2009 Gift Giving Guide: The Six O’Clock Scramble

If you subscribe to Real Simple magazine, you can find five holiday stress-busting tips from me in the December issue. (You can also find the same tips online.) One of these tips was unfortunately truncated to save space in the print version, and so I’ve decided to highlight what was cut with an entry in our 2009 Guide.

The fourth tip, “Give gifts you don’t need to wrap and/or ship. Try zoo and museum memberships, items from Etsy.com, spa or credit-card gift cards, or dance lessons,” should have included, “and a subscription to The Six O’Clock Scramble” at the end of it.

I have a subscription to TheScramble.com, which is an enhanced online companion to the cookbook The Six O’Clock Scramble, and I love it. Once a week, founder Aviva Goldfarb e-mails a weekly meal plan to give healthy ideas for what to make for dinner. The meal plan includes recipes, a grocery shopping list, tips, nutritional information, and a nice note from Aviva. Subscribers don’t have to stress out about what to make for dinner, because the heavy lifting is already done for you. Also, if you don’t love one of the recipes, you can customize the meal plan to meet your needs. I’m a big fan, and I especially like that the recipes are focused on what is in season and plentiful at our market (at least for us in the US).

Because I’m so indebted to Aviva for keeping me sane at mealtime, I contacted her to see if she would be interested in offering a special subscription rate to Unclutterer readers. She was game and is now offering the following:

Between now and December 31, you get a special offer for subscriptions for yourself or people on your holiday gift list: You’ll get $4 off of all 6 month subscriptions (now just $25.50) and $8 off of 12 month subscriptions (regular price $54.50, now just $46.50). What’s more, The Scramble subscriptions always have free shipping and are the perfect “green” gift. Simply use the promotional code UNC09 upon checkout.

If you or anyone you know struggles to figure out what is for dinner, a Scramble subscription might be a welcome gift this holiday season.

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  1. posted by Anne on

    That would be a great gift, particularly for working parents. I have the Six O’Clock Scramble cookbook and it’s excellent. However, I don’t ever have it with me at work, and at about 3:00 every afternoon I find myself sitting at my desk wondering what to do about dinner that night and wondering what I should pick up at the grocery store and whether that should happen before or after the day-care pickup … you get the idea. As a working mom, a sub like that would certainly declutter my time.

  2. posted by Mrs.Mack on

    Can they adapt their suggestions to dietary restrictions? In my family there’s a mix of can’t and won’t eats, which makes dinner planning hard.

  3. posted by ldh on

    As a general note, through today people can get a year long subscription to Real Simple through Amazon. I was pumped!


  4. posted by ldh on

    Forgot to include the most important detail: FOR $5!!! $5

  5. posted by Lisa on

    Snagged Real Simple subscriptions for myself and a friend. Thanks for the tip, ldh!!

  6. posted by LI Girl at Heart on

    Also subscribed to Real Simple.
    GREAT deal!
    Thanks @ldh

  7. posted by Liz on

    Mrs.Mack – DinnerBeat ( http://www.DinnerBeat.com ) is a completely customizable meal planning alternative – plus, it’s totally FREE.

  8. posted by Kelly on

    I took advantage of the discount and bought a 6-month subscription as a gift to me. I’m only on the first week, but I really like it. I’d used a different meal planning service before at the same price, but this is much better, at least from what I can tell. The recipes are more thorough and I love that you can customize your plan. The other one was set – no substitutions allowed, no searchable recipe database.

    Thanks for the rec and the discount!

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