Unitasker Wednesday: Chair socks

All Unitasker Wednesday posts are jokes β€” we don’t want you to buy these items, we want you to laugh at their ridiculousness. Enjoy!

Look at these cute socks:

Oh, wait. You’re saying they’re not socks I can wear? They’re socks for my chairs?!

Why in the world does my chair need socks?! Are its legs cold? Does it wish to look stylish when its frolicking outdoors in its parka? Are the inexpensive and unnoticeable cork floor protectors no longer suffice at keeping scratches off my hard wood floor? Is my chair being immodest if it shows off all of its leg?

And, what if my chair is clearly female but wishes to wear the “argyle male” color pattern? Huh?! What should it do, then?!!

Phew! I’m noticing now that the chair socks are not available in the U.S. I am tempted no longer.

(A wonderful word of thanks to Louise for finding these adorable unitaskers.)

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  1. posted by bklynchic on

    I’m going to defend chair socks for a second. Mostly because I hate those little felt pads you currently have to put under legs of furniture.

    When you have animals, those little pads catch the loose fur and accumulate it like gangbusters. Every week when I do my big vacuum and mop, I spend like 20 minutes ripping gross bundles of animal hair that have attached themselves to the chair pads. If I had chair socks, I could have two sets and just throw them in the wash. Plus, cute little pop of color.

    So go forth, chair sock manufacturers, bring your product to the US!

  2. posted by Becka on

    I have to admit that I love them. I would never buy some for myself, but they would be perfect for a whimsical gift.

  3. posted by jmanna on

    I have seen these before but as an option of what to do with cute socks that holes in the toes. Instead of throwing them away, you make chair covers. I do like the reuse potencial.

    I agree with bklynchic in that most of the little adhesive scuff guards are a nightmare in tears of keeping tidy. Half of them seem to come unstuck and I end up picking them off the floor.

    I do, however, think buying them is a silly when everyone has few pairs of socks with holes.

  4. posted by Rebecca on

    OK, I secretly (or, not secretly, since I am posting on the interwebs) love these. I wouldn’t buy them, but would definitely think about using if I got them as a gift. I also hate the felt pads. They do collect fur, as mentioned above, and it seems like we always lose *one* of them, and it shows up in a different room and gets stuck in the vacuum. I just wish they came in colors that worked better with my DR decor. πŸ˜‰

  5. posted by Annette on

    I am solidly in the buy them they are too cute to pass up camp. Oh, I have chairs on carpeting so they don’t really apply, but I will juryrig my own when we move.

  6. posted by RoaringSilence on

    I’m pretty sure those things aren’t even as good as pieces of cork or felt when it comes to protecting the floor. But they’d be super cute in a kid’s room!

  7. posted by Rachel on

    I am thinking two pair of second hand or tired socks would do the trick… after Christmas, all kinds of adorable socks go on sale for half off or less… decorate your chairs for the holidays!

  8. posted by Hade on

    Another vote in favor of the chair socks here. Felt pads don’t really do the job well. They get unstuck, they accumulate animal fur and dust, you can’t simply tear them off to wash them …

    I have to admit the patterns shown here don’t really go with my decor, but that doesn’t mean these are suddenly a bad idea. Also, if they did come in colors and/or patterns that went with my decor, I would probably like the extra touch of color.

  9. posted by Kathy on

    I spend enough money on attractive furniture not to ugly them up with these. the felt pads work just fine for us.

  10. posted by Melanie on

    It pains me, but I must agree with bklynchic regarding the animal hair. Blech! Not that I want to put socks on all of my chairs…

  11. posted by Mike on

    I think we have a new champion!

    At least with that spin the bottle game, as absurd as it is, a person can actually physically use it and know that they are using it. I’m not so sure chairs are as cognizant of whether they are socked or not.

  12. posted by Dawn F. on

    Now the chairs might want a fashionable wig and some bling! LOL!

  13. posted by Karen on

    I would never, ever buy such a thing, but I have to admit the chair socks brought a smile to my face.

  14. posted by Lisa on

    I didn’t know I needed these – but I do.

  15. posted by henave on

    I don’t find them cute, but the decorating gene missed me entirely!

    Unless they are super-reinforced, it seems they would wear out/wear a hole in the bottom almost instantly. I have boys who refuse to wear slippers and just wear socks all the time for slipper-purposes… I buy fairly good socks too, but they wear out soooooo quickly.

  16. posted by cass on

    Down with all decorations! The only purpose they serve is for visual aesthetics.

  17. posted by chacha1 on

    I think they *are* cute and I *do* hate the cat-fur problem with felt pads. But our DR furniture is Chinese rosewood with lion-paw feet and carved trim, and it takes so long to dust/polish the damn stuff that picking off clumps of cat fur is the least of my troubles.

    Definitely a case of “careful what you wish for”! I love the way it looks but yeesh!

  18. posted by Misty on

    I think they look ridiculous! Why would you WANT your furniture to have something like that on it. Might as well cut tennis balls and put them on like the ones on my Grandmother’s walker. There’s a look. If people don’t like cat hair there are two very good options; A – Don’t have cats. B – Sweep the floor.

  19. posted by Matt on

    I think these fall in the “cute silly gift” category rather than the “this is a vital gadget that will solve one very specific problem but give you several more” category.

    If they had extra-thick pads on the bottom, but were still washable, then I agree with the first commenter.

  20. posted by zchristy on

    Unitaskers Wed items are clearly subjective! This is SO much better than the cut tennis balls I’ve seen on the bottom of chair legs – yuck!

    I don’t care enough about my lino to have an issue with chairs, but when we put in hardwood like we want to, I’d rather have these than scratched floors.

  21. posted by Katie Alender on

    My inner nine-year-old squealed with delight. I like pops of color in unexpected places. These are so cute.

  22. posted by Celeste on

    Burdened with cat hair here, and I like this idea because of their washability. I’m not fond of the decorative patterns and would rather see solids that match the chair colors, but still. The knitters could make some of inevitably leftover yarn. Handmade chair socks seem like they could be a neat Etsy item.

  23. posted by Lehcarjt on

    Although I think these ugly and would never use them, I can see the appeal.

    They wouldn’t last long on our chairs. Perhaps if you put the felt pad on first and then the sock over the top it might work. The sock would keep the felt from getting so dirty and the felt would keep the sock from wearing out (or maybe not).

    I use the plastic surface protectors that attach to the chairs with screws. Anything that attaches with sticky comes off too easily with kids (and it’s not like they are going to stop and fix it rather than scratch the floor).

  24. posted by Amy on

    I have no use for these, but they really are cute!

    Misty made me laugh with the tennis ball idea! These socks are cute in the way that would make me giggle and I must admit, that if I saw a whole dining set with tennis balls on them, I would giggle more!!

  25. posted by Mac on

    I find it humorous that multiple posters say that they wouldn’t buy them for themselves, but they would as a gift for someone else. If I think something is useless (even if it’s cute), I generally don’t buy them as gifts anymore than I would buy them for myself.

  26. posted by Misty (MyInspirationLounge.com) on

    BRILLIANT idea!!! Love them! Will make sure to post this over at MyInspirationLounge.com! πŸ™‚

  27. posted by Natalie on

    I grew up with a mother who used to knit or crochet little chair socks with left over yarn to protect the floor. Seems like these are the pretty much the same thing!

  28. posted by Kathryn Fenner on

    Until they fell apart from age, we had my husband’s grandmother’s sun porch iron chairs in our DR. It has hardwood floor. The legs were splayed arcs, so the sheer factor on any stuck-on pads was sufficient to remove them the first time you sat down. The iron prevented drilling to attach casters. Tennis balls got cut through by the metal edges quickly. I never thought about socks, although I would have preferred dark gray ones. If these were made of nylon, I’d give them a try, if I still had the chairs.

    We put down Flor carpet tiles.

  29. posted by Kathryn Fenner on

    shear factor

  30. posted by Leasa on

    I don’t see what the difference is between this and perhaps a table runner. Isn’t it just a decoration? What possible other use could I have for a table runner? But I don’t know if it’s really considered a unitasker. In that case, wouldn’t almost every decor item in your house would be a unitasker? I thought these were cute and would be a great way to add some interest/fun in your home based on your decorating style.

  31. posted by Sky on

    Oh my goodness!!! This is right up there with the dumbest item ever.

  32. posted by Philly on

    how would these stay up? Most chair legs taper (like human legs), so wouldn’t the socks just slide down the smooth metal or wood legs? Also, I’d have to say that even if they work, they look totally hokey and lame. Unless your dining room doubles as a 1980’s aerobics studio. . .?

  33. posted by Brit on

    Why do people seem to think it’s fun to make a “cute silly gift” of something they wouldn’t go out and buy/own for themselves? Have we identified a species of passive-aggressive cluttering here?

  34. posted by Sheryl on

    I have all the same problems with the felt pads that everyone else has, but there’s no way I’d put these in my dining room!

    Maybe they’d work aesthetically in a kitchen though. (Wait…on second thought, I don’t think so.)

  35. posted by luxcat on


    that’s where the “table leg garters” come in of course!

  36. posted by stagepin on

    Obviously most of the people posting here have missed the point of this unitasker.

    You put the socks on the chair, fire up the ol’ tape player and spend the rest of the night dancing to “What A Feeling”, pausing occasionally to throw water on yourself and the chair.

  37. posted by timgray on

    WE need a chair sweater for the back. chair shoes to protect the chair socks. and finally chair pants or a chair skirt to give your furniture some modesty!

  38. posted by empty on

    I would never buy these, but just for the record, I found out recently when visiting a school that they use the cut tennis balls on chair legs to help children with hearing impairments. The scrape of chair legs on the floors apparently overwhelms hearing aids, making it impossible for kids who use them to hear the teacher or other kids talking. So the aesthetics of cut tennis balls are irrelevant–no one is using them for the appearance. And they stay on better than felt pads (and socks, probably).

    Tennis balls are of course not a unitasker–you can use them for tennis and and to cover chair legs! But evidently schools now buy pre-cut tennis balls, which are unitaskers.

  39. posted by steve crane on

    I’m embarrassed to say I’ve seen them on sale here in the UK.Maybe I could buy some and export them to the US !! – on the other hand, maybe not as I want us to keep our special relationship.

  40. posted by Beverly D on

    @timgray, I am totally with you LOL!!!

  41. posted by Karen on

    Almost as useful as the sock iPod covers… πŸ˜‰

    I noticed several comments about tennis balls. The janitor at my old job used to put those on the bottom of chairs to keep them from scratching the floor. She got used ones from a tennis club. Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without…

  42. posted by Cyrano on

    I think these are actually pretty cool looking. Though you could probably make these yourself and give yourself something to do with all those socks you have with holes in them.

  43. posted by Caitlan on

    Those are great! People socks are unitaskers and I am perfectly willing to but them…

  44. posted by Leslie on

    Not too proud to say, I use toddler size socks on my kitchen bar stools. They are white, as are my barstools, and they are much more practical than the felt pads that only last so long, are a bit expensive, and, are a nuisance to remove and replace. The socks are easily laundered and nearly invisible on the barstools…

  45. posted by Kris on

    The little cork pads fall off. Bain. Of my. Existence.

  46. posted by BG on

    Aha! Just in time for Christmas 2010–“the socks were hung by the CHAIR WITH CARE”–a little poetic license.

  47. posted by Sara Bradshaw on

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  48. posted by Tiffany on

    i want these…for my feets!!!

  49. posted by Peter on

    I think my chairs need pantsuits.

  50. posted by Stephanie on

    Sorry, I think they’re cute. They both work and look neat, so where’s the harm? And yes, those cork things get all stuck up with dog hair and dust and come off all the time. :p

  51. posted by Aslaug on

    @Natalie – do you have a pattern for chair socks from your mother? I’d love to make some in red for my chairs that have red seat covers. Also hate the animal hair and dust collection on the felt pads and that they keep falling off.

    Really love the comment on passive-aggressive cluttering. I wonder, when I regift pretty items that I just don’t need because they clutter up my home if I’m being a passive-agressive clutterer.

  52. posted by Charity on

    Oooh, a good idea! I’m so sick of the cat-furry pads falling off. My toddler is growing out of his socks fast so I shall re-purpose some for the chairs.

  53. posted by Rue on

    I think they’re adorable! Maybe not so practical for use, but they certainly would liven up a drab set of chairs πŸ˜€

  54. posted by Sabrina on

    Useless? Yes! Weirdly cute? Yes!

  55. posted by Helene Segura - www.LivingOrderSA.com on

    I almost fell over laughing when I read about this unitasker. I pride myself on never having bought anything you’ve mentioned…until now! I bought baby socks for our folding chairs. We have three big functions a year and have to replace those little felts on 12 folding chairs every time because they don’t stick well. After ten years of replacing those things, I broke down and bought socks. No scratches on the wood floors, and no felt replacement!

  56. posted by Richard | RichardShelmerdine.com on

    Haha they are amazing. I read the title in Google Reader and knew what they would be immediately. Hilarious πŸ™‚ It’s like socks for animals but slightly more useful. Thanks for the laugh.

  57. posted by Laetitia in Australia on

    I rent so have to be particularly mindful of the floors in the places I live.

    About 11 years ago we moved into a place with polished wood floors in the dining room so I needed a solution for the chairs to ensure they didn’t scratch the floor. A quick trip to the hardware store and I came home with packets of chair feet – standard sized, hollow rubber truncated cone-shaped items that slip onto the bottom of chair legs to protect your floors. Technically unitaskers but considering they’ve lasted over 11 years, survived many moves and are still doing their job, I consider them well worth the investment.

    With the move into our current abode which has polished floors everywhere but the bathroom and laundry, we’ve had to invest in more protectors for different bits of furniture. For furniture that isn’t going to be moved much (e.g. bed, blanket boxes) we’re using cork, castors bought previously and felt cut to size.

    The felt comes either precut to size or in sheets for you to cut to the size and shape you want. We don’t have pets so pet hair isn’t an issue.

    The felt we bought comes with a super sticky side and the instructions say that once stuck it can’t be moved so make sure you have it in the right place first. My parents-in-law have used it for a while with no problems so either the product available here is a different quality or others posting here have been using it for longer to have the glue die.

  58. posted by Christina on

    I, too, think they’re useful for helping chairs slide nicely and for protecting floors. This gives me an idea for how to repurpose the bazillion baby socks my MIL gave us for our daughter!

  59. posted by nanajan on

    I love my chair booties, got them at the Mennonite Relief store in New Hamburg Ontario Canada, 4/$3… hand knit in tan and brown colours. we have antique chairs and the pet hair was causing havoc with the felt circles! they look so appropriate on our chairs on our cork floor! and we wouldnt be without our chair booties! happy New Year! love your site.

  60. posted by a3 on

    I love these!
    Like others, I don’t think I’d buy them–but I would create them out of hole-y sock or maybe even knit some cool ones myself.
    Love them!

  61. posted by Tina on

    Like many have said before, I find this item very cute and would indeed consider buying it, if I found it at a local store.

    I’m currently using cork pads and these are definitely a nightmare to keep clean. Fortunately, mine have not come off, yet.

    Seriously, I don’t know what kind of old socks with holes you have, but I would not even consider using my good socks. They are too plain (black, some colored) and not very decorative. It would be shameful! Using (new) baby socks, however, sounds like a good alternative. πŸ™‚

    Thanks for the ideas everyone!!!

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