Final reminder: Unclutter Your Life in One Week special bonus

I can hardly believe that my book will officially be available tomorrow! Before time runs out on the offer, I just wanted to remind everyone about the special bonus available to Unclutterer readers that ends tonight.

If you order Unclutter Your Life in One Week online before it is officially available tomorrow, I will e-mail you PDF copies of the worksheets in the book as a free, special bonus. Simply fill out the special bonus form to redeem your PDFs. For those of you who have already ordered the book, feel welcome to fill out the form to get your copies. And, if hardcovers aren’t your style, you can also order the Kindle version.

All PDFs will be e-mailed to you tomorrow. The PDFs are copies of worksheets in the book so you don’t have to recreate them on your computer to use them — I’ve done the work for you already.

I have decided to do this promotion on the honor system. I am trusting you and taking your word for it that you ordered the book. And, along those same lines of the honor system, I’m also requesting that no one posts these PDFs online after you receive them. I want to offer something special just for Unclutterer readers, so I hope that you respect my requests.

This is a limited offer and it will disappear tonight from the website.

Thank you to all of you for supporting the book and helping to spread the message about uncluttered living. I truly appreciate it!

Unrelated Note: The Ad Review Center in Google Adsense is doing a really bad job of suppressing political ads, per our preference. Our sincerest apologies. If you see a political ad on our site today or tomorrow, please know that we have requested they not be there and we do not endorse any political candidates or positions.

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  1. posted by Brad on

    Just pre-ordered the Kindle edition for iphone. Love the blog and can’t wait to read the book!

    Best wishes,

  2. posted by Kathryn Fenner on

    Strangely, I’m getting ads for the new Walmart in Apex, NC–which has to be 6 hours from my home in Columbia, SC.

  3. posted by Lose That Girl on

    My copy arrived via late last week. I have to hand it to Erin, even my husband was impressed with the book. I’m really enjoying it and think that no matter how organized you may be, this book will still be a help. Congrats, Erin… you’ve done a great job!

  4. posted by JM on

    Why would you restrict the spread of something that would bring you more sales of your book? If someone were to get the worksheets and see that they are top quality, then they would probably buy the book and read it (I know I would). There are two major types of people who get content out side of authorized channels; either they never would have bought the product on their own (value doesn’t equal cost), or they are so impressed with the content they end up buying it anyway (new customer) and spreading it to more potential customers.

  5. posted by Jessiejack on

    Thanks you the offer of the worksheets!

  6. posted by Erin Doland on

    @JM — First of all, I’m more concerned about people learning about uncluttering and the benefits that it can bring over the financial benefits of selling a book. I know that the only people who get rich off of writing books are people like Dan Brown and JK Rowling. Yes, having my book be a financial success would be awesome — but money wasn’t my motivation for writing it nor is it my motivation for promoting it.

    Second, I know that I wouldn’t have a book if it weren’t for Unclutterer readers. You all are why there is a book. I tried to come up with a way to reward the people who have supported the site, its message, and me all along.

    Third, the worksheets are simply worksheets that are in the book. The value is that you don’t have to spend time copying them or recreating them. It’s pretty much impossible for someone to see the worksheets and then become motivated to buy the book — out of context, the worksheets won’t make sense. That is why I’m doing it in conjunction with purchases because without a book they’re just random charts.

    Finally, there is a time limit because I don’t want to spend the rest of my life sending PDF worksheets to people. Part of uncluttering is knowing how much time you have to commit to something and working within those bounds.

  7. posted by JM on

    “Third, the worksheets are simply worksheets that are in the book. The value is that you don’t have to spend time copying them or recreating them. It’s pretty much impossible for someone to see the worksheets and then become motivated to buy the book — out of context, the worksheets won’t make sense. That is why I’m doing it in conjunction with purchases because without a book they’re just random charts.”

    So why the multiple references to the honor system if they wouldn’t make any sense anyway without the book? Why not just post them here for anyone to get, after all they would have to be visiting Unclutter (a supporter of your work) to get them. If they only came here because they bought the book then they might become a new reader in addition to getting digital copies of the worksheets. In this way you wouldn’t ever have to mess with emailing out any sheets to anyone. The worst case scenario would be someone seeing the worksheets here and then deciding to go ahead and get the book to understand them a little better.

  8. posted by Erin Doland on

    @JM — I’m trying to create a reward for CURRENT Unclutterer readers. The people who have been here to support me all along. Future readers are not current readers. Future readers are cool, but they’re not who I’m currently trying to thank.

  9. posted by ROy on

    Thank you! You have saved a lot of work for many of your faithful readers.

  10. posted by JM on


    Ok. Wasn’t trying to troll, just offering a suggestion.

    You aren’t really rewarding current readers and pre orders so much as you are isolating and penalizing future readers and purchasers. It’s 2009. Free supplementary digital downloads have been the standard for years when it comes to books. I would predict that you will be fielded with requests for this content in the near future as new readers pick up the book and you will either have to deny the request or email it to them. That to me classifies as major time waste/clutter.

  11. posted by Sharon on


    I read Unclutterer every day and never post comments but I have to jump to Erin’s defense. She is offering a bonus to current readers of the website – take it for what it is, a gift, and don’t complain or be ungrateful that it isn’t available to everyone. It is her right to offer it, or not, and to whom. Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.

  12. posted by Aeon J. Skoble on

    Coincidentally, my copy just arrived today — congratulations again! Looking forward to reading it.

  13. posted by JM on


    Like I said before, its not a real bonus. In today’s world, not providing timeless digital copies of worksheets and the like from a book is equivalent to not having a cover on the book or including a table of contents or index with the book. It’s simple and cheap to do, you never have to worry getting requests for it in the future, and its always available instantly to anyone for the rest of time.

    Providing scarcity to the copies encourages people to react and buy now on a whim (increasing monetary gain). It’s a classic marketing technique.

  14. posted by Camilla on

    My copy shipped today from Can’t wait to receive it!

  15. posted by Trevor Bramble on

    Hi, Erin. I’m perhaps chasing something that doesn’t exist, so after haven’t spent some time trying to find the answer on my own, I’m asking here:

    Will a platform-agnostic digital version of the book be available at some point? I don’t have or intend to buy a Kindle and do not wish to buy another physical book if I can avoid it (which has been working rather well with technical books, as I chimed in to say on a previous post here).

  16. posted by Mick Morris on

    Hi Erin, appreciate the time saved by your bonus…. I love the use of worksheets etc to implement new learning, but it is always a pain in the … to replicate them… so THANKS!

  17. posted by Sandra on

    I was so thrilled to open an Amazon package today and find your book in it! Thanks for all the good work, Erin. It’s fun to buy a book by someone I feel like I know.

  18. posted by Janet on

    Thanks for including Kindle orders in your bonus offer – one more pre-sale from me!

  19. posted by Erin on

    I just got your book in the mail TODAY!!! I just got home from work and there was a package from Amazon. I hadn’t ordered anything lately, so I was pretty surprised to see an Amazon package. It was your book!! I ordered it months and months ago (July maybe?) and it’s here! I like the front vs. back cover art with the clean monitor – nice touch. I’ve only been home for a few seconds so I haven’t cracked it open yet – I just wanted to sign on and say Congratulations!! What a year – a baby and a book!!

  20. posted by Jai on

    I work in a bookstore and can’t wait to see the book tomorrow morning!

  21. posted by Kathy on

    Thanks for the offer of the forms! Unfortunately, for some reason, it’s just plain not working for me, but I suppose that happens. I’m sitting here with your book in my lap, getting ready to crack it open at bed time! Congrats, and thanks for the hard work.

  22. posted by Dean on

    I’m really looking forward to this book. I hope it’s half as good as the site!

  23. posted by Erin Doland on

    @Kathy — The forms don’t mail until 9:00 am EST on Tuesday.

  24. posted by Stephanie on

    Wow, just ordered the book. I need help at home AND in my art studio! I guess I’m too late for the PDFs? I’m on the west coast and the page is already gone/locked at 10:10pm PT. Anyway, congrats on getting it all done!

  25. posted by Alison on

    I’m irked by @jm for having a silly conversation about ‘today’s modern marketing’ but just wanted to say that Amazon have just sent me a note to say the book has dispatched(I’m in the UK) and I’m really looking forward to getting the worksheets.

    Love your site and your advice, very much looking forward to the book.

  26. posted by Fraser on

    Hi there

    I’m really disappointed to have missed the pre-order bonus – it is now 07.40am EST (i’m in UK actually) and the page says they have been sent out…but surely it is a bit early?

    Pre-order bonus

    Thank you for your interest in our book release special offer. Unfortunately, this offer has expired. All worksheet PDFs were sent November 3, 2009, at 9:00 a.m. eastern standard time.

  27. posted by Rachel on

    I just got my daily email delivery (at 8:15 EST)…evidently of yesterday’s post. Ordered the book, went to download the pdfs…and they were gone. I missed it by 20 minutes?

    Thank you for your interest in our book release special offer. Unfortunately, this offer has expired. All worksheet PDFs were sent November 3, 2009, at 9:00 a.m. eastern standard time.

  28. posted by Lisa Sickles on

    Oh no! I procrastinated and missed it. Oh well, my book will be here Thursday and I am really looking forward to it!

  29. posted by Jerry on

    Erin, I got the “Final Reminder” e-mail in my in-box this morning at 8:15, ordered the book on Amazon at 9:30, but since the actual dates/days weren’t in the e-mail, I missed the chance to get the pdf worksheets (by 30 minutes, argh.) Thought I had until tomorrow. Any chance for an exception? Either way, I’m excited to get the book tomorrow. Thanks for all you do.

  30. posted by Kwame on

    loving the book. got it last night from
    So many tips to be organized. it is more detailed than i thought it would be… 🙂

  31. posted by Kerri on

    Can’t wait to read it on my kindle – and thanks for the PDF’s!

  32. posted by eva on

    …was there a problem with the pdfs going out? I got a confirmation that my form was sent in, but it’s 10:23 EST and nary a worksheet in my inbox:(

    at least I have the book, though!

  33. posted by Victoria Thorne on

    Got the book yesterday. Got the worksheets today. Very happy with all of it.

    Enjoy the moment. You have just succeeded in making many, many lives a whole lot better. [You’ve got the one blog I am sure to read every single day, and I’ll be mentioning the book in a post (soon).]

    Bottom line? Pdfs no pdfs special offers no special offers happy comments grumpy comments : You Have Done a Beautiful Thing. Because of you, a great many people will be able to enjoy life a whole lot more.

    Thank you, Erin. From the bottom of my closet.

  34. posted by KC on

    I don’t understand why you would send out this post today (11/3), when the offer expired on 11/2? What a tease!!

  35. posted by Erin Doland on

    @KC — If you look at the date on the post, you’ll see that it was up on the website early on the 2nd. If you would like a copy of the PDFs, all you need to do is e-mail us. We’re not evil. We’ll fulfill requests throughout the whole of the day on the 3rd.

  36. posted by eva on

    thanks, erin and all the unclutterer staff!

  37. posted by David on

    I preordered the book last night from Amazon and just tried to get my PDFs and found out I’m too late. I feel cheated.

  38. posted by Kathy on

    Thanks Erin — I got the forms on the 3rd as I expected. The challenge wasn’t that the forms weren’t arriving, but that the screen was hanging after I hit submit. Couldn’t get to a success page. I tried again later in the evening and had no problem. I should have been more clear as to what my problem was that I was experiencing.

  39. posted by Pam Gaines on

    Hi! Dunno if this offer is still live, but i just grabbed the Kindle version. (Behind in my gReader readings– it never fails that I miss the good stuff when that happens. Just learned of this text today. Happy camper!)

  40. posted by Michael on

    This book is amazing. I sprung out of bed and organized my closet. My partner and I have the most issues with me not hanging up my clothing. It was interesting that the book started with that issue. I felt like it was written for me! BRAVO! Erin! You are going to change my life!


  41. posted by Clynton Taylor on

    Darn it! I pre-ordered the book so I could have the PDF forms but forgot to fill out the form. Anything that can be done? Clynton

  42. posted by Debra on

    Hi Erin: I pre-ordered my book and filled out the form but did not get the pdf’s. Book is scheduled to arrive at my house on 11/10 from Amazon. Hope you will send them to me.


  43. posted by Betsbillabong on

    I can’t wait read to book – congratulations! – but I must add to the chorus of disappointed people missing the PDF boat. I am a longtime reader of Unclutterer but also like to support my local bookstore rather than Amazon, so I’ve ordered it through them. I hope you will consider just posting the PDFs somewhere on your site. A PDF download of the forms would be extremely helpful to many people and would take less than five minutes of your time – and thousands of people wouldn’t have to drive to their local Kinkos and photocopy or scan the pages. Just a thought… however, I am excited for you and thank you for your wisdom.

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