Small space solution: The picture table

Over the weekend, Lifehacker wrote about a folding table that I think many of our readers who dwell in small spaces will find interesting. The article “DIY Folding Table Saves Space, Doubles As Picture Frame” aptly describes this extremely practical solution:

The measurements and directions on how to make a similar table for your space can be found on the Make website. Or, if buying is more your style, they’re available from Ivy Design.

I’m in awe of designers who can see small spaces and are inspired to create attractive and multi-functional solutions.

(Image from Lifehacker via Make via Ivy Design)

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  1. posted by Rue on

    Now that’s pretty awesome. Of course, I would have to wonder how sturdy it is. ;D

  2. posted by Luke @ on

    That is one of the most amazing designs I have even seen… it makes me want to make one, even though it really wouldn’t work for my small space. (and my landlord probably wouldn’t be too impressed).

    Love creative solutions like this!

  3. posted by Shalin on

    Gasp this is sooooooo awesome and totally something I can use! YAY! Unclutterer – you’re the best! ๐Ÿ™‚ haha


  4. posted by Claycat on

    I love this!

  5. posted by Pammyfay on

    It looks like you’re left with 2 not-so-nice-looking hooks on the wall when you take it down to use as a table. Not a great look if you’re entertaining. I don’t think I’d want to have to choose between using the table and seeing my art (and it’s fairly large, so that turns into a big, blank space when it’s a table). But it is inspiring. (Just don’t show us that ugly looking chair-that-turns-into-a-stepstool-and-the-a-ladder thing next!)

  6. posted by Ashly on

    I like it…but what would you do with the chairs? We don’t have any closets, etc on the main level except our bedroom one. I can imagine hauling the stools to the basement and back everytime we wanted to sit at the table. Maybe someone can design seating benchs that could also stowe on the wall? Now that would be practical!

    My table stays out all the time, but it’s counter height and the 4 stools fit completely underneath it so it kind of creates storage in and of itself.

  7. posted by lola on

    That is very clever, but that’s a bit too extreme for my tastes. Seriously; ask yourself: do you really want to live in a place so small that you can’t even leave a table and chair out to sit upon?

    I’d rather save space some other way, like by having the books on the wall instead of floor-standing bookcases, or recessed lighting instead of lamps, or a wall-mounted tv. A table is actually multi-functional and thus should be available at all times.

  8. posted by Leah on

    I would love this! maybe it would finally keep me from leaving crap on the table all the time. I think it’d be most useful as additional prep space in our kitchen (not as a table to eat at).

  9. posted by waterWolf on

    I think i’ve found the chairs to match that table:

  10. posted by Crystal on

    That is so fantastic!

  11. posted by Java Monster on

    I can imagine the gum that gets stuck under *that* table!

  12. posted by Andy @ Simplicity on

    That’s awesome and not too hard to make either ๐Ÿ™‚

    Gonna have to bookmark this page!

  13. posted by Dave on

    Boats have been doing simalar for years, not the art on the under side but fold-up hang on the wall tables,
    I would rather have it just fold up, then you could have another picture behind it when the table is down, then have a big magnet in the wall and have a metal piece on the table, no hook.

  14. posted by Meredith on

    This idea is both clever and depressing at the same time. So little space that you have to put art under your table? I know, it’s a reality. It is. Still depresses me a bit.

  15. posted by Julie on

    That is totally awesome! I’ve been trying to think of a way to do this, not for our regular dining area, but for a craft table in the basement. I wanted it to be able to move easily and unobtrusively out of the way as it would be sharing space with a workout area. This rocks my socks and will be implemented when I get time.

    Another benefit … folding up removes a horizontal that will collect clutter, a huge problem at my house.

    I bet the tiny house people would just love it!

  16. posted by JC on

    I spent part of my childhood in a house with a basement. My older brother was into trains and my parents built a table similar to this for his trains. They firmly attached the tracks, buildings, etc. to a piece of plywood that they hinged to the wall. When he wasn’t using it, the whole thing could be folded up against the wall (not flush, but better than taking up the horizontal space.

  17. posted by gypsy packer on

    I’d love to make this. Great idea for retirement housing or for a small, simple, energy-efficient house. Next thing is to design two or four chairs which could double as wall shelves, or be nested in a closet.

    Go to a vintage hardware vendor and get some decorative hooks?

  18. posted by Justin Wright on

    That is one awesome piece of art. I love when people manage to take something and pair it up with something else. Instead of owning two items, you only have to own one that does both things.

    However, I would have to agree that it is a tad extreme and the chair part would make it a little harder to actually use since you would have to find somewhere to store them.

    Unless of course you have two small pictures that convert into chairs…

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