Five ways to use Evernote to organize your busy family life

I recently wrote a post for the Evernote website that I want to direct you to: “5 Ways to Use Evernote to Organize Your Busy Family Life.” Here is the first tip:

1. Remember where you parked
Whether at the mall, an amusement park, or a concert with your kids, the last thing you want to do is delay getting home because you can’t find your car in the enormous parking garage or lot. When you first park, snap a picture of identifying information near your space and save it to Evernote. If you’re in a rental, also add a picture of the license plate of the car you’re driving. Once you’re back, either delete the pictures or add notes about the quality of the spot if it’s somewhere you might want to park again. “Great place for quickly getting onto the highway ramp after a packed concert at Wolf Trap Amphitheater.”

Feel welcome to check it out and come back here and add to the list. Tell us how you use Evernote and other technologies to organize your busy family life.

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  1. posted by Karen on

    I keep a pdf copy of my address book in Evernote. I can access it from any computer with web access if I lose my cellphone and I’m away from my computer. That did happen to my aunt during a family emergency and she had a hard time contacting anyone.

  2. posted by Mo on

    Why would you need to upload the picture to Evernote? Just use leave it in the phone to use. Periodically delete unimportant pictures and upload/annotate the ones you want to keep.

  3. posted by Java Monster on

    Wow, notes about parking spaces?! I suppose, if it’s for a venue you rarely go to, and like to leave from quickly; but around where I live in LA, if you find a parking spot, you darn well take it!

    I pound it into my head where I’m located. Taking a picture wouldn’t be productive since the surrounding cars would be gone by the time I get back. If I park at the local grocery store (which I visit way too often during the week) I try to park in the same area, or else I’m in big trouble finding my car.

  4. posted by infmom on

    I guess it helps to have started driving WAY before Evernote was even thought of, because I’ve never had a problem remembering where I parked without benefit of any kind of technology. 🙂

    There’s always the old-fashioned way of writing the floor number on the parking ticket, which is what my husband does if he doesn’t think he can remember where he parked. Just as long as you don’t lose the ticket.

  5. posted by Anita on

    I love technology as much as the next Internet addict, but still I try my best not to let it remember too many things for me. I’m the only person I know with a paper organizer (rather than an electronic one), and it’s working very well for me.

    Also: I’ve noticed your affection for Evernote; not having tried it myself, I can’t comment on its features, but just going by your list, I CAN say that Evernote didn’t single-handedly make any of those 5 things possible. Technology let you do them in other ways well before Evernote was thought up, some of them in more efficient ways. Example: can’t put a face to a name on the phone? Most cell phones have the option of associating a photo in their memory with a contact, and displaying their photo whenever you get a call from that contact, so you know exactly who’s calling before you pick up — no need to look them up afterwards.

  6. posted by Gina on

    None of those 5 reasons would compel me to use Evernote! Dig deeper.

    Actually, I’m not a fan of systems like Evernote. Just because it’s online, doesn’t mean its not clutter. It would stress me out having to keep track of a bunch of different online trackers.

  7. posted by Peter on

    I tried Evernote but never really got the hang of it. It’s a great concept but I much prefer the simplicity of Apple mails notes.

  8. posted by beth on

    I happen to love evernote. I use it to remember serial numbers of electronics, websites i like to visit, notes and handouts for school, to do lists, shopping lists, things i am saving up for, recipes, fashion and makeup inspiration. and i tag everything so i can search for recipes by ingredients i have on hand or fashion sets by piece i want to use. each class has its own notebook but i can still search by subject to make studying easier. and i can even check it while walking to class via my blackberry. it makes everything very all inclusive for me.

    while i usually just jot down notes about parking or whatnot on notepad on my phone or piece of paper in my purse, evernote is VERY useful for many other things.

  9. posted by Koncha LaLa on

    I’ve heard endless praise for Evernote on the web and I love the concept of having a central place for organizing all aspects of your life. But I simply cannot get around using the application itself. I wish Evernote were made without its online capabilities – I am hesitant to commit information freely to a system syncs online. Apart from the security issue, it also introduces another database of information filled with sensitive information that I have to keep track of.

    I love the tips nonetheless. I think that a cellphone alone could make some of the tips here work.

  10. posted by Kate on

    If it helps _you_ keep yourself more organized, that’t the important thing. But I have to say that for me, most of the things on that list would entail _creating_ electronic and mental clutter. Notes on a parking space that I might or might not return to in the future? Let it go . . . This sounds less like a tool for decluttering and more like a tool to structure every minute of one’s life.

  11. posted by Steve on

    I don’t know about anyone else but regarding item 1, find where you parked, there are a number of free applications for GPS enable phones like the iphone that automatically log the location and can guide you back to your car should you forget where you parked. Much simpler! Most mobile phones also allow you to store pictures of contacts so I have to say, I struggle to see the need for this additional separate application particularly when my smartphone does all this (and more) anyway. That said, I agree with Kate that if it helps you personally to be and stay organised then that’s great! People should always stick with what they’re most comfortable with.

  12. posted by deb on

    Does everyone have internet on their phones? I don’t. I kind of use Evernote, sometimes, but can’t use it to remember a parking space as I’d have to drive home or find a place w/wifi to upload it, and again to look at it in the end. I like to make voice notes on my phone. Just saying it for the recording usually makes me remember it, but if I forget I just play the note. Like that dippy commercial with the voice recorder, except on my phone.

  13. posted by Deborah on

    I LOVE Evernote!

    Re: Koncha LaLa post – Evernote does have a desktop version. And you can choose which notebooks you want to sync online or not. So, I keep a journal on my desktop and it does not sync to the internet. But, my gift lists, book lists, favorite wine lists and images all sync online so I can access them using my Treo.

    And, yes, while many of these things can be done the old fashioned way, I find that using an e-note system allows you to search/cross-reference/and find things so much faster.

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