Workspace of the Week: Standing desk conversion

This week’s Workspace of the Week is Chris Bowler’s home office:

Chris Bowler's Standing Desk

Chris wanted a standing desk. He considered making one, but then realized he could convert a desk he already owned by simply moving the raised shelf from the back to the front and remounting it.

If you look at the full photoset of Chris’s office on Flickr, you can see that he did a very thorough job of managing computer cables, even going so far as to secure most of the cables under his desk inside a Bluelounge Cablebox.

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10 Comments for “Workspace of the Week: Standing desk conversion”

  1. posted by Molly on

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea. Brilliant! Thanks for sharing.

  2. posted by Bill on

    Is it really more comfortable to stand all day? I’m not sure I could do that.

  3. posted by Jonathan Frei on

    It seems like you’d need to crane your neck to look at the top monitor.

  4. posted by JC on

    I would prefer to stand all day. Better yet, I would love a treadmill desk. My back and developing arthritis would love it. Now, I just have to remember to get up and walk around every 10-15 minutes or I’m stiff.

  5. posted by Lori Paximadis on

    I’m hoping to finally rework my office next year, and one of the things on my wishlist is a standing desk. I wouldn’t want to work at one all day, but it would be great to have the option to get some relief from sitting once in a while. While I’m thinking more along the lines of a bar-height table and chairs that could also be used for a meeting or spreading out paperwork, this is a really nice solution.

  6. posted by Deborah on

    I tried it for about two weeks and thought my back was going to kill me. I know it takes time to adjust to this setup and from what I am hearing is better for us health wise. I have been rethinking the process and might have to try it again. But I hate giving up my window view.;page=13

  7. posted by Patrick on

    Nice looking setup!

    re: Comments above: Yes, standing ALL day is not necessarily idea, IMHO. I tried it for a while, but found it both uncomfortable and counter-productive when standing full-time.

    What I ended up doing was buying a GeekDesk Mini (, which let me stand part time, and sit part time (I use both a regular task chair and a bar stool, plus standing). I’ve had it about six months, and it’s been very, very helpful to both comfort and focus.

    Highly recommend something along those lines for folks who don’t think they can stand all day.

  8. posted by Laura on


    And extra props for the Field Notes wall calendar.

  9. posted by Jannis Gerlinger on

    I thin the big monitor on the top ist to high but the rest still looks good!

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