Reasons to unclutter

Motivation to get rid of clutter and streamline your space can come in many forms. The September 1 issue of Woman’s Day magazine provides 12 “surprising benefits of getting organized.” Reporter Denise Schipani outlines her reasons in the article “Out with the clutter, in with the calm, the money-saving, and more.” (The article was renamed “12 Reasons to Unclutter Your Space” when it was placed online.)

From the article:

5. Tidy Your Computer
“Treat your computer desktop just as you would your desk, keeping only active files and shortcuts visible,” says Lorie Marrero, author of The Clutter Diet: The Skinny on Organizing Your Home and Taking Control of Your Life. A “cluttered” computer screen is harder to look at, making you feel jumbled. Go through folders and delete what you no longer need. Archive older stuff you want to save to backup storage (a CD or external hard drive).

Check out the full article and add your own reasons to the list. You may even spot a few quotes from me in the text!

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  1. posted by Dawn F. on

    What about the benefits to your family if you stay decluttered? If something were to happen to you, wouldn’t it be a blessing for your family to have a limited amount of clutter, trash and waste to rummage through? I make it a priority to have my belongings and estate very tidy and organized (because that is how I love to live) for the benefit of both myself and my family.

    Digging through piles, boxes and closets (and dreaded storage units – ugh) full of unwanted and forgotten possesions or wandering through papers looking for financial/estate documentation is NOT the gift I want to leave to my family upon my passing.

    Living uncluttered = a present benefit for yourself and a future benefit for your family.

  2. posted by susan on

    I agree with Dawn 100%
    I think that as one ages and needs to start getting rid of things it’s nice to do it while one is still alive.
    How wonderful to give to a family member or friend a great piece of art or antique china or whatever. Hanging on to every belonging until death just seems silly. I would take joy in giving something precious to someone who would really appreciate it.

  3. posted by sandra on

    Uncluttering a computer desktop, weeding out computer files, etc. seems like a total waste of time to me. They take up no physical space.

  4. posted by Gina on


    Why is it a waste of time? It’s still keeping assets organized efficiently. Clutter is just as much mental — a disorganized set of computer files makes it cognitively more difficult to manage them.

    Not to mention computer files DO take up physical space, just on a much smaller scale. A lot of people think they need more and bigger computers when what they really need is to evaluate whether they need everything stored on it and what they use it for.

  5. posted by gypsy packer on

    Gets all of the icons out of the way, allows you to input website from the desktop, and now you can really appreciate your desktop art.

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