Nesting bookcase from Dror for Target

Dror Benshetrit has a new line of affordably-priced home furnishings at Target. We’re particularly impressed by this nesting bookcase, which adapts well to the demands of different spaces. A set of four open shelves is only $90, and the sets can be placed in groups to create larger shelving units or used as simple end tables, as shown below

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  1. posted by sif on

    As a military member for the past 18+ years, I’ve moved around a lot. It’s good to have furniture that can adapt to the needs of each house I live in. This looks great. But how sturdy is it? Looks like pieces would slide off of each other. I couldn’t find good info at or

  2. posted by Exick on

    I like this idea from a utility perspective, but how stable are those things? Can they be secured together when stacked in that fashion or are they just sitting atop one another?

  3. posted by SUE on

    Back when dinosaurs roamed the earth, and I was in 4H, I constructed a group of boxes like this for a project. They did not nest, but they did stack well and served as useful storage for my LPs, stereo and books.

  4. posted by momofthree on

    I too am concerned about the stability of these units. Is there a gadget that holds the individual pieces together in the column? OR when combining two or more units.

    What are they made out of? How are the joints held together? Can they be secured to the wall in some fashion?

  5. posted by Dawn on

    One stack/set of these shelves would be great in a small dorm room – handy for storing basic daily supplies, etc. and then they can travel to the student’s next location quite easily. Even if the shelves were not very sturdy they could still store rolled up towels, kitchen/food items, pictures of friends, etc. Cool design!

  6. posted by Marie on


    Bolt it to the wall if you’re worried about stability.

  7. posted by luxcat on

    nice idea and great look but I agree… I use bookshelves for books, lots of books (organized carefully of course) and living in an earthquake prone area these look like they might not be the best choice for me

  8. posted by Wayward on

    @luxcat—earthquakes were my first thought as well. But I do like these. Even though we don’t get serious quakes (4.0+) very often, these shelves just look like they would topple with even a minor quake, which we do get fairly frequently. And no, I don’t want to bolt them to the wall. Making it completely immoblie kind of defeats the purpose of purchasing flexible furnishings.

  9. posted by Michele on

    When I lived in earthquake country (which I do NOT miss), we had webbed nylon strap gadgets that held onto the bookshelf with velcro then bolted to the wall. Between that type of anchor strap, and then bolting these shelves together, I don’t see how they’d be any less earthquake-safe than another set of bookshelves.

    I mean, unless you’re talking built-ins.

  10. posted by Jennifer on

    OOO. I like the look of these. My first thought was securing them together, too, tho’ mainly because of cats and my own clumsiness. What about putting some of those non-slip mats for your dash in between the shelves? It would add a little space, but should keep them from slipping apart.

  11. posted by Todd on

    So long as they’re latterally stable, why not just put a couple screws in the back of them to keep them from sliding on each other? then you can get an L bracket to attach the top one to the wall. Or I guess you could get creative and drill some holes for small doll rods. keep the width the same as the smallest on so you can change the configuration.

  12. posted by Brandon Green on

    Look cool, but I wonder how sturdy they are.

  13. posted by MicheleJM on

    I just saw these in Metropolitan Home Magazine and added them to my list of things I NEED TO HAVE. Target wins again!

  14. posted by JoDi on

    There are only 2 reviews for this item on the Target website, but it sounds like it is of questionable quality. It will be interesting to see what others have to say as more reviews are posted.

  15. posted by Adam on

    First, love the site. After seeing the Dror shelves here, we tried to order online, but with no luck as they seemed to be sold out. Trips to a couple local Target stores did net us three sets of these, but we hear they are limited edition and will probably sell out in brick-and-mortar stores, never to return.

    We assembled them into the bookshelf configuration above. It was easy and took only minutes. There are small, straight plastic dowels that pin the shelves together so they don’t slide and a flat plastic connector between two plastic dowels to hold the three towers together at the top.

    The bottoms could use something to pin the bases of the side towers together to the center tower; it’s not that they move on their own, but it would be a bit more secure. More weighty items kept on the bottom shelves would probably be fine to stabilize the base. The units come with a couple L-brackets and screws if you want to secure them tight to the wall, which we may do since we have a toddler and two cats.

    This is printed walnut veneer on top of some kind of engineered wood product. They feel pretty solid. I wouldn’t sit on them, but even for heavy books it seems fine. It certainly looks distinctive.

  16. posted by perla on

    Please I need one bookcase!! I have 2 of this, but I need one to complete the concept.
    Please let me know if you have one.
    PS I want a clock too =)
    [email protected]

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