Unitasker Wednesday: Gift Wrap Cutter

All Unitasker Wednesday posts are jokes โ€” we donโ€™t want you to buy these items, we want you to laugh at their ridiculousness. Enjoy!

Scissors are so obsolete. Sure, they have efficiently and effectively cut billions of things for more than 3,500 years, but whatever. You’re not into multi-taskers. You’re all about tools that only have one specific purpose, like the Gift Wrap Cutter:

Additionally, the “the Gift Wrap Cutter from Inovent makes gift-wrapping as much fun as opening your own presents.” Wow! That is a lot of fun! How can you turn your back on so much fun?! Yes, you could simply use a multi-tasking ruler to serve as a straight-edge while you cut the wrapping paper with your scissors but that’s NOT FUN!

Wait! Why stop at just the Gift Wrap Cutter when you can also get the hand-held gift wrap cutter, the enormous tissue paper holder and stand, and the Zibra Universal Package Opener to fill out your scissor-replacement collection?!!

(Thanks go to reader Karen for finding this wonderful holiday-themed unitasker.)

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  1. posted by Anon on

    Haha, I actually received this as a gift last year or the year before. It’s totally useless.

  2. posted by BT on

    The handheld cutters actually work much better than scissors for people with arthritis. My mother and grandmother both have crippling arthritis in their hands and have sworn by the handheld cutters for ages. So, they’re not *that* pointless depending on the mobility of your hands.

    And they are pretty slick little devices too. But, I don’t wrap gifts with paper anyway. ๐Ÿ˜›

  3. posted by [email protected] on

    Uh-oh, I’m so busted on this one. ๐Ÿ™‚ I actually have and use the hand-held gift wrap cutter. And now it’s on Unitasker Wednesday. My life is ruined.

    I’ll throw it out right away! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Happy holidays, and thank you for another great year of posts. Even this one.

  4. posted by Queen Lucia on

    I love that the link to the hand held gift wrap cutter on Amazon notes that it’s “out of stock.”

  5. posted by Quill on

    Being clumsy and uncoordinated, I could definitely use one of these–and it folds up, too. Scissors are impossible on wrapping paper, it just tears (and I use surgical scissors). I have one of those zippy little cutters from Scotch but even with it I can’t get a straight line.

    Besides, I don’t think this is a unitasker. One could use it for parchment paper when lining cookie sheets, for instance, or butcher paper for wrapping meat to freeze, or cutting newsprint for kids to draw on.

  6. posted by SandyO on

    I read the title as ‘Gift Wrap Clutter’ and thought I really need to learn how to eliminate it since I have paper, ribbon and boxes piled up on my dining room table. So I guess this is Gift Wrap Cutter Clutter?

  7. posted by tabatha on

    you could do an extreme minimalism post on just not buying gifts anymore. i moved last year and went back to school and told everyone i won’t be buying Christmas presents b/c i can’t afford it anymore. i bought for my boyfriend and that was it, and i am going to suggest to him that next year we just skip it all together.

  8. posted by Dawn F. on

    Love the sarcasm in this post!

    What about using gift bags instead of paper that requires scissors? You can reuse the gift bags for other gifts, carry your lunch to work in it, etc.

    That tissue paper holder and stand is one massive beast of a gadget! Looks dangerous!

    Merry Christmas, Unclutterer!

  9. posted by Mercedes on

    I love my handheld gift wrap cutter. Not that it helps me cut perfect straight lines, but it cuts the paper faster and easier and I got it for only a buck or two, and it doesn’t take up any more space than a pen or pencil. So I’ve got no qualms with it!

  10. posted by Laura on

    Guilty! I own this and I love it. With 3 kids, someone is always going to a birthday party, so it’s not just a seasonal item. It takes up NO room in the under-the-bed plastic box where I keep my wrapping paper, plus I don’t have to hunt down scissors.

    Count me as a fan of this unitasker!!

  11. posted by L. on

    I have to admit to being a fan of the hand-held ones. I hate how hard it is to cut wrapping paper with regular scissors.

  12. posted by Kathryn Fenner on

    I skipped kindergarten and have paid the price repeatedly. I cannot cut a straight line with scissors. My mom always made a very sharp crease along the cutting line and then sliced it with a knife, like opening a letter with a letter opener. Sometimes that works for me, and sometimes I even manage to muck that up…

    Gift bags are okay for somethings, but if you are mailing presents, paper is the way to go…

  13. posted by Katie on

    I do actually own this, but as another reader posted, it’s useless. In fact, I didn’t touch it once this year while wrapping holiday gifts. I originally bought it because I was sick of wasting paper due to horribly jagged lines from the scissors sticking. Once I tried it, I realized that my tall rolls of wrapping paper won’t stay on the track and they end up rolling out of place anyway, ugh!

  14. posted by Sarah on

    The zibra universal opener seems like quite the multi-tasker. scissors never seem to be able to open those plastic bubble packs (or at least not very well) and the offset “jaws” seem like they could really help – plus it has a retractable knife and a mini screwdriver. kind of a one-stop-shop for opening items.

    Granted, the knife and screwdriver i could use something else around the house – but I really dont have anything similar to the offset scissors.

  15. posted by Celeste on

    I’ve got a friend who uses her fabric rotary cutter/ruler/mat combo for cutting wrapping paper very straight. It makes the blade go dull faster than fabric, but it gets extra duty out of the gear since scissors do make a ragged cut.

  16. posted by Adam Snider on

    My mom owns one of the hand-held ones (though, it’s different than the one you linked to) and it’s actually pretty awesome. It really does help to prevent the ripping and tearing that often results when using scissors to cut wrapping paper.

  17. posted by Cherry on

    I have this. Bought it after christmas so it was only a dollar or two. I actually like it because I’m not good at cutting straight lines. The trick is to be sure the cutter is firmly in the groove when you pull it.

  18. posted by javamonster on

    Big obsession with straight cuts on wrapping paper!

    I use scissors. If the paper snags or rips a little, I tape it back up, or use it on a smaller package if it was really bad (which is rarely is).

    What *I* want to know is, what about those precut lengths of tape? The ones that come in a tiny dispenser? Are those totally useless? I’ve had my eye on one of those for a few seasons now.

  19. posted by Karyn on

    I have no trouble cutting gift wrap in a straight line with an ordinary pair of (sharp, not 500 years old and dull) scissors designed for everyday office use. Does that make me gifted? ๐Ÿ˜€

    Yes, that was bad. Happy Holidays, folks. All of them!

    P.S. @ Quill – That “zippy Scotch paper cutter” is crap. I’ve tried several of them, and the blades always catch on the paper and create a bunched up mess instead of a neat cut. You can do what the Scotch cutter is *supposed* to do, and do it neatly, by “notching” the paper with scissors and then holding the scissors slightly open while sliding them forward, letting the sharp blades cut a path through the paper.

    Man, oh, man, WHY am I working at a grocery store when I could be marketing my gift wrap cutting expertise as a highly paid consultant???

  20. posted by Mardi on

    The handheld cutter is brilliant. I got one this year – much easier to cut and more likely to be straight, but the best thing, for me is that it doesn’t scratch my table like scissors do when sliding them through the paper.

  21. posted by Mrs. H-B on

    I am a HUGE fan of Hobby Lobby’s wrapping paper. It’s heavy duty and has a grid printed on the back. It doesn’t seem to tear as easily as the flimsy, see-through junk. But I definitely need a grid to cut in anything even approximating a straight line.

  22. posted by Nicole on

    Am I the only one who took one look at this and thought “what a royal pain in the a**?” it looks a lot more complicated than my trusty pair of scissors.

  23. posted by Anita on

    My wrapping paper cutting “kit” consists of:
    1. ruler
    2. Exacto knife
    3. Piece of cardboard (the biggest clean piece of cardboard in the recylcing bin) to work on so my tables don’t get cuts

    As long as you use decent wrapping paper, it shouldn’t rip or snag with this method — at least in my experience.

  24. posted by Maggie on

    I have the Zibra package opener and I must admit it is fabulous! It get’s inside of the sealed edge of plastic packaging and I never slice my fingers on sharp edges like I have with scissors.

  25. posted by Becky on

    I have this and love it!ย I have no problem cutting STRAIGHT lines, but this helps me cut straight lines perpendicular to the edge of the roll. And it’s much much faster than cutting. I bought it for about $2 after Xmas last year and we think it was a great buy!

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