Introducing the Unclutterer Forums

Unclutterer ForumsDuring the period between when I had finished writing Unclutter Your Life in One Week and its printing, I came up with the idea of creating an online community for people to discuss their progress, share pictures and ideas, and respond to what they had read in the book. The Unclutterer team scheduled a planning meeting to put the idea into action — and then my husband and I got the call that we were becoming parents. Thoughts of this new community were replaced with everything baby, baby, baby.

Once life found a new “normal,” the Unclutterer team resumed talks of this new online community.

While we were taking a break from the project, PJ came up with the idea to expand the community to all Unclutterer readers. It was such an obvious idea that we were all instantly on board. So, instead of building a forum just for book readers, we made a new community for anyone interested in talking about uncluttering, organizing, and the book.

The Unclutterer Forums are now open to anyone who wants to register for them. We have created a few basic discussion categories, but we want you to feel welcome to start new discussions and go wherever the conversation leads you. Do you want to discuss the state of your garage but don’t see it as a topic? By all means, create a Garage topic under Living Spaces! We knew we could never predict all the things you would want to discuss, so please build on the basics we’ve started.

A good place to start is the “Welcome” discussion, where you can tell us about who you are and why you are uncluttering and organizing things in your life. Once you’ve said hello, check out the other discussions and become active in the community.

I want to specifically thank Brian and PJ for all of their hard work putting together the technical aspects of this project. I truly love how the Forums have the look and feel of the blog and appreciate all the work done by everyone on our team at Dancing Mammoth. They’re an amazing group of programmers and I highly recommend them to anyone looking for web developers.

Now, go register and join in the Unclutterer Forums fun!

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  1. posted by Ruth Hansell on

    Way Cool! Can’t wait, but will have to till this afternoon. See you there . . .


  2. posted by Lilliane P on

    Cool. Am waiting for my password to arrive.

  3. posted by michelle on

    Well I much rather see a forum than another ad with an animation woman getting skinnier. I don’t know how much control you have, but one the beautiful things about the blog was that it was uncluttered itself… even the ads.
    Now I’m noticing them crowding in more obtrusively.

  4. posted by Erin Doland on

    @michelle — We’ve always had ads over on the right-hand column. Nothing new. They have been there since 2007. Advertisers make it possible for you to read our content free of charge. If we didn’t have ads, there wouldn’t be a website or you would have to pay a subscription to read our site.

    The Google ads (I think right now they’re the second one in the column) are often a reflection of where you live. Mine currently says that there is a new Walmart near me. Have you recently done a Google search about health or fitness? Maybe that is why you’re seeing weight-related ads instead of a location-based ad??

  5. posted by Dooley on

    Two Notes:

    One, using Gmail my password was sent to my Spam folder, so make sure you check there.

    Two, the google ads on this site always have something to do with the website for me (i.e. fold-away beds).

  6. posted by Sherri on

    I just read your book and love it…although I read mostly quilt blogs, your blog was the first I began reading which led me to find quilt blogs! it possible to buy the PDF files that go with the book…they’d be very helpful, as I missed out when you were offering them earlier.

  7. posted by Anita on

    Erin — I think Michelle’s point was that Google ads used to be a lot less obtrusive. I remember them being just a few links, no graphics, no animations. I liked it that way. Now they’re a lot more attention-grabbing, which might be nice for them, but it’s very distracting and unappealing to me.

    I understand your use of ads on this blog, and I don’t think Michele implied you should get rids of the ads altoghether. I think she was only expressing a wish that the ads were less distracting, in which I am joining her.

    PS: I also get the ad of the woman getting skinnier; I don’t think I’ve ever got a location-based ad. And no, I haven’t searched for anything health or fitness related (except group exercise class schedules at my gym, but that was done by going directly to their site, no Google involved).

  8. posted by Erin Doland on

    @Anita — Unfortunately, there is no way to turn off moving ads vs. not moving ads. We can say that we don’t want talking ads, so we have those turned off. Our controls through Google are pretty limited.

  9. posted by Deborah on

    Hi Erin, I pre-ordered my copy of your book when you were offering to email the worksheets, but I never rec’d them. Can you send them now? I’ve posted a comment before asking for them, but I haven’t seen an answer (although I have not read all the comments for all the posts since Nov 3 either so I may have missed your reply). Thanks!!!

  10. posted by Amanda on

    Erin – I think this is a fantastic idea and provides such a wonderful way for those of us reading your book to connect around things that are top of mind as we sift through the chapters and the various parts of our lives needing uncluttering. While “normal” doesn’t exist…I’m glad the forum concept was able to regain your time and attention and be launched so shortly after the book’s release!

    Thanks a ton to you and the rest of the team for the added effort!

  11. posted by Sky on

    This sounds like a great idea and I look forward to it.

    Your book is wonderful. I read it straight through! Now I’m going through it again and doing each room using your method. Thank you!

  12. posted by Deborah on

    Erin, thank you for sending the worksheets!! I will be putting them to good use in tandem with your book. Thx again!


  13. posted by Magchunk on

    I always laugh a little when people complain or comment about ads being distracting… mostly because I think I’m so oblivious to ads that I have to go back and check “Wait, there are ads on this site?”. As long as it’s not a pop-up (hate those), they’re fine by me. The only ones I notice as annoying are ads on facebook. They stick out like a sore thumb for some reason.

    The forums are a great idea. I’m assuming they’ll be moderated?

  14. posted by Renée on

    If you’re distracted by the ads in the right column, all you have to do is make the browser window slimmer in order to hide them!

  15. posted by Erin Doland on

    @Magchunk — There are three of us on moderation duty. There is also a “Forum Administration” section that could work well for reporting awful things we might have missed.

  16. posted by Anita on

    Thanks for the response, Erin. I guess we’re just being nitpicky 🙂

    Also: just checked the site of my city’s public library. They have your book on order, and there are already 75 requests for the next available copy. Just thought I’d let you know you have a bit of a following up here in Canada as well…

  17. posted by Louise on

    Thank you so much for opening up a public forum for your blog readers. I’ve never posted here before because I’ve only been a reader for about a month and a half, but I just wanted to say: thank you SO much for sharing all of your tips, tricks, and amusing anecdotes. I’m trying desperately to getting a handle on an epic mess of an apartment and this website has been my #1 inspiration.

  18. posted by T-mag on

    I’ve only ever been on this site on my phone so, I had no idea there were ads! I only saw a clean uncluttered blog. I just love it!

  19. posted by Another Deb on

    Wahoo! Yet more ways to stay motivated about uncluttering. A few years back I discovered that the weight loss effort was best accomplished with an online membership instead of a “meetings” membership. Whenever I needed motication I was able to check the ongoing forums. Let’s hope this is as useful.

    Erin, The look is really clean and comfortable to my eyes. Thanks Dancing Mammoth folks!

  20. posted by Shalin on

    YAY! This is wonderful! 🙂

  21. posted by s on

    Funny. My boyfriend and I are avid “Unclutterer” readers. He’s better in practice than I am, and I’m often frustrated. So he bought me the book. I’m enjoying it, but I had just commented that I like the website because the comments are so interesting and add so much value. Now the Forums do that for the book, and so much more! But, I liked the limits of just one or two postings per day, so I didn’t get sucked into checking for updates. Now I’ll have to limit myself to checking the forums at a scheduled time, or I really won’t get anything done!

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