Bento 3 adds sharing and security, integrates iPhoto

Back in May, I reviewed the iPhone version of Bento, Filemaker’s personal database application. There were a couple comments asking whether Bento supported encryption and sharing, and, as of yesterday, I’m happy to say that it does.

Bento 3 was released yesterday, and they’ve added not only the ability to secure fields and share libraries over your home network—just like iTunes—but Bento integrates iPhoto so you can create personal databases that help you organize photos, iCal events, emails, Address Book contacts, spreadsheets, lists, PDFs you’ve created with your ScanSnap, and pretty much any other clutter in your digital life.

Be sure to check out the Bento Template Exchange to check out database templates other users have created, or share your own.

Bento is $49 ($29 upgrade).

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  1. posted by Martin on

    This may be a totally stupid question, but I’ve never understood this. Doesn’t iCal handle appointments, iPhoto handles pictures, iTunes music and so forth. Why do I need something else to do the work, beyond acting as a catch-all? It seems like layering databases on databases and I don’t know how it’d serve me.

  2. posted by Brian Kieffer on

    That’s a good question, Martin. Just as you said, iCal does a great job managing appointments, iPhoto is excellent for pictures, Address Book manages contacts. All of these programs are wonderful for managing their specific tasks.

    But suppose you’re looking to buy a house, and you want to create a list of all the houses you look at. But you also want to see a couple pictures of each house, the cost, the realtor’s contact info, a list of features, any emails you’ve sent or received about the house, and whether you’ve made an appointment to go back and see it. You’d also like to be able to sort your list by the various data you’ve gathered, and let someone else look at it.

    It would take you quite awhile to go to each application and look for all of the information for just one house, let alone several at once.

    Bento lets you tie all that information together in one place so you can use it more effectively, even though the pictures are all still in iPhoto, appointments in iCal, and emails in Mail.

  3. posted by Martin on

    Thank you for your reply. I think I understand. In the past, I’ve used spreadsheets for that sort of thing, and found them to be unruly and hard to manage. Perhaps this answers it. The next time I have a larger project, I’ll see if Bento suits.

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