TuneUp your iTunes collection

I use iTunes to organize my digital music collection and, for the most part, it suits my needs. I say “for the most part” because similar to the problem I’ve been having with the photographs that I had scanned, not all of my music has correct information associated with it. Fortunately for my music, though, I don’t have to go through my entire iTunes collection song-by-song to straighten out the missing and incorrect data. I have found a program that simply corrects my data — TuneUp.

Based on algorithms and other technical things I don’t fully understand (kind of like the iPhone app Shazam), TuneUp picks up where iTunes leaves off at properly identifying the music in my collection. I no longer have seven Track 03s on my playlists. All I have to do is drag the misidentified song into the “cleaner” and TuneUp pulls up possible matches. (The cleaner function is displayed at right.)

In addition to identifying songs, it also fixes formatting, finds rarer cover art, matches artist names, and even gives information about the songs in your collection sort of like VH1’s old Pop-Up Videos.

There are other programs out there similar to TuneUp, I just happened to find this program first and since it worked for me I didn’t try the others. If you have tried other programs and had success, please tell us about your experiences in the comments. TuneUp is free for a “limited-access” download, and is around $20 for an “unlimited” version.

If only I could find a program to clean up my digital photographs as easily …

(Image from TuneUp’s website … I fear if I show my music collection you all will make strange — but probably correct — assumptions about me! And, it should go without saying, but I wasn’t paid to write this review.)

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  1. posted by Lose That Girl on

    I had no clue this application existed. Thanks!

  2. posted by Kaylee Bailey on

    I took the time to read their license (I wanted to see what their policy was about data management) and looks like a really piss-poor cut ‘n’ paste.

    The choice bit:
    (12) …
    – Additionally, Your Information resides on a firewall-protected server that only selected Tuneup Media personnel have access to via password. Tuneup Media strives to prevent unauthorized parties from viewing Your Information, and has implemented an ISO 17799-based security policy. [accurate?]


    Rut ro!

  3. posted by Loren on

    This is kind of awesome, I didn’t realize things like this existed either. My boyfriend is constantly on my case for having songs labeled incorrectly in my playlist. This will make it look like I did SO much work. 😉

  4. posted by megan on

    I’ve used TuneUp for a while now. It is my friend.

  5. posted by Tyler on

    Cool! I wish I’d know about this before I spent 3 hours a day for 2 weeks organizing my collection!

  6. posted by Tiffany on

    Hi, TIffany from TuneUp here.
    Thanks so much for the review and letting your Unclutterer readers know about us! We definitely understand the value of organizing and cleaning your iTunes library, and we’re so glad that you featured us; which is why we are running a 15% discount code for Unclutterers. Simply enter: UNCLUTTER at checkout. Thanks again! Happy TuneUpping 🙂

  7. posted by Ravi on

    I recommend checking out MusicBrainz Picard as a free (and potentially better) product.

    It’s community-sourced, so I often find I get better results with more eclectic music (not to mention, it does a better job of handling featured artists, often found in hip-hop music, than TuneUp does).

    I have a license for TuneUp, but I still use MusicBrainz 99% of the time.

  8. posted by Charles on

    Thanks Ravi. I wanted something I could use without yucky iTunes.

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  10. posted by Theresa on

    I liked TuneUp but be aware of the following before you buy this:

    – If you buy a 1 year license, TuneUp automatically creates a repeating yearly payment and will charge again next year. I only noticed this because PayPayl warned me that TuneUp set up a recurring payment.

    – TuneUp loves to pull the album information from compilations and best of albums. I have over 12,000 songs in iTunes. While it did clean up a lot of my songs, it pulled back compilation albums for many others were I already had the album name. Be careful when you don’t get an exact match. It will pull compilations over a correct album name.

    – A number of times TuneUp pulled back the song information in another language – Chinese, Japanese, Russian and German. Even when I had the names in English and my preference was English.

  11. posted by nXqd on

    Thanks Ravi so much 🙂
    I really need time to organize my music collection again 🙂

  12. posted by » Gleaned: TuneUp your iTunes  Living Juicy on

    […] Gleaned: TuneUp your iTunes 17 Aug 2009 “In addi­tion to iden­ti­fy­ing songs in iTunes, TuneUp also fixes for­mat­ting, finds rarer cover art, matches artist names, and even gives infor­ma­tion about the songs in your col­lec­tion sort of like VH1’s old Pop-Up Videos.” Source: TuneUp your iTunes col­lec­tion, Unclutterer […]

  13. posted by leia709 on

    A cool idea, but it installs a bunch of unwanted files in the background on my Mac and it’s a very limited trial.

  14. posted by DIANE on

    There is an inquiry regarding getting all your pictures in one place on your computer. I have found a very user friendly computer. It is Picasa and even for a computer illieterate person like me, works really well

  15. posted by captain on

    Ditto what leia709 said, and beware that the “uninstall” does NOT remove all the clutter that this horribly written app installs on your computer with ADMIN privileges! After reading some of the EULA I’m not even sure they aren’t installing trojans on my system! I’m thinking a full reformat may be in order. Not Happy! 🙁

  16. posted by Dave Everitt on

    I’m afraid this app seems to be a bit of a mess – on OS X Tiger it froze with a blank window on launch, froze Safari twice with an https link, and found nothing I didn’t already have. If your iTunes library is a real mess and you don’t clean up as you go, it just might help, but I’m afraid – after a really bad start – I just don’t trust it. The uninstall isn’t at all obvious, and fails to remove the many files this app installs. I don’t often remove an app right after installing and trying it out, but I did with this one.

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