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  1. posted by Michele on

    Re: cluttered cars, I live in center city Philadelphia, and it takes only one smash-and-grab to teach a person here to keep the passenger compartment of their car empty. Thieves will go after spare change, umbrellas, CDs, clothing, groceries — really anything at all that they can see through the windows.

    I grew up in a household where we always kept the cars clean, even though we lived in the ‘burbs where smash-and-grabs weren’t a problem. So it hasn’t been difficult for me to get and stay in the habit of making sure my car isn’t a “target.” But I think it’s another thing to keep in mind if anyone needs extra motivation to keep their car uncluttered.

  2. posted by Karyn on

    Being one of those people who always hated having to work a job that paid for the car I needed to get to the job, and now living the dream of the car-free lifestyle in the city, I checked out the Walk Score site.

    Walk Score: 94 out of 100 — Walkers’ Paradise

    As other commenters on the original post noted, the score is accurate, but the list of coffeeshops, stores, etc. was incomplete. However, the map seemed to have an awful lot crammed on it, so maybe the list is only meant to be a representative sample, anyway. 😉

    Anyway, I can vouch from experience that my neighborhood is a walker’s paradise, including the aesthetic and transit considerations that aren’t factored into the site’s calculations!

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