Unitasker Wednesday: Lem-O Saver

All Unitasker Wednesday posts are jokes β€” we don’t want you to buy these items, we want you to laugh at their ridiculousness. Enjoy!

So you have a lemon, and you only want to use half of it? Wow. Now that is a conundrum. If you only use half a lemon, what will you possibly do with the other half? Sure, you could squeeze the juice out of it and put the juice in a bottle or you could put the lemon cut-side down in a multi-purpose container with a lid — but where is the fun in these solutions? There isn’t any. Those options aren’t fun at all. They don’t make you laugh at how incredibly specific and rarely useful they are like you would if you owned a Lem-O Saver:

But why stop at just ONE very specific produce saving device? You can also buy the Avocado, Onion, Garlic, Cucumber, Apple, Banana, and Tomato Savers! Fill all your cupboards with these extremely specific food storage containers!!

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  1. posted by Rue on

    Hey, now…at least if you have all these containers, if you leave the produce in the fridge too long and it goes bad, you can easily identify the moldy remains!! πŸ˜€

  2. posted by Dawn F on

    I use that pesky “other half” of a lemon to freshen up my sink and garbage disposal. I squeeze the juice all around in the bottom of the sink and then grind the lemon up in the disposal.

    The cucumber and banana savers look a little… odd… πŸ™‚

    Thanks for a good laugh today, Unclutterer!

  3. posted by Sarah on

    I love the name of the manufacturer, as well. Better: Uniholder.

  4. posted by Exick on

    Wh….why…does it have a seatbelt?

  5. posted by Erin Doland on

    Started laughing again because I realized I never slice my lemons lengthwise … why would someone cut a lemon end-to-end?? Riotous.

  6. posted by Kimberly on

    I’ve debated buying the Avocado saver before, but held off because I wasn’t sure it would work. I tend to have bad luck storing avocado halves.

  7. posted by SandyO on

    @Exick. A seatbelt? Now that was funny.

    When looking at products on amazon, I always check out the shipping charges. This item is $3.95 + $3.85 shipping. Hmmm.

  8. posted by Ruth Hansell on

    @Exick, I wondered about the little belt, too. Is the lemon dangerous once it gets sliced? Will it bully all the other food stuffs in the fridge unless it is firmly kept in place? Should we call the Produce Whisperer and learn how to be alpha in our food pack?

    I better stop now . . .


  9. posted by mhb on

    Um, wow – this company’s motto seems to be “unitaskers for ALL!”

  10. posted by honestb on

    Ugh, my old roomate had onion and garlic shaped containers for onions and garlic. The worst part was that they wouldn’t stack with any of the other containors, making our whole cupboard a constant mess.

  11. posted by Mrs. Smith on

    Ha. I read this about 4 times before I found the ‘disclaimer’. hahaha!
    I never cut my lemons that way anyway…does anyone?

  12. posted by Elaine on

    “Lem-O-Saver reduces a cucumbers’s exposure to air”

    This seems pretty miraculous to me, I think a small miracle is worth $3.95 don’t you?

  13. posted by Anita on

    Haha the lemon cut lengthwise was one of the first things I noticed. Then I felt briefly inadequate for having always cut my lemons across the middle.

    Seriously though, leftover half-lemons? I’d just eat the other half (yeah, I eat lemons…), or cut it up and put it in a pitcher of water with some ice and drink it throughout the day.

  14. posted by Erin Doland on

    @Elaine — HAHAHA!! I totally missed that gem in the “Product Features.” Hysterical.

  15. posted by Celeste on

    Tupperware’s onion savers cost even more!


  16. posted by Gus Van Horn on

    The link to the (red) onion saver is worth following. (1), The writeup (“Slips over cut apple.”) makes me wonder whether it’s “really” an apple saver, and (2) you have to wonder whether the kind of customer they’re shooting for would buy separate savers for white and yellow onions, as well.

  17. posted by Amie on

    I see these in the produce section of my grocery store all the time and just shake my head as I walk by.

  18. posted by rosie_kate on

    Someone please tell me what ever is wrong with a leetle teeny piece of plastic wrap?? Aiee.

    The first thing I thought when I saw it is that I would never cut a lemon lengthwise anyway!

  19. posted by Jessiejack on

    We never have half a banana left to store in our house

  20. posted by Allison on

    Order soon – only 5 left according to Amazon! Perhaps if they sell enough they can hire a proofreader. There are two punctuation errors, a couple grammatical errors, and one factual error in the very brief description. I also find it funny that the cut lemon is shown cut around the middle, but apparently one needs to cut the lemon from end to end to fit properly in the Lem-O Saver.

  21. posted by Lori Paximadis on

    Nothing to add, just ha! Seatbelt!

    Wondering how long it will take someone to defend this one…

  22. posted by Christine on

    I’m laughing because after seeing the picture, I thought I was some freak for cutting lemons the wrong way. Then I read the comments and no longer felt so alone. Who cuts lemons length-wise? What is up with that?

    Also, LOVE the seatbelt comment!

  23. posted by Sapphire on

    The first thing that occurred to me when I looked at that picture was that the half-lemon shown would NOT FIT in their Lem-O Saver, having been cut in half the way all normal people cut their lemons. Mixed messages, anyone? Absolutely hilarious. I think I’ll stick with plastic wrap.

  24. posted by Trixi on

    @ Erin ~ you find it “riotous” that someone would cut a lemon in half end-to-end? That strikes me as even more ludicrous than the Lem-o Saver itself! If you are preparing to juice the lemon, or are making lemon slices for some reason, then cutting it crosswise makes sense; HOWEVER: if you are making lemon wedges ~ for squeezing into a drink, or onto fish or veggies, etc. ~ then cutting the lemon lengthwise into wedges (which you start by slicing the lemon in half lengthwise, end to end) is not only not unusual, it’s the norm.

    @ Kimberly ~ it’s difficult to store an avocado half, but it helps to (1) keep the pit in the half you’re saving, (2) drench the exposed flesh of the avocado with lemon juice or lime juice, and then immediately (3) wrap it air-tight in plastic wrap ~ lay the plastic wrap directly on the flesh as much as possible (adding a layer of aluminum foil over the plastic helps keep it more air-tight but it’s not essential) & store it in the refrigerator. And use it soon. It may still turn brown on the exposed edge of flesh, but it’s not bad, just oxidized. You can scrape that part away if it doesn’t appeal to you; and the rest will still be green. (but probably only for a day or two ~ they really don’t keep well.)

  25. posted by Snitzels on

    My favorite part of the Lem-O-Saver description: “Lem-O-Saver reduces a cucumbers’s exposure to air, slowing it’s oxidation”

  26. posted by Trixi on

    BTW ~ while the photo above shows a lemon cut lengthwise, if you follow the link in the text, the photo on the Amazon page shows a lemon cut crossswise being held in the Lem-o saver… so in theory, it should work no mattter how you choose to halve your lemon. πŸ˜‰

    (No, I am NOT defending this ludicrous thing! merely pointing out that apparently the manufacturer did also think of all you cross-wise only slicers! πŸ˜‰ )

  27. posted by Jay on

    Look closely at the three photos on the website. See the links under the main photo.

    The lemon does not go into the Lem-O Saver. It merely sits on top of the flat part, surounded by a strap. One photo shows an empty Lem-O Saver; the others show lemons on top of it. The lemons are cut both ways.

    Thanks for the funny post.

  28. posted by timgray on

    But no Lime o saver.

    What am I to do with my 1/2 limes?

  29. posted by Caroline on

    I considered buying the avocado keeper, since I am constantly battling the browning of my avocados with tin foil and plastic wrap, to no avail. But then I realized that indeed, the brown is just fine, and if treated with lemon juice, is quite tasty in a salad.

    A friend bought the avocado keeper and LOVES it. She eats a lot of avocado, and puts the other half on the contraption thingy, pit down in the little hole provided (Seriously, looks like S&M for avocados…), and two days later, if she hasn’t gotten to that half of the fruit, it is still green and fresh! She raves about it. I may get one for Christmas in my stocking yet…

    Don’t know about the other versions though… wouldn’t lemons keep just as well face down on a plate with plastic wrap overtop?

  30. posted by luxcat on


    if you were REALLY living on the edge and you had BOTH a half lemon AND a half avocado you could squeeze the half a lemon’s juice into the bottom of a dish and store your half an avocado in it face down…

    thus solving all these pressing issues.

    now why did I clutter up my time with posting this reply? shame on me!

  31. posted by Liz Kay on

    Why did they stop there? Why no watermelon saver?

    I always follow my parents’ example and just place cut fruits — usually only melons too large to be eaten in entirety in one sitting — on a plate, cut side down. Isn’t this what this product does?

    As for lemons (and I default to cutting them the way shown in the picture above) and onions, zip-loc bags seem like the most appropriate way to store, given the juice/smell problem those items present. That way you also avoid the potential of drying out.

  32. posted by Kathryn on


    Well, obviously…You put da lime in da coconut and drink ’em both up.

  33. posted by Dawn F on

    Half lime + Corona Light = Perfect evening.

    I love the comment about the watermelon saver! Hilarious!

  34. posted by FutureCat on

    The product description for the onion saver is great: “this clip allows your child to eat half of an onion one day and the other half the next day.”

    I must have had a deprived childhood – my mother never packed half an onion in my lunchbox πŸ˜‰

  35. posted by Nana on

    I must admit that I just plunk my half-lemons on a plate, cut side down. And they keep just fine.

    About the onion: there are cultures in which raw onion is eaten (I’m thinking of a Lebanese friend, who keeps a whole raw onion on the side of his lunch plate, taking bites as if it were an apple.)

  36. posted by Kalani on

    HAHAHA at Caroline’s comment re: “S&M for avocados”…. too funny.

    Where’s a Mang-O-Saver? And an O-range-Saver? And a thingy for star fruit? Also how about lychee? I want a lychee saver. And one for loquats. I eat a lot of half loquats.

    Ok, now I’m just getting silly.

  37. posted by Sue B on

    Yes but did you see the photos of the banana savers? Multicolor, five lined up in a row, total food porn (take that ANY way you want.)

  38. posted by Another Deb on

    The product looks like a little soap dish for lemons.

    Where, oh where are the raisin savers?

  39. posted by Anonymous on

    I do keep one empty hummus tub to hold leftover onion so the onion smell doesn’t seep into my multi-purpose containers. I can’t imagine keeping so many separate containers for each food item. What if your lemon is particularly large or small? The hummus tub is translucent so I can easily see whether I have half a yellow or half a red onion. Yum.

  40. posted by Jeanne Thelwell on

    Ah! I figured out the “seatbelt”: if you look at the apple saver, you’ll see it’s a flat surface, not a depression, so the fruit/veggie would slide off without the strap.

    These things are really silly, but the company does seem to make a number of truly useful products.

  41. posted by Lindsay on

    This is a hilarious find! Keep them coming!

  42. posted by Danielle on

    MY BEST FRIEND GOT ME THE AVO-SAVER for my birthday. I was apaulled, but kept it together and thanked her. I’ve been waiting to see it in this section of this blog since!

  43. posted by Brit on

    You know, if you cut a banana in half, right through the peel, the cut end “seals” over, and the banana stays edible for another day or two… don’t even need plastic wrap for that….

  44. posted by STL Mom on

    Okay, when I lived in New Jersey I actually bought a “pizza saver”, shaped like a huge slice of pizza. And I used it!
    Now, however, I live in Chicago, where the deep dish pizza slices are small and thick (won’t fit in the pizza saver) and the thin-crust pizzas are cut into SQUARES (and don’t fit efficiently into the pizza saver).
    But for some reason, I still have that pizza saver. I think it’s time to let it go…

  45. posted by KatrinaD on

    As the lemon has a seatbelt, I wonder if it’s been tested for safety?

    Perhaps there’s a ‘half a lemon crash test dummy’ out there somewhere waiting for another device to test. πŸ™‚

  46. posted by Joe on

    The best way I’ve found to store partially-used avocados is to wrap them in cling wrap, and then use one of those freezer bags with a vacuum pump to extract the extra air. We use a bit of avocado each day and have found that an avocado will stay fresh for up to 4-5 days using this method. No fancy container needed. Plus, since you’re using the cling wrap, it keeps the vacuum bag clean for multiple uses.

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