Organize your closet like a pro

Scott Roewer, a certified professional organizer based in DC, recently created a how-to series for the video site MonkeySee. His topic, organizing your closet like a professional, takes viewers step-by-step through the uncluttering and organizing process. The series is terrific and it’s worth a view if you’re looking to get your closet in order.

The series was filmed as nine short episodes (each between two and five minutes), and I’ve embedded the first here. See below for links to the other eight episodes.

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  1. posted by Another Deb on

    Just today my project advisor guy was telling me that I didn’t want to remove my pantry shelves because it would mess up the drywall. They are built exactly like these closet shelves. I think I can deal with a little pry-bar work, some spackle and repainting. Thanks Scott!

  2. posted by miss minimalist on

    Thanks for sharing this–it’s great to see a professional organizer in action (rather than just reading “how to” articles)!

    Hmm, I’m tempted to break out the video camera for my blog… 🙂

  3. posted by Camille on

    Very useful video series, thanks for posting! My only quibble is that it starts to feel like an ongoing commercial for the Container Store. (Not that I have anything against the Container Store apart from the often-ridiculous prices.)

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  5. posted by Karyn on

    Thanks for posting this. I rent, so obviously I can’t start ripping apart installed shelving, etc., but the overall steps of organizing a closet are easy to adapt to an individual situation–including using organizing materials bought somewhere other than the Container Store. 😉 Overall, it’s a good step-by-step presentation, handy for reference.

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  7. posted by Scott Roewer on

    @Deb – good luck with the pantry. Let me know if you need to borrow my pry bar. 🙂

    @Camille & Karyn, the Container Store supported me in the filming of these how-to videos, hence my desire to plug them whenever possible. I honestly thought some of the ‘plugs’ would end up on the cutting room floor by the editor. I’m glad I was able to feature elfa in this demonstration and I think it is the best Do-It-Yourself closet system available. If price is a concern of yours, catch the elfa sale in January or the shelving sale in Sept/Oct. BTW, in the interest of transparency, I personally received no bonus or payment for plugging their products.

    If ya’ll want other organizing tips or videos, please do check out my blog, or follow me on Twitter @Declutteryou.

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