10 uncluttering things to do every day

  1. If you have pets, make your bed. You can make your bed even if you don’t have pets, but people with pets can’t miss this uncluttering step. Pets have litter, dirt, fur, dander, dust, and/or a bunch of other yucky things on them that don’t belong on your sheets. Plus, a made bed is easy on the eyes.
  2. Know where you’re going. Before taking to the road, make sure to know the travel conditions and best route possible for your destination. Getting lost or sitting in a widely-reported traffic jam is nothing but time clutter.
  3. Plan your perfect day. We’ve written quite a bit about this task, so I’ll simply direct you to our previous post.
  4. Clean out your desk’s inbox. File papers, enter items onto your to-do list or into your project management software, scan papers you don’t need in physical form, sign documents — just be sure that your inbox is clean by the time you leave work at the end of the day.
  5. Set your desk for tomorrow. Right before you head home from work, be sure to clear your desk and have it ready for tomorrow. If you have an early morning meeting with handouts, make sure that the handouts are easily accessible and ready to go. In case of an emergency, it should be simple for a co-worker to come into your office and quickly find the materials. Even if you don’t have an early meeting, your desk should be set so that when you arrive to work you can get right to work.
  6. Sort, open, and act on your mail. When you immediately walk into your home, sort through your mail. Recycle all junk mail that doesn’t include any identifying information. Shred all junk mail (like credit card applications) that someone could use to steal your identity. Open and act on all other mail. Your action may simply be to scan and then shred the information, file papers, or pay a bill — but doing it right when you come home keeps it from being clutter in your home.
  7. Load (and, if necessary, run) the dishwasher or hand-wash the dishes. Dirty dishes on the counter, sink, and anywhere else in your home are invitations to bugs, pests, and bacteria. Additionally, they clutter up your kitchen and make preparing meals a pain. You’re more likely to save a few bucks and eat at home if your kitchen is clean and ready to be used.
  8. Get ready for bed an hour before you plan to go to sleep. Doing this means that your dirty clothes are more likely to be returned to a hanger, dropped in the hamper, or put in a mesh bag for dry cleaning, hand washing, or repairing. Also, a set bedtime routine signals your brain that it’s time to relax and prepare for sleep.

If you paid careful attention, you noticed that there are only 8 items on this list even though the headline proclaims 10. I did this because I want you to add two more things that are specific to your life as the other two items. Tell us about your items #9 and #10 in the comments.

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  1. posted by Marie on

    Amen to number one! I was always too lazy to make the bed before we got long-haired cats. Now I do it religiously. Three-inch fur is danged itchy. (Plus, the occasional hairball is easier to launder off a blanket than off a mattress.)

  2. posted by Betharu on

    [9] Set up coffee pot with timer before going to bed. Waking up early is alot easier for me with freshly brewed coffee!

    [10] Set out what I need to bring for tomorrow – could be mail to put in mailbox, bank deposit to make, keys for client’s offices, or my laptop.

    P.S. When the kitty sleeps with you on a nightly basis, does it really matter if they crash on your bed during the day? However, I do make the bed every morning!

  3. posted by Beth on

    Even without pets, I try to make my bed every day. Unmade bed/untidy bedroom = stress whenever I see them, and since I work at home I generally walk past the bedroom numerous times during the day. It takes 3 minutes in the morning to make the room a source of calm rather than pain.

    Likewise, #7 was a revelation to me — it’s so easy to let the kitchen slide into chaos, and so hard to make myself deal with it in that state, where a few minutes of effort in the evening can keep it a pleasant/non-dirty/wow! there’s counter-space! place that works the way it’s supposed to.

  4. posted by Eleanor on

    9) Before bed, make breakfast and lunch for the next day. I have come to accept that there is no way I am about to magically transform into an early riser, so forward planning is essential to reduce stress and spending.

    10) Read Unclutterer πŸ˜€ (There’s seriousness behind the sycophancy: a quick flick through my ‘inspiration’ folder on Delicious every day reminds me why I want to carry on with my uncluttering projects.)

  5. posted by Georgie on

    Clean the cat’s litter box, clean dog waste from yard and then dump garbage. Waking up to a clean smelling home and yard is good.

    Put note on fridge to remind you of what you need to take. Don’t forget those lists you wrote up and the mail to go out. Also make sure you have your cash, credit cards that might be needed.

  6. posted by Vicki K. on

    9) As you go through the day and evening, put what you need to take with you the next day into a basket by the door – mail, coupons, clothes for drycleaning, library books…

    10) Keep a pen and paper on your nightstand for morning reminders so you can write them down, forget them, and sleep!

  7. posted by DJ on

    Wash the kitchen counters before going to bed.

    Swiffer all the floors before going to bed. It’s quite amazing how much dirt gathers in just one day.

  8. posted by Molly on

    9 – Set out clothes, pack backpack, etc – get all set for the morning.

    10 – Leave a “to do” list at work so there’s no thinking about what needs to get done the next day.

  9. posted by oksoimnotperfect on

    My husband’s are
    9. make lunch for the next day
    10. talk with his wife πŸ™‚

    mine are
    9. tidy after he makes lunch
    10. talk with my husband πŸ™‚

  10. posted by [email protected] on

    9) Have what I need for the next batch of errands waiting by the back door. Sadly, this is still no guarantee that I won’t forget it.
    10) Take time to be still for 15 minutes. Thank you, Martha Beck. I’m not solving world problems, but I am solving some of my own.

  11. posted by jfb3 on

    9. Get someone else to finish your work.
    10. Profit!

  12. posted by Courtney on

    #9 – Write down an “unfinished business” list before going to bed. If I don’t do this, I wake up and worry about remembering to do this left over stuff tomorrow!

    #10 – Spend time with husband and cats. While it doesn’t unclutter anything per se, it does make me feel better, and it keeps our family life healthy to have some play time!

  13. posted by Kathy on

    9) Do something to clear your mind and strengthen your body. Go on a walk, do some yoga or a set of pushups.

    10) Check the weather and figure out what you are going to wear to work the next day. It’s easier to make that decision when you aren’t groggy and rushed in the morning.

  14. posted by Gladys on

    9. Get out clothes and shoes for exercise in the morning so I have one less excuse not to. If I have an early meeting, I get clothes out for that as well.

    10. Go through email inbox and Twitter account and take care of any quick responses that I didn’t get to during the day or any websites mentioned I wanted to check. Nice to start the next day with only new stuff to deal with!

  15. posted by the weakonomist on

    9) Make lunch for tomorrow
    10) Load blog posts for the next day

    My mornings are pressed for time, so anything I can do the night before I try to do. Sadly, because I’m easily distracted, I usually don’t do these until the morning. I fail.

  16. posted by Aaron Griffin on

    9) Move clutter to a “dumping grounds” of some sort. Disorder begets disorder, and coming home to a messy desk or coffee table gives you permission to dump more stuff there.

    10) Brain dump everything to paper before going to bed. This helps clear your mind and prevents you from forgetting things in the morning.

    Bonus) Use Auto Focus ( http://www.markforster.net/autofocus-system/ )

  17. posted by Eleanor W. Craig on

    Every night when I wash my face and brush my teeth, when I am done I wipe down the bathroom counter and sink, using a natural cleaner, if necessary.

    I have an organizer for the passenger front seat of my car. I put outgoing mail, packages to be mailed, library books to be returned, items I need to take to work, all in the organizer. I can also put items in it through my day: prescription pick up, new library books, etc. I can carry it into the house or leave it in the car. It keeps me on task with my errands and keeps my car neat.

  18. posted by Johanna on

    I’m not so sure about the make the bed thing. Doesn’t a bed need to air out a while? If you put all the covers on it it sure won’t… And pets shouldn’t be allowed in the bedroom anyway!
    Maybe a good number nine for me would be checking the weather prevision and lay out my clothes for the next day. I can’t think of a number ten…

  19. posted by Dawn on

    9) Ask/encourage your children to quickly pick up their belongings (clothes to the hamper, toys on their shelves, shoes in the closet, etc.) at the end of the evening. Start encouraging them at an early age to keep their lives and belongings organized.

    10) Put things by the door or in the car needed for the next day (dry-cleaning to drop off, package to mail, item to return, etc.) to make your morning more streamlined.

    Great post today, Unclutterer! Thanks for this story!

  20. posted by Rachel Piper on

    #9 put away your evening addiction.
    When I read I put my book away in its place, which is on the bottom of our end table next to my reading chair. When I sew – I unplug my machine, put my fabrics away, and clean the lint off of my work space.
    When I bake – I put all the dishes in the washer and clean off the counter.
    When I scrapbook – I put everything back into their containers and put everything into my scrapbooking tote.

    This gives me a sense of power over my addiction and I end up being happy while doing my hobby and am happy to start it up at any time.

    #10 make sure there are no items on the dining room table. I do not like to eat breakfast with clutter on the table!

  21. posted by Celeste on

    Return To Normal–essentially this is how I look at leaving a room for the night. Leave it so it will be okay to walk back into next time. For the kitchen it means dishes and trash. For the living room it means stuff picked up. For the bathroom it means general tidying so anything wet will be dry in the morning and the countertops aren’t loaded.

    My other big thing is tossing any trash that came in that day, such as mail trash, kid paperwork trash, and packaging debris. I just go nuts with loose trash sitting about, because it invariably slides and covers up something I need.

  22. posted by Amphritrite on

    I never considered #1 until I moved into a studio apartment and couldn’t shut the kitties out of the bedroom. All I have to say is that you are ABSOLUTELY right.

    Oy. Cat fuzz.

  23. posted by Karen on

    9. Tidy the kitchen–clean out the sink, place all dishes in the dishwasher (to run in the morning), put any food away.

    10. Pick up the living areas of the house.

  24. posted by Gabriel on

    Don’t bother with hot coffee in July. Make iced coffee before you go to bed.

    Add 5 tbsp coffee grounds to 1.5 cups cold water.
    Cover and let sit overnight.
    Strain through filter the next morning. (You might be able to use a filter basket and carafe from your drip coffee maker, or throw it out and get a Melitta pour-over cone filter.)
    Mix 1:1 concentrate with cold water to taste.
    Add ice, creamer, sweetener. (Sugar syrup dissolves better than table sugar in cold drinks.)

  25. posted by Chris W on

    #9 Leave the bathroom ready to be used by guests: Hanging towels are clean, dirty towels are in the laundry, the t/p role is adequate or there is a fresh role is set out, and the trashcan isn’t full. You are your favorite guest, so treat yourself to a nice, fresh bathroom.

    #10 Make note of the food in the house that has to be eaten, has been eaten, and is waiting to be eaten. If there are leftovers or fresh veggies and fruits, plan to eat them in the very near future, before they spoil. If you ran out of some of your staple foods, prepare to buy them on your next trip to the store. And knowing what you already have prevents you from accidentally buying it again.

  26. posted by knitwych on

    #9 CLOSE BEDROOM DOOR after making bed. (I have a Shep mix that will immediately head for the bed, unmake it and scrunch up the bedclothes to make a nest for herself.)

    #10 Set up coffee maker before going to bed.

  27. posted by Michele on

    My last two:

    9) Prepare the front door so that I’m ready to go and don’t have to remember things when I’m still half-asleep. This means making sure my keys, wallet, sunglasses, cell phone, bus pass, and ID are ready to go at the “landing strip,” and that my briefcase or bookbag is packed with whatever books and papers I’ll need the next day.

    10) Put away clothes and jewelry. This is a lot easier for me to complete now that I removed an extra “surface” from my bedroom by getting rid of a superfluous table. There’s no place to toss clothes any more! They have to go in the clothes hamper, or be hung overnight on a doorknob to air out, or be put back in the closet or dresser. Period.

    Re: the kitchen, I hate, hate, hate waking up to a messy kitchen. Or even coming home to a messy kitchen: I almost always do the breakfast dishes before I leave in the morning, as well.

  28. posted by terryann on

    9)pray everyday (you choose the time best suited for you), getting your spiritual life in order naturally migrates to blessing in your flesh life!
    10)have things like wills, titles, legal matters, passports, savings bonds etc… tucked securely away in either a personal fireproof safe, or at a safe deposit box. Having those things taken care of clears your brain for the daily things …
    works for me!

  29. posted by Sheena on

    I am notorious for going through many outfit changes in the morning before I find something that suits my mood or is comfortable enough…and in the morning rush a pile of clothes end up on the floor in my closet.

    I’ve learned #9, Pick clothes out for the next day before going to bed.

    My apartment is less cluttered because of that.

  30. posted by EconGrrl on

    As part of #2, I list the physical errands I plan to complete as I go to and fro. This moment of list making also helps me make sure I am taking what I need to complete my task list.

    There is nothing like making it just in time to the dry cleaners without my dry cleaning!

  31. posted by Suzeo on

    9. Empty all of the wastebaskets, and (if it’s the night before the trash is picked up) take the trash out to the curb

    10. Load and turn on the dishwasher.

  32. posted by Betharu on

    Gabriel –

    Can’t do iced coffee – don’t like “sweet” coffee – only cream in my hot coffee.

    I like to say that I am sweet enough!!!1

  33. posted by David Turnbull on

    9. Organize books properly instead of just having them lying scattered across the floor.

    10. Put all the junk that builds up around my “office” in the trash.


  34. posted by deb on

    Johanna – yes, beds should air (imho). I get up, pull all the covers back (open) to air while I go have coffee and breakfast. I keep the door to the room closed so my dog can’t get to the bed. When I come back in to shower I make the bed while the dog watches, when I’m done he jumps up for a nap while I’m showering.

    I’ve read that the average person sweats 1.25 pints into their mattress every night. Don’t know if that’s true but even if it’s 2 tablespoons I don’t want that moisture building up.

  35. posted by Brandon Green on

    Pets or no pets, you should make your bed anyway.

  36. posted by caro on

    I sooo have to take note of point number 2. I am the twit at the lights gingerly balancing the mapbook on the steering wheel and trying to light the cigar at the same time. Yes, I know, you all hate me!! Will try and do better. Must check route in the driveway, not when my internal compass (usually off by miles) says it should be around here somewhere – I think. πŸ˜€

  37. posted by Lori Paximadis on

    I hate making the bed. I’d rather let it air out all day and then rearrange the covers when it’s time to crawl in at the end of the day. We do have cats, but they tend to stay on top of the blankets when the sheets are exposed.

    9. Do one small thing to declutter or clean or straighten every day. Cleaning out my closet is on this month’s to-do list. This morning, I chose one cubbyhole and put anything that was past its prime or too small or that didn’t fit quite right or that had lost its appeal in the donation pile. I managed to halve the contents of that cubby in ten minutes. (Bonus tip: Keep a notebook and pen on top of your donation box or bag so you can itemize as you put stuff in. Makes it easy to keep track and prevents you from being tempted by second chance rescues when going through it all again to itemize.)

    10. Take a few minutes and make a general mental plan for the next day. By having an idea of what I’m going to be doing before I get downstairs and check my calendar and lists, I can be in the right mindset and dress appropriately for the day’s activities.

  38. posted by Ruth Hansell on

    9) Decide what small step(s) I can take the next day to get me closer to a major goal. This really helps in prioritizing activities.

    10) Talk w/significant other about plans/timing for the day. I’m self employed, he’s retired but does some volunteer work, so our schedules are different every day. It’s nice to know ahead of time who will start dinner, etc.


  39. posted by Rue on

    The best advice I have is to pick up all the STUFF and clutter that accumulates during the day in the evening before bed. There are dirty dishes? Put them in the dishwasher. Husband left snack wrappers behind the couch again? Throw them out. You brought out scrapbooking stuff to work on? Put it away. Etc.

    Basically, just straighten up the house every evening. Then you don’t have weeks worth of stuff accumulating and you don’t feel so overwhelmed when you actually find a spare afternoon to pick it all up. I’ve found that by just picking up and straightening everything every evening, the only things I have to do on the weekends are laundry and the actual cleaning (dusting, floors, etc). No need for clutter patrol!

    I also empty my email inbox as I go, rather than leaving email in there for days and becoming overwhelmed by trying to clear it out. When I get an email, I read it as soon as I first see it, and immediately delete or archive it (archiving for things I need to keep but don’t need to look at every day). The only things that stay in the actual inbox view are the things that I need to do that haven’t been done yet. For example, in my work inbox right now, there’s only one email, and it’s reminding me that I need to bill a customer for something and haven’t done it yet. Once I bill the customer, it goes straight into archive and I’ll have an empty inbox view!

    Also, if you are forgetful and a habitual email checker: utilize your Google Calendar (or similar calendar for your email client) to email you reminders. I do this mainly for bill payments that I don’t get paper bills for, but you can do it for anything. When I get the reminder, I leave it in my inbox until I’ve completed the task, and then delete it with a great sense of satisfaction. πŸ™‚ This works great if you need reminders but can’t keep up with a to-do list.

  40. posted by PrincessKessie on

    #9: After my shower in the morning (with hubby long gone at 6am), I use a squeegee and (mostly) dry off the shower walls/floor, and close the curtain to allow it to dry properly (instead of being all scrunched up), wipe over and dry off the vanity and basin, shine the mirror, pick up the bathmat to dry, swish the toilet and swiffer the floor. It means five extra minutes on my daily routine, but it also means months before I have to *really* clean it, since it is clean and dry every morning.

    #10 Each night, after loading the dishwasher (to be put on just before we retire) and handwashing our three cats’ dinner bowls (hey, we like clean dishes, so do they), I wipe every benchtop, the gas hob, the microwave (if it was used that day), and, using the teatowel, I “shine my sink” (thanks, FlyLady). No water marks, and again, doing this every night means it is literally weeks before it needs a *real* clean (with bicarb and vinegar – shines stainless steel like nobody’s business). I love waking up and making breakfast in a clean kitchen with clean dishes ready to be put away, so the dishwasher can be filled during the day, keeping the benches clear and tidy πŸ™‚ I might have to take on the “sweep/swiffer the floor” each night item, though *nods resignedly*…

    I also have a #11 – each night, our fridge water filter (4.2L/1gal) gets filled with fresh tap water, as do the two cat bowls around the house, and two refillable 750ml (roughly 24oz) drink bottles for me the next day. This way the fridge container never empties (and in Summer, this is essential, as I drink about 3L (about 3 quarts) every day), I have mobile bottles ready, and the cats have plenty of clean water.

    We try and set our weekly menu the weekend before, so I’m not nagging the hubby asking what he wants for dinner (it is also much easier on the budget, too). It mostly works πŸ™‚

  41. posted by Lucy on

    9. I keep toiletries (cleanser, moisturizer, toner, toothpaste, mouthwash, floss, cottonballs) in a roomy travel bag. It sits on the vanity in the bathroom. I use, put back, and wipe down the vanity and sink – morning and night. All my makeup is kept in a travel pouch in a drawer. I pull it out, use it and put it back. The bathroom counter is always clear and clean.

    10. Straighten my desk in my in-home office every day.

  42. posted by tuppenz on

    9. Remove everything from inside the car and put it away.

    10. Brush and Floss those teeth you want to keep.

  43. posted by ppll on

    Ditto on most of everyones’ “to do” items, except I do not actually keep a “to do” list; I like that I can still keep things straight in my head.

    9. Empty out the portable dehumidifier collection bucket- otherwise I’ll have to dump out an extra full bucket while wearing business clothes the next morning.

    10. Straighten out the shoe “depot!” Everyone in my household enters thru the garage and kicks their shoes off haphazardly so all our shoes get mixed up. I learned the hard way one morning when I got to work and discovered with no end of embarassment that I was wearing one black shoe and one blue shoe.

  44. posted by Jodee on

    9. Do the laundry. Have assigned collection points for dirty laundry (not the floor or on top of furniture!!). And, most importantly, process the dirty laundry — from washing to immediately drying to folding or hanging and putting away — without days in between! When you start a load, complete a load within 24 hours of starting.

  45. posted by Viv on

    9. To-do list for the next day. I fall asleep much fast when I have the next day planned out.
    10. Others have said it, but getting everything ready to go for the next morning makes life much more stress-free. Sometimes I will even make a trip down to the car to put recycling and dry cleaning in the car ahead of time.

  46. posted by Dianne of the Desert on

    Setting up the coffee pot and getting my clothes and such ready for the next day would be my #8.

    My last patrol of the house is the time I use to refturn things to their places, or to the kitchenm, or give a quick swipe to the bathrooms and checking supplies.

    My #10 is to retire to the bedroom, play soft mustic with the timer on my clock radio/CD player, and drift off to sleep… It will never hurt me to get a bit more sleep, but it definitely makes things more difficult if I do not get enough sleep.

    Add a #11. My bedroom is set up as a retreat space. No computers, no television or game systems in there. Although I have bright lighting for when I am cleaning or working in the room, I only use soft muted lighting at night — I don’t want to wake myself up do I?

  47. posted by Soccerdawg on

    If I were half as disciplined as you people, I wouldn’t need to read this site!

    I don’t have a dishwasher, so I have to wash dishes manually, and I hate it so much! I wish I had the gumption to wash them every night before bed.

  48. posted by Jessica on

    Whoops! I’ve got the whole making the bed thing down. I mean most of the time. It just makes me feel better to make it in the morning – especially because I hate getting into a rumpled bed at night. But I must have missed the part about doing to keep the pet dander out. My thirteen year old rat terrier sleeps under the covers with his head under the edge of my pillow every night. I just wash the sheet more often…..

  49. posted by Janelle on

    “If you have pets make your bed”

    … as if dogs didn’t sleep in beds!!

  50. posted by Michelle on

    I would say for the other two to be getting clothes organised the night before so you are not rushing looking for things before work etc. The other thing would be to organize meals in advance.

  51. posted by Sarah on

    I definitely second the getting the essentials ready for the morning idea. It’s so nice to have the wallet and keys together in the same place to avoid the rush in the morning. Also, writing out a list of what to pack for lunch the night before is helpful even if it is impractical to make it the night before.

    Great suggestions on here!

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  55. posted by Amanda on

    Hooray for making the bed – my momma always told me it was the easiest way to “clean” my room because it is usually the largest item there…
    9. As said before – I start a load of laundry in the washer. That way in the morning I can transfer it to the dryer 1st thing and have at least 1 clean load when I get home from work (and soccer practice, riding lessons, PTO – the list is endless). Sometimes, if the stars align and I have “extra time” in the morning – I can actually get it all folded before I need to leave. If not – yes, they will be wrinkled but they will be clean!
    10. I do something I love. For me this includes watching today’s episode of my soap opera on the DVR or reading the latest novel to catch my eye. I used to be so busy being teacher, wife, mother, friend that I began to loose me in the “clutter” of relationships. This small bit of time that I take to indulge in something just for me helps me shed the stresses of the day and sleep better at night.

  56. posted by Twin XL on

    Throw out junk mail immediately. Put a small trash can inside the door. Want to know if someone is messy? Check out their car- it’ll give you an insight to his home.

  57. posted by Jen on

    Regarding making your bed if you have pets:

    Due to the nature of dust mites who love dark damp spaces, in the morning, you should throw off all the covers and let the bed air out. This helps keep bedding cleaner. The worst thing you can do is make the bed right away, it traps all of them in!

  58. posted by Jackie Pettus on

    Great list! Only thing I would add is don’t go to bed before the rest of the family so 1) the cat can’t get in your bed, 2) the rest of the family can’t leave reminders of things they need you to do on your desk, 3) the snack dishes don’t pile up in the sink (because the dishwasher is running! πŸ™‚

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  60. posted by EngineerMom on

    I got into the habit of making the bed every morning in college. I had a miniscule dorm room, and the bed was prime real estate for friends to sit, for me to study, etc. I washed my sheets every week, and I never had any issues with mildew, dust mites (the allergy to them runs in the family), etc.

    I do not believe in airing a bed. In my opinion, it’s an excuse to not make the bed right away. If you’re worried about dust mites, get special covers for your mattress and pillows, wash your sheets weekly on hot and dry them on hot or in the sun. Wash your pillows and other fluffy items monthly and dry on hot or in the sun. Dust mites will multiply whether your air the bed or not.

    As for the other “reasons” – mildew, mold, etc. – wash your sheets weekly and use a liquid-impermeable mattress cover. Problem solved.

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  62. posted by Francesco on

    Two last things, for me:
    9) Make a daily review (yes, that’s GTD…)
    10) Choose the clothing for the next day and prepare it for the next day (if I intend to go jogging, also take out training clothes)

  63. posted by starr on

    “more likely to save a few bucks and eat at home” makes my head spin. eating out is not “a few bucks” to me; it’s a major splurge. eating out when i’m not even out already is a special occasion.

    9. take any plates/bottles/cans/cups out of my bedroom
    10. mop the kitchen floor

  64. posted by CrimsonCrow on

    “Something as simple as leaving a bed unmade during the day can remove moisture from the sheets and mattress so the mites will dehydrate and eventually die.”

    Dr. Stephen Pretlove


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    […] 10 Uncluttering Things to Do Every Day — #1 on this list is make your bed. If you have the courage to read on, there are several other “you know you should” tasks that will truly make your life easier (especially if you have pets). Just do it! Unclutterer […]

  67. posted by Best of Personal Finance Roundup: 9 Secret Ways to Persuade and Influence People- Financial Eyes & Ears on

    […] 10 Uncluttering Things to Do Every Day — #1 on this list is make your bed. If you have the courage to read on, there are several other “you know you should” tasks that will truly make your life easier (especially if you have pets). Just do it! Unclutterer […]

  68. posted by Julie @ jbuliesblog on

    9) Bring a plastic bag into the closets and drawers and push myself to choose 10 things to give to charity.

    10) Before going to sleep imagine the following day going perfectly from beginning to end.

  69. posted by Getting things sorted « The Feel Good Project on

    […] 10 uncluttering things to do every day […]

  70. posted by Darius on

    Make breakfast and lunch for next day. Make ahead as much of tomorrow’s dinner as I can (like put all the ingredients in the crock pot and refrigerate or take the meat out of the freezer) or at least know what tomorrow’s dinner will be.

  71. posted by anita hazell on

    If y;ou have ever seen a picture of bedmites under a microscope,you would leave the bed open during the day

  72. posted by anita hazell on

    If you leave things by the back door and still forget them put them in a grocery bag and hang it on the door knob that you have too open to get out

  73. posted by 10 more uncluttering things to do every day « Hindgrindr on

    […] July, Erin wrote β€œ10 uncluttering things to do every day.” I was proudly doing a few things on her list, but as usual there were a couple I hadn’t […]

  74. posted by WilliamB on

    The most important thing for me is: get ready for work the night before!

    For me this means:
    – laying out clothes
    – packing my bag: magazine, calendar, paperwork, battery for radio, list of things to do during lunch,…
    – pack food; sometimes I forget to get it out of the fridge but at least its ready for the next day
    – if I’m driving to work (to refresh the soda stash and gym gear), load the car the night before.

    If I manage all this the night before, not only am I ready to go in the morning but it actually takes me less time to do.

    About bed making: rather than layers of sheets, blankets, and coverlets I use only a blanket bag (aka duvet cover). Because all I have to do is straighten out the blanket and plump the pillow I can have my bed made in about 20 seconds. A made bed does wonders for the look of the room.

    If I’m running errands I write my list in the order that I want to do it, and what I need with me to get the errand done. I don’t always get it right and I still forget stuff, but it helps.

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