Nesting cookware for camping

Back to Monday’s theme of “Wow, this is cool!” I want to introduce you to the MSR Flex 4 System Cookset:

If you’re a camping enthusiast (or even if you live in an apartment with a tiny kitchen), this incredible nesting cookset is perfect for you. I can’t stop looking at it. I may even be drooling.

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  1. posted by Heather on

    If I still camped, I’d be all over this. I remember the tiny cook-set I had as a Girl Scout. We made some good stuff and with real cookwear, we would have made some great food!

  2. posted by Jen on

    And that is still more than any real backpacker would ever use. Half of those sets usually end up left at home. It is cool, though. I like that the cups are shaped to fit inside.

  3. posted by Anita on

    Very cool and eye-catching! Almost complete, too: the only thing missing is a skillet/frying pan. I can see this being amazing for camping.

    As for tiny kitchens… I don’t know if I’d personally be a fan of having to pack and unpack the whole set when I need one item. I have nesting storage containers, and getting the right size out is a bit of an annoyance each time, what with needing to take off all the bigger lids, getting the one bowl I need out, taking all the smaller ones out of it, and putting the rest all back. It’s the kind of thing you don’t mind when living out of a bag or the trunk of your car, but at home that seems a little uncomfortable for me.

    Also: when packed away, where does the long handle of that pot go? It seems to just disappear, and I’m wondering if you need to take it off each time you put your pot away or it if folds in somehow.

  4. posted by Rue on

    @Anita I would imagine that the handle snaps or screws on and off, and gets thrown inside the pan. Also, when I went to the Amazon site, one of the “customers who bought this item also bought” items was the MSR Flex skillet/frying pan. 😉

    Pretty neat idea – not practical for me though, since I don’t camp or do anything that requires me to cook anywhere other than my kitchen (and that, only minimally!! :D).

  5. posted by Sylvia on

    Ah camping, I can’t wait for September when its starts to cool down here! This set seems nice, but probably more than I would ultimately use. Our last trip I was able to cook 3 meals a day with only my cast iron skillet, dutch oven, and the grate over the camp fire, oh and dessert too!
    I noticed Amazon has a 2-person set which has less components.

  6. posted by BT on

    Sure, this looks great, but maybe only useful for car camping. I don’t think any backpacker would want that much weight and clutter in their pack!

    My fiance and I use just a single titanium kettle that holds just enough water for us to make dinner with ( And we boil that water in a stove made out of a can of Fancy Feast cat food. Add in one foldable spork to share and we’ve got the ultimate ultralight NESTING COOKSET weighing only a matter of ounces.

  7. posted by Snitzels on

    That would be awesome for camping, like with a tent in a campground, but I’d say leave most of it at home for backpacking (too heavy).

  8. posted by crunchycon on

    Not a camper, and it does look like a little much for a weekend camping trip, but I would have loved this in my early-poor days in a tiny galley-style apartment kitchen.

  9. posted by JVM on

    Lots more pictures here.

    The mystery handle bends vertical, and then folds down so that it’s lying on top of the pot.

  10. posted by Lindsay on

    This looks like a great idea for my mom, who loves camping. I was disappointed with the price, so I went looking around and found something similar for $60, but this comes with only one pot, and no plates, looks like just two mugs, two bowls, one pot and one plate (and the pot lid):

  11. posted by Lisa on

    This seems to be kind of a unitasker. Too awkward to use at home, too heavy for backpacking, and at $160, awfully expensive for car camping unless you’re REALLY tight for space while packing. It’s easy enough to grab regular dishes or even Corelle from Value Village. It would be great on a canoe trip. But yeah, I get the “Ooh, cool camping gear, Mmmm, I want!” reaction. Somehow having the gear in the basement, to hold and smell while reminiscing of summer helps make winter bearable.

  12. posted by Lindsay on

    Oh I am on the hunt now, but I have to share this because the price is amazing. This is a kit for one, it’s $6:

  13. posted by Lindsay on

    Hi Lisa, most hobbies come with their own set of stuff and the dilemma of where to keep the stuff. Bicycling – you need to store your bike, your helmet, your tire pump, etc. Tennis? You need to store your rackets and balls. Some people’s hobby is camping, and they accumulate a lot more stuff than that, especially if they’re going “native” for up to a week at a time (my mom does this once or twice a year). So if that’s your hobby, you need kind of a lot of stuff (tent, sleeping bag, chair, clothes line, mess kit, etc), and it’s great to find versatile stuff that can be stored really compactly. 🙂

  14. posted by mhb on

    For an individual backpacker, this would be too much, but I’ve gone on group trips with 6-8 people when this would have been great to have.

  15. posted by SandyO on

    @Lindsay – I had that exact type of set when I went to camp many, many (40+) years ago. I guess a good product is timeless.

  16. posted by Sandra on

    Okay I am really not used to thinking that nesting cookware is ADORABLE… and yet I can’t help myself. O_o

  17. posted by adora on

    Wow! So cool! Decent price too! I want one for home! (I can’t stop looking at the center photo!)

    In a department store in Tokyo, I saw a set of cookware with 6 nesting pots and pans. There are only 2 handles in total, in which you snap on the cookware when you use them. Comes in 6 colors, super awesome looking. They were ridiculously expensive. I mean, if you can afford them, you probably have money to buy a large kitchen. Thus making the space saving feature useless…

  18. posted by Dave on

    For plates, bowls, and cups try this

  19. posted by Timo Kiravuo on

    This is really an unitasker, suitable for car camping with a tent and a family of four. If you have an RV, you get real pots, if backpacking you want less weight (unless you have eaxactly four people), if kayaking less space, if small apartment, real pots again (these are too thin to be good for anything else than carefully boiling water on a stove).

    However there is an important issue here, camping, backpacking, sailing etc. tend to be very uncluttered. I am a gear hog and I have never met anybody who has beaten me in this game of having a backpack oven, comfy chair, miniature pepper mill (I am still looking for a lightweight mortar), assorted cheese graters (parmesan on the pasta was nice on last weekend’s paddling trip) etc. I am loaded with toys for boys when in the outdoors.

    But because my kayak or carrying or pulling abilities limit me, I have to select what to take with me. I can’t take it all. It is worse than having a studio apartment, there you can raise the effective floor level with stuff.

    So every time I go outdoors I have to select what to take and what to leave. And the limits are hard, if I can’t carry it or fit it into the kayak, it can’t go.

    Now that I start to think about it, there is a very obvious analogy here. If I can limit the stuff I take with me when backpacking or if I can put everything to its place when sailing, why couldn’t I do this at home?


  20. posted by Ash on

    My husband and I are planning a camper van road trip and were looking for something just like this. Thanks so much for the post!

  21. posted by Katie on

    I’d have to say this is NOT a unitasker. I don’t have this exact set, but one like it (GSI Bugaboo Backpacker set), and I LOVE it! I’ve used it for an overnight hike as well as regular camping. It’s not as heavy or as large as you’d think from the pics and I love how the components all stack inside of each other (yes, the handle clips on/off and stores inside the unit). If you’re cooking/eating you’ll take all the pieces out anyway, and if you’re not then it’s less clutter around since it all stacks away together.

    For those of you who say it’s too much gear, I’ve obviously never seen you camp, but I have to say I did just as much with this set as some families did who had plastic storage bins full of cookware at their campsites. I think you’d really have to see it in person to see how packable it is.

  22. posted by Kalani on

    This post is making me hungry.

  23. posted by tabatha on

    this is so cool, i live in a small apartment and i might get something like this if it was stainless steel, i don’t like using no stick cookware. this would be perfect for someone living in an efficiency apartment.

  24. posted by Jack on

    I had something like this when I was a boy scout, some 30+ years ago. It’s nothing new .

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