TeuxDeux: a simple online to-do list manager

TeuxDeux is an new online to-do list manager created by Tina Roth Eisenberg (AKA Swissmiss) and Fictive Kin. It’s not as full-featured as some other online to-do list applications, but if you’re looking for something that’s easy to use and has a strikingly elegant and minimal user-interface, then you should definitely take it for a test drive or, at very least, watch this short tutorial from their site:

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  1. posted by Ann H. on

    I tried out TeuxDeux yesterday, after seeing it on Swiss Miss. It’s amazing. Love, love, love the simplicity of it! Pretty intuitive and easy to use, too.

  2. posted by Alice on

    I just gave it a look, and I’m completely won over. To me, Remember the Milk is almost too developed- I don’t want to sync my entire life, I just want to keep a to-do list. I love the way TeuxDeux works intuitively and the great interface. Sold.

  3. posted by Chella on

    I’ve only been using it for two days and it is already better at keeping my print-zine production schedule on track, not to mention Christmas and Chanukah. Go Tina!

  4. posted by Tracy on

    A quirky sense of humor is enough to get me to give anything a try. Brilliant marketing ploy. 😉

  5. posted by Em on

    Looks nice – but I do still recommend Todoist.com. It’s just as elegant and a lot more flexible.

  6. posted by Mario on

    I’ve been using this since swissmiss first blogged about it and it won me over completely. Most of my to-do’s are now in TeuxDeux, but I still use RTM for more advanced tasks, like repeating to-do’s and stuff like that.

  7. posted by lana on

    I love SwissMiss and her minimalist approach to design, but I have to admit, I’m sorta burned out by all of these To Do apps — especially the ones that require an internet connection. I went back to old school pen and paper months ago and don’t regret it a second; I’m much more productive that way.

    Computer To Do apps add more clutter to my computer and more clutter to my brain because I have to remember to update the lists. I prefer to unplug from activities that require me to spend more time on the computer if there is an offline equivalent that’s just as easy.

  8. posted by Eternal*Voyageur @ Venusia*Glow on

    I like it, but I miss being able to set repeating tasks… or is it possible after all ?

  9. posted by Red on

    I absolutely love this app! Thank you for pointing it out to us! It’s so simple to sign up, and once I did, I immediately started adding tasks to the lists for this week. I like how simplistic it is. Add a task, mark through it when you’re done! This app will replace my to-do list for the rest of this calendar year. And I actually like being able to find it via browser. It eliminates the need to carry a notebook in my person.

    All that being said, it’s good for someone without a hectic schedule. For instance, about mid-January, I’ll be starting school. So I’ll have work tasks and school tasks to keep up with. I don’t think this app is conducive to keeping up with reading assignments and the like. I only say that because 1) some classes do not allow us to use laptops, which means I’ll be writing down assignments and copying them to the browser and 2) I like having my assignments laid out in front of me on paper. There’s just something about putting pen to paper.

    Of course, I may just feel this way because I just purchased my first adult day planner and cannot wait to use it. Maybe after a month with TeuxDeux, I’ll be ready to give up paper all together! 😉

  10. posted by robert johnson on

    Great idea. So obviously there’s room for creativity in the todo web app space. I like it, but usually go for a very simple approach like notepad or another very basic to do app I found called toTdo. http://www.totdo.com

  11. posted by Tech tools I’ll be playing with in 2010 « Venn Librarian on

    […] TeuxDeux (ok, maybe less "tech" than "organization") […]

  12. posted by Ken on

    love the product — been using a month …. but today
    I can not log on! Get a message about a bad sector????

    Or … computer just keeps churning – no problem with other sites

  13. posted by Pete on

    If you are looking for an iPhone app that is similar, try Todew!

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