Weekend Project: Your closet floors

This weekend’s project idea is more of a cleaning project than an uncluttering project, but you’ll likely end up doing a bit of uncluttering to be able to do the cleaning. To be able to vacuum and/or sweep the floors of my closets, I have to pull out storage containers and crawl on my hands and knees to reach back into some of the corners. Inevitably, I find something that I didn’t remember was there and I end up clearing a bit of clutter out of my home.

Cleaning the closet floors is not necessarily a fun project, so I only do it once or twice a year (most of my house guests aren’t inspecting the floors of my closets, thankfully). But, it helps to keep dust mites under control and reduce allergens.

If you’re looking for a weekend project that usually takes less than an hour, join me in cleaning your closet floors. They are definitely a forgotten space and can use some attention if it has been a while since you last attended to them. Happy sweeping!

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  1. posted by infmom on

    Oh goody, a great reason to go to the Container Store and get more shoe racks! 🙂

  2. posted by Dawn F on

    I use a wet Swiffer thingy. It’s not as wet and sloppy as a old-fashioned mop, but it is damp enough to pick up all of the lint and dust bunnies hiding out in the back corners.

    I also try to limit how much “stuff” I store on the floors in the closets. We are fortunate to have nice closets with plenty of vertical storage (shelves above clothes, etc.) so there are very few items on the floor in the first place – making mopping/sweeping/Swiffering MUCH easier.

  3. posted by Andrea on

    I think my reluctance to do this is a sign that it really needs to get done. :oD

  4. posted by Sue B on

    Ok, first I would have to clean up the snowdrift of the hubby’s clothes in FRONT of the closet then drag all the stuff out then FIND the floor. Lots of laughs there. Actually we are moving to a new (70 year old) house later this month. So I will have to do this sooner rather than later but this is a task I will put off for a week or so. Thanks.

  5. posted by Kelly from Almost Frugal on

    Ah, to have closets whose floors I could actually clean! 150 year old French houses aren’t really big on built-in closets. That means that our stuff is in free-standing armoires, which at least makes it easy to dust underneath them.

  6. posted by Anita on

    I used to try my best to keep as little as possible on closet floors as well. Then I moved into a bachelor apartment and discovered that luggage and laundry baskets (previously housed in my former basement) had to be put somewhere.

    But I did take on this task over the weekend, and the floor of my biggest closet is now only inhabited by:
    – 1 suitcase (with a couple of smaller bags inside)
    – 2 laundry baskets (one for laundry, one for clothes I’m planning to donate when the basket fills up)
    – 1 pair of dance shoes

    Hooray for weekend projects!

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