Unitasker Wednesday: TwitterPeek

All Unitasker Wednesday posts are jokes — we don’t want you to buy these items, we want you to laugh at their ridiculousness. Enjoy!

This item was sent to us by many Unclutterer readers, and I specifically liked the humor expressed by those who sent it to us over Twitter. Today’s unitasker is the TwitterPeek:

For $100, you can get this mobile device that ONLY checks Twitter. Sure, you could check Twitter on your smart phone or have it push text messages to your regular cell phone, which you already carry, but why do that when you could buy this additional device? How much fun is only carrying your wallet and phone in your pocket? It’s no fun at all! You want to carry more More MORE stuff around with you!

I also must admit to laughing at the title of the review of the device on PC World, aptly named “TwitterPeek: The Twitter-Only Gadget Destined for Extinction.”

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  1. posted by Tiffany on

    The designers apparently completely failed to notice that part of why Twitter is so successful is because it’s so easy to use from even the most basic cell phone. I mean, I love Twitter, but I love it because I can use it from my smartphone.

  2. posted by Shannon on

    I can’t wait to see someone defend this…

  3. posted by JM on

    Definitely a Unitasker. I think its only defense is for those who are HUGE twitter users but don’t have a smartphone, don’t have cell phone at all, or only use a prepaid cell phone occasionally. For these people I could see the appeal. The $199 version comes with unlimited lifetime service (no monthly fees), so compared with a smart phone you would start saving money after about the 6th or 7th month I would guess. If you had no cell phone at all but wanted on-the-go Twitter access, you would start to see savings in as little as 2-3 months depending on your plan.

    Definitely doesn’t make as much sense as other Peek devices though.

  4. posted by Krisha on

    I can’t imagine having a portable gadget that serves only one function; especially when that function is Twitter. I’m as avid a Twitter user as many of my peers, but what about the Twitpics and URLs that help to make Twitter so rich? Without those, it’s just a lot of chatter.

  5. posted by Kalle on

    This product has surprisingly little comic appeal, but when you really think about it, TwitterPeek has to be in the top five of all-time useless unitaskers showcased on Unclutterer. I mean, a hardcore Twitter aficionado without a smartphone? There’s no such person! They have no market! Insanity!

  6. posted by Vanessa on

    Hahaha this crack me up. Twitter is pointless to me in the first place (I will never think that people care about me enough to see what I am doing all day long: Going to class, then work, then making dinner isn’t an interesting enough schedule, haha), but this is beyond pointless. I’m definitely into technology, my boyfriend is an electrical engineer and keeps my computer (which he made himself) updated and super fast, but there is no way either of us would get anything that only did one thing. I think this is the epitome of unitaskers.

  7. posted by Karyn on

    Wasn’t the whole point of Twitter to be accessible via the common, everyday technology of one’s cell phone? 😉 There are, to be sure, a few holdouts who don’t own a cell phone (myself, I gave up my land line after too many customer disservice hassles with the Phone Company That Shall Not Be Named) but they likely wouldn’t be inclined to join the Twits in the first place!

    And, for what it’s worth, I am not a Twit. 😀 I don’t WANT 24/7 contact with the rest of the world; a bit of solitude now and then is a beautiful thing.

  8. posted by Rachel on

    Aww, poor thing. SOMEONE should stand up for it.

    So, here goes. This is not really a unitasker, there are lots of ways this device can be used…

    * a paperweight – having a one-phone-does-everything device means that you can only keep one sheet (or one pile of sheets) at bay at a time; this doubles your capability.
    * a torch – the lcd screen will light your way – say you’re talking on your iphone (so it’s at your ear) in the dark – you might need another device that can shed some light on things
    * toddler placater – my tiny kids love to take my phone and press the buttons randomly. I could end up phoning someone, which can result in embarrassing conversation overhearings and call costs. But what’s the worst they can do with a twitterpeek?

    So there you go – three alternative uses for the twitterpeek. It’s not a unitasker – and I don’t even use twitter!

  9. posted by Kathy on

    I love it! This is one of the best unitaskers in a long time!

  10. posted by Cyrano on

    I don’t know, this could be useful when you go out of the country and don’t have a cellphone but want to tweet about your trip. That could be kind of cool.

    * reads specs * – “Usable throughout the U.S.”

    This thing is stupid.

  11. posted by Rue on

    Yep, worthless. Even if you don’t have a smartphone you can still update via text (and receive others’ messages in the same manner). Only good if you don’t have a cell phone at all!

    (And if you don’t have a cell phone but go out and spend $100 on this thing instead…well, that’s not very smart.)

    You’d have to be tweeting LITERALLY 24/7 for this thing to be worth it.

  12. posted by Kalani on

    Ok, I’ll admit that it is silly, but if you think about it, isn’t Twitter itself a unitasker? I mean, it doesn’t really do anything that texts, email, instant messaging, phone calls, or blogging don’t already do, except that it is inherently limited. What the Twitter people are capitalizing on is that limitation– as silly as this object is, in some ways it’s a logical extension of twitter. I’d be interested in seeing whether people buy it.

  13. posted by Nat on

    Wow. This is the epitome of Unitasker, but I miss the controversy. Come on. Someone defend this, please

  14. posted by Christine Simiriglia on

    I couldn’t do it… on more thing weighing down my purse. As much as I think that multi-tasking is killing us, I want my tools to do it for me so I can do it less. I have a desktop, a netbook, and a blackberry. I think a twitter thingie would push me over the edge.

  15. posted by bob harris on

    another contender for unitasker: The Wiki Reader


  16. posted by Not My Real Name on

    I agree, not the smartest Peek move, but a regular Peek? It’s genius!

    No contract. They’re usually running special offers, so you can add a Peek to your expenses for less than you can upgrade your cell phone service to include e-mail.

    You receive e-mail from up to 5 addresses. You can read attachments and see photos. You can make reference to whatever is on the Peek while you are using the phone.
    You get a real keyboard you can actually use.

    If you don’t want to upgrade your phone service in order to have mobile e-mail a Peek sure beats the heck out of carrying your laptop around. Plus, it works everywhere, not just where you can find a hotspot.

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