. I can’t believe how picky some people can be!

    C’mon, folks: We’re not here to judge other people’s lifestyles, possessions, tastes in color schemes, or preferences for Visible Organization vs. Invisible Organization. This is just one person’s vision, and it serves their purpose. It’s neat. It’s orderly. It’s not a bunch of $h!t piled three feet high on the floor with only a narrow path carved through to allow passage from one room to the next.

    (Not that I know anything about that. :D)

    And, in the interest of full disclosure, if I were going to judge on the basis of personal taste, I’d say: too neutral. My apartment is done in white with royal/cobalt blue as the accent color and black as the accent neutral. I love a splash of color against the neutral “canvas” of the room and furniture! But you know what? Almostbunnies isn’t me, and doesn’t have to conform to my particular taste in decorating in order for me to admire her/his organizing solutions. 😛 So there.

    One more thing: My own Last Frontier of Uncluttering is about five bags or so of papers to be sorted, mostly tossed (yes, recycled), and filed as needed. I got sick of putting my life on hold till I got around to sorting all that damn paper, so I finally bought two big bright cobalt-blue storage tubs, one stacked on the other, next to my convertible futon bed/chair. Some people would probably say it’s tacky, or just hiding the clutter–and on the latter count they’re right. It’s not a permanent solution, but you know what? It works for me. And I think it’s kind of cool looking, too, in a cheesy plastic modernist kind of way.

    O.K. End of rant. Sorry, Erin, for taking up so much space today.

  16. posted by Karyn on

    O.K. One FINAL final thing: I think this guy’s house is the last word in AWESOME. 😀

    Besides, we could all use a good laugh right now. Tempting though it may be to stop the video, the best part is near the end, so keep watching! 😉

  17. posted by Richard | on

    wow nice white minimal shelving. Just what I like to see. Would love one of those.

  18. posted by Another Deb on

    I love the look of this and the neutral palatte and boxes minimizes the mess of these same objects stored on the shelves directly. Think “computer games” as an example.

    I went to the website to see what she stores in the thin boxes and it was very inspiring! They hold paperwork that I would usually place in a file. The “auto” box holds everything related to the vehicles. She says she purges several times a year.

    The part I love is that the shelving can serve in many capacities. A file cabinet does not convert to toy storage, linen cabinet, pantry or bookshelf as beautifully as this unit could. Believe me, I have tried…. 🙂

  19. posted by iGlad on

    It’s not what I’d call a workspace as i can’t see the rest of the room etc. However I too have the expedit bookcase but the one with the desk attached and it’s the best thing which I have used. Also this website helped me throw out 10 years of crap which I had in my office space (you couldn’t see the floor!!). I repainted, fitted some leftover carpet and added the Expedit desk and bookcase and the place looks completely different and calm. It’s now a room that I enjoy being in and as I’ll be running my new business from it just as well.

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