On the Forums: share your successes, previous marriage clutter, and old stereos

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2 Comments for “On the Forums: share your successes, previous marriage clutter, and old stereos”

  1. posted by M. on

    I have been getting your excellent newsletter for a while, yet never knew that there were forums!
    Also, I have a question and would be grateful for any feedback: I am trying to clean out my childhood home (heartwrenching). What do I do with old report cards, boxes of old memorabilia, etc.? What do I do with old European coins-they are from the 80’s mostly and not worth anything, but no longer used due to the Euro. Thanks!

  2. posted by Another Deb on

    Hello M, Welcome to Unclutterer.

    Your dilemma about childhood memorabilia is shared by many here. I would recommend you do a search of this site (halfway down the page on the right) for the topic “sentimental clutter” I just found 10 pages worth of posts that deal with this topic. By the time you finish reading all those articles, you will have a better grasp of the task. I have been scanning or photographing a lot of mine. I also scrapbook some of the pieces and can make a collage of a lot of memories together.

    Coins: check e-Bay or dealer sites to see if there are any recent sales of these coins that look worthy of your time. If not, I would donate them to a school or mosaic them into a trivet for a nice memory that serves a purpose.

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