2009 Gift Giving Guide: Ultimate uncluttering

In our fourth installment of Unclutterer’s 2009 Holiday Gift Giving Guide we’re discussing the ultimate gift of our Guide.

In 2008, our ultimate gift selection was the Kindle (now also available with a 9.7″ display). In 2007, it was the Fujitsu ScanSnap (PC and Mac). For 2009, we’re proclaiming *Ta Da* Unclutter Your Life in One Week as the ultimate uncluttered gift. (Seriously, did you expect me to choose something else?! Nope, you’re bright. You probably predicted this the second I announced I was writing it.)

Being serious for a moment, compared to the price tags on the previously selected ultimate items, Unclutter Your Life in One Week is a steal at less than $15 through Amazon. If you purchase the Kindle version, it’s even less expensive at just under $10. Also, I truly believe it’s an amazing gift to share this holiday season, even if it was blatantly obvious that I was going to pick it.

When I wrote this book, it was with the sincere desire that it would help people to get a handle on their clutter and start pursing the remarkable life they desire. It’s straightforward. It’s not full of clutter. It simply lays out a plan for becoming clutter-free and getting organized. For these reasons, I believe it is the ultimate gift for a current or future unclutterer. (Check out this review on The Simple Dollar.)

That being said, you do have to be a little, um, sensitive with giving a gift like this. You can’t hand the book to someone and say, “You need this.” You should use a little finesse. Say that you’re a fan of the website, that you read the book and liked it, and that it’s great preparatory reading for anyone with “Get Organized” at the top of their New Year’s resolution list. Maybe give another book or two along with it, something funny. You can even say that you’re thanked in the Acknowledgments section (Unclutterer readers are thanked first, so it’s totally true). You’ll figure out a way to make it work.

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  1. posted by Caitlin on

    I’m definitely going to have to put this on my Wish List this year and give it a whirl!

  2. posted by Simpler Living on

    My sister is getting a copy this year. She doesn’t have a clutter problem, but she’s a big fan of Unclutterer. She’ll like all the productivity tips, too.


  3. posted by infmom on

    I bought the book for my husband and me already, and followed it up by buying some Margin Makers from Levengers so we could write all over the book without actually marking up the pages.

  4. posted by Kaye on

    I’ve signed up for the forums so I can ask there, because I haven’t seen anything about this on the site yet (I’m a newish follower, so I may have missed something).

    I recently bought the book for myself and believe it will be helpful to me in my continuing quest for an uncluttered life. But is the “seven days” convention just to break it up into useful pieces? Because no one honestly expects me to clean out my entire closet and drawers on Monday morning before work, right? I’m honestly not being purposely contrary here, but I have to say I was led in by the title and then when I saw the tasks for each “day,” was a bit disappointed.

    (Maybe it’s like the Bible, where each of the seven “days” represents a geological era….)

  5. posted by Sandi on

    The book was an early gift to me from me and was worth much more! Not only does it help one unclutter, it helps one STAY uncluttered, AND gives a ton of increase-your-productivity-tips-so-you-have-time-for-fun … Gotta’ love that too!

  6. posted by Jon on

    Since you mentioned the Kindle, do you know of any way to gift a kindle book to someone who has one? I know people can add “real” books to a wish list, but I can’t seem to find a way to buy a book that will show up on someone’s kindle. Are we stuck giving gift certificates that say “here! Buy this book for your Kindle!!”

  7. posted by Erin Doland on

    @Kaye — It really depends on YOU. When I went through the process it took me less than a week to get rid of all the physical stuff. (And I had a LOT of physical stuff.) It took me six months, however, to figure out the hows and whys of it all. I explain this in the “Erin’s Story” section of the book. It doesn’t matter if it takes you a week or two or a month — the results are exactly the same. Work at the pace that works best for you.

    Something to keep in mind, too, is that the television show Hoarders is only in people’s homes for three days when they film an episode. From start to finish, the whole house is sorted, purged, and organized. Sure, there is a team of people working there — but I even recommend working with a team in my book. In fact, you’ll probably be more successful if you have a buddy or two working with you. Check out page 15 for the scientific evidence supporting this. You don’t have to go it alone. And, like I said earlier, go at the pace that works best for you.

  8. posted by Kayla on

    Hi Erin –

    This is my first post here. I wanted to let you know that I heard about your book from the very popular blog Zen Habits. I bought your book right after it came out. Because of you, I am a different person. I am not a naturally organized person. I have subscribed to another organization website for years, but my house was still a cluttered mess – 15 minutes here and there is never going to cut it. Your book – with its systems for actually staying organized – has transformed my house. I was not able to do it all in one week. But the mere fact that you can do it in one week, motivated me. I plan on using your systems (my 4 kids leave their backpacks in the hallway before we enter the kitchen) which really makes the house so clutter free. What a great first step. My closet and home office could win organizational awards. Thank you.


    PS – Why aren’t you on Oprah??? (or perhaps you have been and I’ve missed that:)

  9. posted by L. on

    Okay, but could we have another ultimate-gift idea, too? 🙂

  10. posted by sherrybanarsi on

    I’m definitely going to look into the book.

  11. posted by Sharon on

    Just bought a copy from Amazon as a Christmas gift to myself!

  12. posted by Oliver on

    Just bought it in Switzerland as a Christmas present for my dad. Luckily, I don’t have to be sensitive with this, as he knows very well he has a ridiculously huge amount of stuff (he lives in a house with 8 rooms, alone!)… this is one example where the clutter of one person influences the life of another, namely me 🙂

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