The Stash for organizing the small stuff

Organizing small things, specifically small things you regularly need at your fingertips, can be frustrating. Most of the pre-made organizing products for small things aren’t very attractive and/or are made exclusively for drawers.

While searching for a way to organize my son’s bath supplies, I came across an attractive organizing system that is made specifically for small things that sit out on a counter or hang on the wall. The Stash by Boon:

It’s available in white and black, and perfect for the lotions, shampoo, body wash, nail file, and dozens of other little things my son needs that I don’t use. It can easily be repurposed in the future to hold craft and office supplies or tiny toy parts if we ever move into a house with built-in bathroom storage.

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  1. posted by Kris on

    For the counter, I’d just group extra coffee cups. That’s what I thought these were at first glance anyway.

  2. posted by Bethany on

    I love this! I just wish they were a little more attractive. I still haven’t figured out how it’s best to keep my floss picks, hair ties, q-tips, cotton, etc., more accessible and organized in the bathroom.

  3. posted by WilliamB on

    This immediately brings to mind a frugal alternative suggested by a friend: cut up spare PVC tubing and glue them to a small tray.

  4. posted by Mrs. Smith on

    Yes! I thought of the pvc pipe as a frugal alternative as well. You could even paint or decoupage them different colors or patterns for fun…

  5. posted by L. on

    Ack, that makes my brain hurt.

  6. posted by Allison on

    Are the front and back rims at different heights? I can’t tell if I need to go the eye doctor or if there is a difference. It’s an interesting concept.

  7. posted by tay on

    I like the idea…i just keep looking at it and thinking this can also look like counter/desk clutter. Now what I have thought about was strongly convincing the significant other to create more kitchen drawer storage (large drawers, like the plate drawers) and then designating one of the drawers for kids items using these things to keep them organized.

  8. posted by Wendy on

    When I was a kid, my mom had me make a crafty version of this as a gift for my grampa: three Campbell’s soup cans in a back row with three shorter mushroom cans in the front row, nailed through the bottom to a piece of wood. We covered the cans with dark blue corduroy and iron-ons. He had this little organizer forever!

  9. posted by Catherine Cantieri, Sorted on

    I think this would be a great item for an artist, designer or crafter for storing supplies. The varying sizes and organic arrangement of the “cans” would probably really appeal to more creative folks.

  10. posted by knitwych on

    Cute idea, but $25?

    Um, no.

    Scrap PVC pipe (can be had for the asking at many construction sites and even some plumbing or home improvement stores), and a miter saw (electric or hand), a scrap of sandpaper to smooth the edges, and a few nuts and bolts or some glue to attached these things to each other, and you can make your own for next to nothing. I’ll likely end up making one of these with stuff I’ve got around the house (I use PVC pipe for cold-process soap molds, so I have several different diameters), but I’ll likely spray paint the tubes different colors just because I’ve also got several different colors of spray paint. 🙂

  11. posted by empty on

    We actually use old jam jars for this stuff, and it’s very effective and even better, totally free. Rearrange at will and place out of reach of the 4-year-old (not that that wouldn’t have to happen anyway–I know what my kid would do if he could reach the baby Tylenol, glug glug glug).

    As home hacks go, I personally wouldn’t use PVC for baby supplies.

  12. posted by Dawn on

    I like using old glass mason/jelly jars, but I bet my son’s school teacher would L-O-V-E this for her craft table at school. My step-dad would find this handy on his workbench in his garage.

  13. posted by Celeste on

    Not a fan, I never liked the office version. It was hard to reach into and I could never stop thinking about the dust it gathered. For a child, I would be too stressed about having to pick up and/or retrieve the million little things. They get mobile and curious much faster than we think they will.

    I pretty much like tools and supplies put away for retrieval and replacement as needed. It’s my little hangup and I totally own it.

  14. posted by The Countess of Nassau County on

    Cute, but not $25 bucks worth a cute.

  15. posted by Erin Doland on

    @knitwych — The amount of effort to do what you just described is totally worth $25 to me. My time (easily a 3 hour project from start to finish), the gasoline to drive to the home improvement store, the cost of all the materials, the energy exerted using the hacksaw, the frustration of getting all the angels and heights right … honestly, $25 is dirt cheap in comparison. Well, at least in my opinion.

  16. posted by Gena on

    Just bought this with an gift card and added a second one for a friend to get free shipping!

  17. posted by Ruth Hansell on

    I sort of like it, actually. There’s plastic spray paint that could be used to give it a little character.

    IF you’ve already got the scraps, the tools, the abilities and the time to put one of these together, then that’s great. Some people, maybe a lot of people, don’t have one or more of the necessary components.

    I might get this for items that would stand up and be easily grasped without having to dig down into the holders, no paper clips or that type of thing. Or round things, if that’s a ball in the top pic, it would be really difficult to get out.

    For a quick solution that will be able to be repurposed over time, I’d buy one.


  18. posted by Sandra on

    I must agree with those who just immediately saw PVC pipes. Maybe it’s “nicer” in person, but yeah, I think $25 is totally overpriced, since PVC lengths and glue would do just fine.

  19. posted by Lose That Girl on

    Cute! I can understand what others are saying, that you could save $ by making your own but sometimes it’s just easier to buy the thing.

  20. posted by Shana on

    “As home hacks go, I personally wouldn’t use PVC for baby supplies.”

    Why? If this is a concern over plastics – there shouldn’t be. PVC pipe is what is used for main water lines as well as sewage lines in houses and other buildings. Older construction used copper and steel pipes, but new construction uses PVC. So, if you are drinking out of it, it is safe to store a few baby-care items in.

    As far as this goes – how about a drawer? Or just a little box to store little stuff in? Not everything needs it’s own compartment little compartment – smaller items may but larger items thrown in a box should be perfectly accessible.

  21. posted by Lola on

    Posted by Celeste:
    “Not a fan, I never liked the office version. It was hard to reach into and I could never stop thinking about the dust it gathered. For a child, I would be too stressed about having to pick up and/or retrieve the million little things. They get mobile and curious much faster than we think they will.

    I pretty much like tools and supplies put away for retrieval and replacement as needed. It’s my little hangup and I totally own it.”

    I totally agree. Countertop, table, desktop or any type of clutter on flat surfaces annoys me. I’d rather take an extra few seconds to reach into a well organized drawer than to look at this kind of stuff laying around all day.

    I also find it amusing that sometimes people perceive these types of things attractive because they’re white, black, or clear acrylic and presented as being “organizational tools” rather than “cheap, tacky plastic” like the butterslicers, which were recently mocked on Unitasker Wednesday.

  22. posted by STL Mom on

    I think it’s cute, and I like to put small things in their own compartments. This would have been useful in a previous home where our bathrooms had no drawers. We had bins under the sink, but small things were always getting lost in the bins.

  23. posted by susan on

    Agree with the counter top clutter. I would rather have a nice organizer for a drawer for the small stuff. Looks cheap and junky to me. The glass mason jars as mentioned above would look nicer if you have no drawers.

  24. posted by Christina @ Northern Cheapskate on

    I agree with the previous comments that there are cheaper alternatives to this.

    One other thing I’d like to point out is that when you put something round in a square space, you’re wasting some of that space. Square or rectangular containers would be much more useful.

  25. posted by Gabe on

    Store small stuff? That’s what storage cabinets with clear drawers were invented for.

    That’s a small one – 12 drawers, about 10 x 10 inches; small enough to go on the countertop. Store small bathroom items, makeup accessories, craft items, jewelry, etc
    Larger sizes available if you desire.

  26. posted by roaringsilence on

    I think this is a cool idea, but like other commenters said, only if you store the whole thing in a closed space. Otherwise you’d have to take all the little things out all the time to clean the dust out of the inside.

    I know this because I built something like this one time out of these stacking boxes from IKEA:

  27. posted by coco on

    i hate this. it would drive me crazy and looks messy. i use plastic pencil boxes for school supplies/office stuff. and open baskets for baby bottles/sippy cups stored in the bottom kitchen cabinets. i can’t stand things sitting out like this.

  28. posted by Caroline on

    I would likely craft one out of PVC pipe, but make it much more linear so it would sit on a desk straight, or pushed to the back of a desk and not impeded on workspace.

    I love Boon products, we have several for my son, but I would not buy this… I’d make it!

  29. posted by Caroline on

    Another quick comment!

    We bought this: to have for bath stuff, then when our son got older, for a diapering station downstairs.

    We thought it worked very well, and was portable, making it easy to grab it and bring it to the floor for bath time, then put everything back up on the shelf when done. Small stuff goes in the drawer, and the two open compartments were roomy enough for the big baby wash bottle, and a rolled towel.

  30. posted by knitwych on

    @Erin, to each her own, I guess. For someone who has the tools and materials (which I do) and who would enjoy making something like that (as I would), it seems silly to pay $25 plus postage for such a product.

  31. posted by Susan M on

    Sorry, but I find this looks more like clutter than the items it contains, especially in the baby example where almost every compartment holds just a single item.

  32. posted by Polly Onderko on

    I bought two of these from Amazon. They were much larger than I thought they’d be and Amazon didn’t list the dimensions. I returned them then tried to find something similar at Bed, Bath & Beyond. I came home with two muffin pans and they work perfectly for my two junk drawers (one on each floor of the house). They’re perfect for safety pins, change, paper clips, rubber bands, etc.

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