Storing small memory cards

I don’t know if I’ve ever publicly admitted this, but I’m a gamer. I play at least half an hour every day, and usually more than that. I have numerous electronic gaming systems and even a huge collection of board games for when I want to be away from a computer. I’ll play any game at least once, and when I find a favorite I’ll spend days working to master it.

I didn’t grow up playing video games like many of my peers, but got into it in college thanks to my friend Clark. (Clark also introduced Stevie Case to computer gaming their freshman year of college … small world.) I like solving puzzles and gaming is my constant outlet for that aspect of my personality, and I’ll always be in debt to Clark for being my guide.

There are a couple Nintendo DS Lite games coming out in the next few weeks that I’ve pre-ordered to take with me while I’m traveling for my book publicity. Unfortunately, I don’t have a very organized method for taking all of my DS Lite games (about 30) with me. After a little research, I’m looking at getting one of these:

A Memory Card Album with anti-static pages that can hold three games (or SD cards or MMC cards or other small discs) per page:

Or, a Memory Card and Manual Holder that has places for games and the instruction manuals that come with the games. It too could easily hold other small memory cards:

Do you have multiple games that are stored on small discs or do you carry small cards for work or your camera? How do you keep them stored in a safe and organized fashion? I’d like to know what you use. The smaller memory cards get, I think the more we’re going to address this issue.

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  1. posted by Kirstin on

    I use the Natural Cotton Organizer case for my DS which has storage for only a few games. I only own a few games at any given time since I use Goozex to “flip” my games once I have played through them. Based on your pre-order game selections, it seems we have similar taste. What other games do you own? Thanks.

    Case Link:

    Goozex Link:

  2. posted by luxcat on

    I wonder if you could use a flip-type business card holder with plastic sleeves. I’m not a memory card user so I don’t know… too small?

  3. posted by Carol on

    @ luxcat The regular plastic sleeves, like you suggested, aren’t anti-static. You run the risk of zapping your card and ruining it, if I’m not mistaken.

    Those holders are really neat. None of my games will fit on a memory card like that but I use memory cards for my digital camera. I’ve thought about using them for data storage but they’re so small I was afraid I’d lose them. This sounds like a perfect solution.

  4. posted by Brandon on

    I just leave them in the device I bought them for.

  5. posted by chzplz on

    Just be glad you don’t use one of these:
    Music on MicroSD… crazy. h check out the picture on the right – smaller than a dime. I’d lose these so fast…

  6. posted by Geraldine on

    I use a little fabric pouch I bought in MUJI for my flash/usb memory sticks, it holds about four of those and various memory cards. It’s not great permanent storage, but it keeps them together and protected in my bag.

  7. posted by Stephanie on

    I use an Altoids tin to hold my camera’s SD cards and extra battery. On the labels of the cards, the size is shown in white numbers, and I’ve colored one set of numbers red and one set blue (and left one set white) so I can tell the cards apart. I use them in the order of red, white, and blue because it’s easy to remember.

  8. posted by kat on

    Both my roommates swear by Altoids cases for their DS games — not the big tins but the narrower ones (I think what comes in them is Altoids gum).

  9. posted by Jasileet on

    Gamer like… “addicted” to Brain Games and Minesweep or Gamer locked into a FPS or MMORPG for 4-6 hours nightly with the pizza guy on speed dial?

  10. posted by HippykidZ on

    Both of our boys have DS’s I bought a few of the Little boxes made for the games got a 5 pack of off brand for a few bucks. Each hold 8 games. A few velcro dots later and the games travel stuck to the back of the DS cases. There are also velcro dots at the Charging station (a re-furbished cigar box) so they swap out games and all are stored easily.

  11. posted by Karmatir on

    I highly recommend one of these – – for your DS. It holds every single accessory and then some. Absolutely nothing is better!

  12. posted by Jon on

    For the kids’ DS games, I want to get a Game Chamber. It’s a plastic revolving case that only lets them keep out one game at a time. They have to put one back to get out a different one.

    For SD cards, I use a 35mm film cannister. Static electricity could be an issue with these, but not in the Florida swamp.

  13. posted by Erin Doland on

    @Jasileet — Somewhere in between the two. Let’s just say that I get all of the jokes on The Guild, but don’t specifically look at any of the characters and wonder if they’re based on my life. ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. posted by clm on

    Erin, I highly recommend getting an R4 for your DS:

    It basically allows you to carry around all your games in one.

  15. posted by Red Coyote Hunter on

    Games? Games? How does this coalesce around an uncluttered life.? Where are the books, the studiousness that comes from years of effort? I don’t expect you to be a monk, but teenagers play games like you mention. Is this what I can expect from you in the future?

  16. posted by Erin Doland on

    @Red Coyote — I believe (and the Unclutterer philosophy is) that an uncluttered life is one free of distractions that get in the way of what matters most to YOU. Games might not matter to you, but they do to me. So, in my life, I make time for games.

    There is no need for me to defend my life choices, but I will explain them to you. Simply put, I have to solve problems to be happy. I can solve many New York Times crossword puzzles in about 10 to 15 minutes. If you give me a complex math equation, I’ll work on it out of sport. My brain is constantly trying to figure out things that other people can’t.

    Playing games doesn’t keep me from reading — I average about three books a week.

    I also contend that I am better at running a business because of my problem-solving skills.

    So, yes, you can expect me to continue to write about topics such as problem-solving, puzzles, and games in the future.

  17. posted by barefootwriter on

    It’s because she’s uncluttered that she has time to be both studious *and* play games. Am I right? ๐Ÿ™‚

    Games aren’t just for teenagers; if you go in for arthroscopic surgery, you should pray your surgeon is a gamer, as gaming has been shown to drastically improve surgical skills. And if anyone is an exemplar of studiousness and years of effort, it’s the guy who’s cutting you open.

  18. posted by Melinda on

    Red Coyote, that was just plain rude. You don’t have to like what others like and they don’t have to like what you like.

    I found that post very helpful Erin, thanks for sharing that product. My husband got all excited when he saw the first manual holder pictured. We have memory cards for games and also cameras that seem to go missing too often. Nothing worse than not knowing where the photos are of your holiday, but knowing that they exist on a tiny card!

  19. posted by Jirka on

    Are you mostly a PC gamer or a console gamer? Do you play casual or “serious” (hard-core, time-consuming) games? In any case, no need to justify it, I genuinely believe (based on my 25 years of gaming) that it is the best way to develop a wide range of skills (including conceptual/strategic thinking) AND especially PC gaming can be VERY uncluttered ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. posted by gypsy packer on

    If you find a memory card holder which is nonstatic and will hold microSD cards successfully, please post it to this site. I’d give anything to get rid of all of my backup disks, DVD’s and CD’s in favor of smaller storag!

  21. posted by gypsy packer on

    Excuse that typo!

  22. posted by Roger on

    For both my PSP and my daughter’s DS, I like to keep the original game cases with the games and instruction manuals in them on bookshelves. We both have cases for our systems that hold three or four games, which I find is more than enough to carry around at once.

  23. posted by Glenn on

    Gamers of the world unite! Why is there this stigma attached to gaming? I’ve parlayed my experience in gaming and game programming into more than a few successful business enterprises. Not to mention meeting so many good friends.

    Unfortunately, I am plagued by my compulsion to keep all the original packages from my games. I have a few book shelves filled with the game boxes. Hmmm… I guess I still need to resolve that.

  24. posted by Ruth on

    Glenn, just get rid of them. Trust me, you won’t miss them when they’re gone! Keep the manuals for special games, or ones with manuals that are honestly more than the health warnings and playing/installation instructions, but just recycle the rest. You’d be surprised how much rubbish they cram into those boxes – and how much space those boxes take up – once you’ve put it all in a pile on the floor!

    I’ve kept one game box, a proper box, from the early 90s, as it has special memories for me. All CD/DVD games are in zip-up wallets, and now I know what to do with my DS games (currently in a small box). My boyfriend has lots of DS game boxes he doesn’t want to part with, so I hope these storage solutions might change his mind.

  25. posted by cakemix on

    what a great thread!

    for the games that i like to keep with me, i have a really cool little matchbox from a rockabilly club in berlin that holds a few DS cards…it’s cute and it makes me smile!

  26. posted by Kalani on

    Best post EVER! I keep my Nintendo DS in a cloth-ish makeup pouch. It has a zipper. The pouch is big enough for a handful of the older GBA games, and I keep the DS games in the little hard plastic boxes they came in. I’m with Glenn– I’m one of those sticklers that believes the boxes are pretty and part of the product. They are on a bookshelf with other small books, with manuals intact. If I’m going on a trip or something I’ll just generally carry the game in the DS, loaded and ready to go.

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  29. posted by Katie on

    I made my own case out of a tin mint box shaped like an original Nintendo controller. I have scraps of shelf padding inside too to keep the cartridges from shifting around.

    The box only holds 6 games, which really forces me to edit for a trip. I like having a selection for planes or at bedtime, but I don’t intend to spend the whole trip playing!

    I keep my game boxes and manuals, but I don’t travel with them. They’re too big and they don’t force me to edit my selections.

  30. posted by Marie on

    It seems pretty obvious to me that Red Coyote was being facetious. Unclutter your sense of irony, folks. :p

    I got a nice memory card zip pouch free with my Canon 5D. Free, of course, being in quotation marks since the camera set me back a few months’ mortgage.

  31. posted by Mary Anne Hoben on

    We got these for our kids when we bought the DS’s because we were taking them on the plane with us to Disneyland:

    It’s called a G-pak Organizer and comes in a couple different colors. It’s about as big as an old fashioned lunch box and carries EVERYTHING! The game console, charger, accessories and up to 30 games.

    Highly recommended!

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