Reminder: Chicago book signing and meet and greet

A reminder that tonight is the first stop on my Unclutter Your Life in One Week book tour:


The Book Cellar. 4736-38 N. Lincoln Ave. I’ll be there from 4:00 p.m. until 7:00 p.m.

Again, there isn’t a speech or formal presentation, so come when it’s convenient for you during the three-hour window. Also, Unclutterer team members PJ, Brian, and Gary will all be able to make it to this event. You can hang out with us and other Unclutterer readers, grab a drink, have your book signed (if you’re into such things), and enjoy a post-holiday happy hour in Lincoln Square.

Also — I’ll be on WGN’s Midday News around 11:10 a.m. on Tuesday, so set your DVRs.

2 Comments for “Reminder: Chicago book signing and meet and greet”

  1. posted by allen on

    I hope you have a great time! I don’t envy you flying around right now with what’s going on, but I wanted to say thank you for your book; seeing it in print and being able to flip through the pages is already pulling some of the stuff together for me in ways that weren’t before.

    Even though I’m in Madison, WI, i Can’t make it down, so this is my chance to say Thanks, I guess!

  2. posted by Lana on

    Bought your book a few weeks ago. Started reading it last night and can’t put it down. Your words are a definite inspiration (especially your story!) and I’m starting to see that I’m holding onto a lot of sentimental stuff that really requires way too much of my time and energy. Time and energy that could be spent with my family. My husband has teased me for years about my piles, but it is truly time that they go. I know it won’t be easy, transition rarely is, but I started the process today. Only the tip of the iceberg but I already feel a weight lifting. Thanks for writing and sharing your thoughts!

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