Best unitaskers of 2009

With only one more day left in 2009, I thought it might be fun to relive some of my favorite unitaskers from the year. Enjoy!

The book brush:

The Tootsie Tanner:

The Hawaii Chair:

The Garbage Bowl:

The Meatball Grill Basket:

The Cooler Dry

Plastic wishbones:

And, for the big finale, what I do believe was THE best unitasker of 2009 — drumroll please — The Spin the Bottle Game:

What were your favorite unitaskers from the past year? Check out our Unitasker Wednesday archives for a complete walk down memory lane.

14 Comments for “Best unitaskers of 2009”

  1. posted by Colin on

    oOOOooo that Meatball Basket looks great. I need one.

  2. posted by joss on

    Wow those are awesome. The spin the bottle “game” reminds me of when they try to sell a deck of cards for every known card games (and one for Go Fish, and one for Old Maid, and one for …)

  3. posted by Sabrina on

    Is it bad that I am anal about my books and can see myself with the book brush??? 🙂

  4. posted by Michele on

    What a great way to end 2009!
    Thanks for the laugh!

  5. posted by Caitlin on

    Haha! I love the garbage bowl! Clearly, I’ve been doing it wrong all these years. When I cook, I toss my scraps into the compost as I go! What was I thinking? I obviously need this bowl, so I can put the scraps in it and then later put them into the compost.

  6. posted by Michael on

    The meatball rack and garbage bowl are pretty good ideas. But the rest made me laugh a lot!

  7. posted by joss on

    Even if you wanted to put your scraps into a bowl (say over the course of cooking a meal) before trotting out to the compost heap, why couldn’t you use any old bowl you already owned? If someone wanted to brush their books, well, does it have to look like that? The silliest thing about it is it’s so huge -not designed to be comfortable in your hand or to fit in the space between the tops of books and the shelf above. You could probably just use the brush attachment on a vacuum cleaner. On a slightly different note, is there a worse store than Bed Bath and Beyond for % of inventory devoted to dumb unitaskers? Just wondering.

  8. posted by Angela Esnouf on

    Thanks for this post. Unitasker Wednesdays are my favourite Unclutterer posts. It always amazes me how many people find the unitaskers useful and argue for their worthiness. Garbage bowl indeed!

  9. posted by Richard | on

    Haha the spin the bottle game! It’s so much better when you plya out of nowhere with an empty coke bottle. Which creative individual invented the book brush? lol

  10. posted by WilliamB on

    This is a pretty awesome list of useless cruft. I could see a use for the meatball holder, if I imagine really hard – for grilling, for deep frying, for marinating, for steaming (steaming meatballs is common in Chinese cuisine, it’s really tasty). My imagination on this might be fired up by the fact my meatballs, while tasty,*never* keep their shape. My porcupines (meatballs rolled in raw rice, then cooked) always turn to mush. sob.

    But the rest?! Geez.

    Most bookcases don’t have enough space between book and shelf for that monstrosity (unless you’re using them very inefficiently), but an old-fashioned dustfuzzy or the doodad used to clean lint from dryer hoses would fit just fine.

    My vote for best, though, goes to the garbage bowl.

    Thanks for the recap.

  11. posted by Lady in a Smalltown on

    I still think the wishbones aren’t that bad. They are small, they serve a purpose (what if there are more than 2 people at your Thanksgiving dinner), and they can be thrown away. Now, if they would just make them out of compostable material they would not be so bad.

  12. posted by Jalal Hameed Bhatti on

    I liked the meatball grill thing – I had heard of but seen it here for the first time. I’d like to buy it someday

  13. posted by rachel on

    I thought of you guys the second I saw this:

  14. posted by Jen on

    “On a slightly different note, is there a worse store than Bed Bath and Beyond for % of inventory devoted to dumb unitaskers?”

    I’d be willing to bet that Williams-Sonoma is worse.

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