Uncluttered and inexpensive storage designs from CB2

If you’re looking for attractive and reasonably-priced modern home decor, your first instinct is probably to get in your car and schlep all the way to IKEA. (Isn’t in funny how IKEA is always a least an hour away, no matter where you live?)

Shopping for home furnishings exclusively at IKEA is an easy enough trap to fall into. The danger, however, is that your living-space may slowly come to resemble Ed Norton’s apartment in Fight Club. It’s a good idea to mix it up a little and occasionally do your shopping somewhere else.

We think that CB2 is a great alternative for those times when you’re just not interested in dealing with the headaches that often accompany flat-pack boxes emblazoned with diacritical marks. CB2s products also tend to feel a little “homier” than their IKEA counterparts. Here are a few particularly nice designs from CB2s most recent catalog:

Set of Four Birch Storage Boxes ($29.95)

Clip 9-Hook Coat Rack ($29.95)

Madra Magazine Rack ($59.95)

Metal Trunks ($49.95–$69.95)

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  1. posted by Claycat on

    Neat designs! I love the hooks and magazine rack.

    Do you know, I’ve never shopped at an IKEA!

  2. posted by Sheryl on

    Only shopped at IKEA once, but you’re right…it’s an hour away.

  3. posted by nicole 86 on

    Like Claycat, I’ve never entered an Ikea !
    I love the trunks.

  4. posted by Sheryl on

    “CB2s products also tend to feel a little β€œhomier” than their IKEA counterparts.”

    I just looked through their catalog and, I don’t know, I think their stuff is pretty IKEA-esque.(Not that that’s bad…)

  5. posted by Kathryn on

    Perhaps the exception that proves the rule, not only is the closest IKEA 15 minutes away (about the same as the closest Target and much closer than the closest Walmart), but there are 2 more that are less than an hour away.

    Wait, aren’t you in the DC area, too? I’m trying to imagine the warpage in the time-space continuum that would result in a DC-area resident being an hour away from the closest IKEA.

    My decorating taste is not so far in the minimalist/modernist vein, but still an interesting resource.

  6. posted by Linda on

    Love the designs….but there is not a single IKEA store in our whole province πŸ™ If there is one in the next province…that would make it about a 19 hour drive ….at least πŸ™ Oh well….I can always dream!

  7. posted by Mrs.Mack on

    These don’t seem “inexpensive” to me. :/

  8. posted by Rebecca on

    Had a little chuckle as ‘Madra’ is the Irish for dog πŸ˜€
    makes it cuter, still wouldn’t buy one though…

  9. posted by TatiLie on

    That’s good to know, Rebecca! That made the rack much more interesting.
    My favourites are the boxes: absolutely gorgeous!

  10. posted by Charley on

    There are a couple of Ikeas about two hours from us in Buffalo. They’re up near Toronto, ON. So perhaps we’re the exception. I like the birch boxes that you’re showing, and the metal boxes. I think I have a strange infatuation with boxes.

    – Charley

  11. posted by Linda on

    IKEA used to be a 10 minute WALK away from us! But they’ve decided that there wasn’t enough room in our town to expand, so they closed the store.

    Now, the nearest Ikea is about 15 minutes away by car.. don’t you just love Europe? Everything is soooo tiny and close together πŸ˜‰

    Greetings from the netherlands!

  12. posted by Dayna on

    A $60 magazine rack is affordable? Oh, ok.

  13. posted by Claycat on

    Greetings, Linda! I think I would love Europe. πŸ™‚

  14. posted by stephen crane on

    Ikea is EXACTLY an hour away from where I live in the UK
    is Europe so tiny and close together?s’pose compared with US/Canada it is

  15. posted by Kathryn Fenner on

    We finally got an Ikea in Charlotte, but it’s about 2 hours away. Still, other than a small local store, it’s our closest modern furnishings source….folks down here in SC love their Charleston look….

    Don’t think of it as a magazine rack–it’s a drink table and an interesting piece/punch of color, as well…..

  16. posted by freemo on

    Interesting designs, but not sure I’d call any of them inexpensive.

  17. posted by Jack on

    @Kathryn: I’m about 15 minutes drive from my closest Ikea too (though in my case that’s a function of being on the right side of town). For most people I’ve talked to the Ikea is either very convenient or far enough away that they had to make a day trip of it!

  18. posted by Richard | RichardShelmerdine.com on

    Wow that magazine rack look fantastic. I’m definitely going to get one of those when I get my own place it looks so unique and modern. Thanks for this Unclutterer.

  19. posted by Lose That Girl on

    Love the trunks! I don’t think we have a CB2 here.. shame, really.

  20. posted by Stephanie on

    I have an Ikea 15 minutes away. Within an hour I have 2 others to choose from. Gotta love L.A. πŸ˜‰

  21. posted by allen on

    FALSE: IKEA is like 3 hours away, for me! I WISH it was only an hour away, I’d be there all the time, and my home wouldn’t look like a reject.

  22. posted by Meredith from Penelope Loves Lists on

    I have to admit, I love IKEA, but these metal trunks are so cool. You might be right, I may have to give CB2 a try. Thanks for the head’s up on them.

  23. posted by Anita on

    I’ve never been inside a CB2 store… don’t even know if there is one within reasonable distance of where I live.

    However, I used to live a 20-minute walk (or, you know, 6 minute bus ride) from IKEA and I loved it. Then I moved, and now I’m about a 30-minute bus ride away. Sigh.

    Also: can you tell I don’t have a car? πŸ˜›

  24. posted by Shalin on

    Thanks for the selections suggestions! I do like the selections, but I find price vs function for me not sufficient enough to go and get them.

    I guess I look at it and think – I just need a power tool or two, some wood, paint, stain, and a reasonably sunny day to enjoy making the same stuff myself for much cheaper. Although it would take me longer and there would be the initial cost of the power tools…the value of making it myself is worth a lot to me…


  25. posted by Shalin on

    Also…I think there’s gotta be some IKEA hacks for nearly all CB2 stuff…

  26. posted by Karyn on

    For those of us who don’t have a store nearby, CB2 has an online catalog:


    (Which was also linked in the original post. ;-))

    I used to get their catalogs in the mail, and agree they have some pretty cool stuff. One of these days I’ll probably place an order, though it would help if they had more stuff in cobalt blue and royal blue and less in tomato red and bright orange. πŸ˜›

  27. posted by Nicole on

    Ive got Ikea all over my apt for cheap solutions that don’t look cheap (though some things AREN’T so cheap at Ikea!). I just did a freelance project for Keter and my eyes were opened to some of the other options out there. They do everything from closet storage, to garage storage, bath solutions and garden/patio furniture that loos like rattan-style stuff but without the wear and tear factor (hence the plastic durability blah blah blah).

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