Workspace of the Week: Emergency

This week’s Workspace of the Week is [email protected]$’s office in red:

The color of the wallpaper reminds me of a fire truck. Everything is organized, similar to how it is on a fire truck, and in its place. I wonder if the colored magnets on the front of the red storage cabinet under the desk denote any information? I like the idea of the magnets meaning “to do today” or something equally valuable. All of the components for this office were purchased at Ikea and the space looks incredible. Thank you, [email protected]$ (I’m saying that as “Vegas” in my mind), for sharing your space with us.

Want to have your own workspace featured in Workspace of the Week? Submit a picture to the Unclutterer flickr pool. Check it out because we have a nice little community brewing there. Also, don’t forget that workspaces aren’t just desks. If you’re a cook, it’s a kitchen; if you’re a carpenter, it’s your workbench.

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  1. posted by Rue on

    I like it a lot. I wouldn’t mind having the same office, but in a color other than red. 😉

  2. posted by Lose That Girl on

    I like the openness of this office. It feels breezy and super organized. The only thing that I would change for myself would be the colour…something more calm.

  3. posted by Peter on

    Someone went to Ikea ; )

  4. posted by momofthree on

    Cool and breezy,,,good description, but I echo “not in red”. A brilliant sea green or blue…ahhh…calgon take me away….and with my bad news, I need to get away….
    (into lala land due to surgery will not do it either, sorry)

  5. posted by [email protected]$ on


    Thanks for posting my workspace, first.

    Then, thank you all for your comments! Well, you know, I have exchanged rooms with my parents and my sister at least once, and I have tried colors like sea light blue, and a really light & bright tone of green. I live by the sea, so the first of these colors was bursting outside the window. The green was off really fast [two months, as my sister came to life and had to paint the room pink for her to come in…]

    Then I took this room and painted the currently red wall grey. Last year, I decided to take it down to something more vibrant to fit my style of living for the time being.

    And I really like it! Right now, I am a bit far from home in my other room, which is olive green. I’ll post some pictures on Flickr from this one, as well.

    Hope you all have a great workspace!
    [what a wish, huh?]


  6. posted by becoming minimalist on

    i used to have a red office. i liked the idea of the passion that the color generated. but i had to change it… it became too distracting. literally, my eyes kept getting drawn to my walls rather than my current project.

  7. posted by Mariia on

    I like the layout a lot, but all the decorative items feel very cluttered to me. Just my humble opinion

  8. posted by Dawn on

    The floating shelves on the wall about the computer monitor are cool and the desk caddy holding the colored pens/pencils looks fun!

  9. posted by Tania on

    well I think we have to bear in mind – at least it was clear to me immediately upon looking at it – that this is a young person’s space. So I think the items in the space reflect that. I don’t know how young of a person we’re talking (I’m guessing teen? they mentioned switching rooms with their parents and sister. Or maybe college since they said they’re in they’re other room?) but anyway I guess I’m saying the layout and “stuff” seems age appropriate but still really neat and tidy. That desk is looking way better than mine right now. LOL

  10. posted by [email protected]$ on

    Right Tania.

    I am 17, and all that stuff you can see here is bought with my own pocket money of two years. From the Mac and the lights to the furniture and the decorative items.

    -Well, the desk right now looks worse than yours, in spite of what it looks like in the picture! Proof that the red color not only does not distract me from my projects, but makes me even more energetic and in the mood for productivity!

    @becoming minimalist : [look at the last part above 😉 ] That’s what I thought at first, too! It came out pretty good when I finally painted that wall…

    @mariia : Opinion accepted and I really needed someone to say that, because I am under such opinion myself. I am not in this house right now -as I am on vacation- but as soon as I get there, I will try some de-cluttering with all these. Maybe put some books back where they belong. The bookcase!

    @ dawn : thank you very much! Couple of my friends love them too.

  11. posted by Karyn on

    Just chipping in to say that I think the decorative items look fine. 😉 I’ve seen cluttered “decorating,” and this isn’t it. You make good use of the space, adding just enough to give it personality, and keeping everthing neat and spacious. I get the impression you are a very creative person. And I think the average person on the street would perceive this to be minimalist by everyday standards; just look at the average decorating or “women’s” magazine!

    I do aim for minimalism, myself, but not to an extreme–just something less than the quasi-Vicotorian cram-every-surface chaos that seems to run in my family. 😉

    BTW, I personally would love to paint one of my walls a deep, intense royal/electric blue, which would be *my* inspiring color. If red works for you, go with red. It’s all about the feeling it evokes in you when you are working in that space!

  12. posted by [email protected]$ on

    Thank you for your words…

    Putting so much effort to give each shelf a decorative item, usually gets me out of control and the result is quite “suffocating”. Anyway, the shelves have different items every now and then, so…

    As about the “women’s” magazines, now. My mom is nuts about decoration. She’s not a deco herself, but I’d say she’s a collector of a greek deco magazine, which I finally get to browse. It’s just neat, not minimalist 😉

    Oh my God, I thought it was just my family!

    You know, when I get my own house, I have the really strange need to paint one of the ceilings a really deep blue. Stick some nice self-glued stars and make it really romantic when it’s time to…

    Anyways, thank you very much for your time taking a look on my workspace, and posting your experiences. See you [I suppose 😉 ]

  13. posted by mpeete on

    I like the workspace. The shelves are a nice touch. I noticed (like many of these workspaces that are photographed) that the monitor is off to the side. Was that done on purpose to photograph better, or is that the actual position on the desk? The reason I ask is that monitors should always be directly facing the chair for better ergonomics.

  14. posted by V . @ . g . 0 . $ on

    Having my computer actually “behind” the screen makes it some kind of portable. I really like moving stuff around to refresh the atmosphere and all my surroundings. That’s a touch I added last minute indeed, and right now I have it straight positioned just a week after I took the photo!

    I believe that all those workspaces you mention are this way because their users are mainly focused on other things, too. They use their Mac+PCs on a hobby basis and are not so worried of ergonomics…

    Thank you

  15. posted by Michael on

    [email protected]$, you never mentioned what those magnets on the drawers are for? i’m curious if they’re some secret code for a filing system.

  16. posted by MSWtoPhD on

    OMG! This workspace is almost identical to mine. I think I am going to move my layout to be more that [email protected]$. I love this. Flicker seems to have some sort of problem and I can’t see the full set of photos. So far, I like what I see.

    These Ikea shelves are awesome- especially if you are an overworked Doctoral student with far too many books to read.

  17. posted by V . @ . g . 0 . $ on

    @ Michael : It’s something really lamer than what you have been speculating!

    They are plain to-do holders. I really use these drawers every minute or so, and placing my to-dos and stuff helps move the clutter from the desk -or my magnet board which is on the left, out of the picture- to that cabinet!

    @ laleenda : Thank you for your comments, and sorry for not responding earlier, but I have been really busy preparing for the new back-to-school period… Check the pic on Flickr, now that I have answered your questions over there.


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