Clutter-related fun

Since yesterday’s post was melancholic, today we’ll keep things on the lighter side. The first post today is a series of fun links related to clutter and uncluttering.

First up, Naomi Seldin at The Times Union in Albany yesterday posted a new Clutter Game (pictured). Using your arrow keys, catch the “clutter in the donation box before it fills the house.” My high score is a lame 270 — when you need a quick break, see if you can beat me.

Up on deck next is a strip from the comic Basic Instructions. Scott Meyer’s “How to Accept an Unwanted Gift” is a new favorite.

Finally, a number of Unclutterer readers forwarded me the links to two great strips on the cartoon site Wondermark. Enjoy “In Which Beth Keeps Her Books” and “A Rat Has Many Hobbies.”

Have you seen any fun clutter-related things recently? Share your cheerful discoveries in the comments.

13 Comments for “Clutter-related fun”

  1. posted by Claycat on

    Here are some cute ones.

  2. posted by vegetables on

    ooh. had to think of “if you chase two rabbits, you won’t catch either” when trying the game. has happened to me when waiting for buses that didn’t come just to end up waiting for the train. training for indecisive people like me lol. (score 590.) funny comics.

  3. posted by Meg on

    720 was my best score!

  4. posted by Rue on

    390 on my first try (well, actually my second, but the first time I was trying to use my mouse instead of the arrow keys. Guess I should read the instructions first next time!).

  5. posted by Kristin on

    610 was my high score.

  6. posted by Naomi Seldin on

    Erin, you did much better than I did the first time I tried it. I got a 70 because I couldn’t figure out how to move the box! I think I’m actually better at getting rid of clutter in real life.

    And thanks so much for linking.

    Naomi Seldin

  7. posted by Wendy on

    1000 my best score

  8. posted by Sheryl on

    OK…an embarrassing 150. I always did stink at video games. Ditto to being better at uncluttering in real life…

  9. posted by Elaine Shannon on

    Obviously at 120 I have poor eye hand coordination for games…but seriously I am good at donating…I am on my way right now to the Boys and Girls Club with a Lego donation from the boys.

  10. posted by DebraC on

    Got a smile out of trying this funny clutter game. It’s a hoot.

  11. posted by Cassie J. on

    Ok, so got 530. FUN!

  12. posted by Deborah on

    Wow, I got 670!! That was fun. Now I’m going to go clear out some clutter, ha ha ha ha!

  13. posted by Cooper on

    [Mad scientist laugh]

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