Space-saving cheese grater

Since I only have two drawers in my kitchen, I’m constantly on the lookout for space-saving versions of the tools I use. I have a collapsible colander and try to use knives instead of small, specific gadgets.

A reader (whose e-mail I unfortunately prematurely deleted, so I can’t give proper attribution) sent us a link to this wonderful collapsible cheese grater that is now at the top of my wish list:

The Joseph Joseph brand cheese grater folds flat for storage and up for use. It’s sturdy and comes in a handful of colors. It’s great for small-space living.

I’m really looking forward to getting rid of the giant cheese grater I have now.

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  1. posted by Sky on

    This grater looks like a winner,unless it collapses while I’m grating and takes my knuckles off….yikes!

  2. posted by SLY on

    Now this, I love! Living in a studio apartment in the city, this saves so much space!

  3. posted by Amanda on

    I’m with Sky, great solution as long as it doesn’t collapse while in use.

  4. posted by Mo on

    I had something like that, but I got rid of it after scraping my fingers on it in the drawer one too many times. It didn’t come with a sleeve and nothing I improvised seemed to work 100%.

  5. posted by Mo on

    Not meaning to be negative with the above, but it is very important with graters to make sure that they can be safely stored – I like that Microplanes come with covers – and they can hang on my wall rack! Two Microplanes could be easier to store than one of those.

  6. posted by Shalin on

    like many other collapsible housewares and even furniture – I’d like this thing. In fact, I’d like a dozen to give out to friends and family 🙂

  7. posted by julianne on

    I had one of those. It annoyed me–too fiddly and hard to clean. Gave it away and now we just have a simple handheld grater similar to the one linked below. You can get fine or coarse ones like that, simple to store, no fiddly hinges, and simple to clean.

  8. posted by Loren on

    My mother has one like this

    Hers even has a coarse side, a fine side, and a slicer in the middle. Lies flat in the drawer. I love it.
    I’ve never liked those ones that stand up.

  9. posted by SN on

    I have a much simpler flat cheese grater – it just has the most standard-sized holes (medium-large?), so it’s like one side of the standard grater. Useful for those of us who only ever use that size! (I think we have a teeny-tiny grater in case we ever do grate nutmeg or the like). The best part about it is that with fewer nooks and crannies, it washes beautifully in the dishwasher – no need to rinse first, and no rust after 5+ years.

    I don’t know where I picked it up or who made it, but it looks vaguely similar to this one:

  10. posted by Lose That Girl on

    I have a tiny flat grater. Works great and takes up little to no room. Or you could be lazy and buy pre-grated cheese. I must admit, I do that more often nowadays.. the convenience!! I should just toss my grater!

  11. posted by Cal on

    My mother has a flat grater with a fine and rough side that has served her well for over 20 years. Simple enough that even little kids (me and my sibs) were able to use it without mangling our hands. Similar to this one:

  12. posted by Naomi on

    I bought one of these a million years ago at Target for a couple of bucks. It’s Rubbermaid, only three sided, but that’s fine by me, it’s sturdy and fantastic. I love it.

  13. posted by denise on

    does anyone know about the cheese grater that was advertised with the slap and chop? I think the slap and chop is great and i would be interested in finding out about their cheese grater.

  14. posted by Joseph on

    That thing with its plastic components is an accident waiting to happen. The stand up units that form those boxes have never seemed to be great buys for the space they take up and the lack of a firm way of mounting them to prevent slippage.

    Even though it may appear contrary…better to have a few of those that are just flat and well made then one box that collapses and will get harder the work with as the plastic that keeps it in the box shape wears out.

  15. posted by Helen on

    I don’t own this grater but have used one. I found it difficult to hold. The grater won’t collapse if held correctly through the two sides with the slots. I prefer a flat grater.

  16. posted by WilliamB on

    You can’t see from this pix that the other 2 sides are empty, to be used as a handle. So you can store it, sharp-side down, without risk to your knuckles.

    I would definitely try one of these if I were in need of a grater. I like the concept, I use only those two sides of a box grater anyway, and the handle idea has potential. Or maybe holding the grater along a collapsable edge means it’s more likely to collapse – I don’t know. That’s what trying it is for, eh? Then I could tell if it were worth the $20 price tag.

  17. posted by Barbara Tako | Clutter Clearing Choices LLC on

    I like multi-taskers–like a knife if you are talking about for cooking, or a deck of cards because you can play a lot of different games with the same deck. In the kitchen, I think the micro planers lie flat and have protective plastic covers, clean in the dishwasher, store the most compactly, and rest nicely on top of a bowl when you grate.

  18. posted by Misty on

    I would go for a flat grater over this. With my level of clumsiness, I’m certain the thing would collapse mid-grate and have me grating my hands instead. Ouch!

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