What matters most to you? Let The Happiness Project Toolbox help you decide.

Joie de vivre expert Gretchen Rubin, who authors the inspiring blog The Happiness Project, has recently launched a new website called The Happiness Project Toolbox. The Toolbox is a companion to her blog and is a way for people to create their own happiness projects.

When you chose to become an unclutterer, you did so because you wanted to stop focusing on stuff and focus instead on what matters most to you. When you did this, you may not have formally created a list of what matters most to you. However, you knew that you wanted to get rid of the stress and frustrations in your home and office because there were/are other things that you would rather be doing with your time.

The Happiness Project Toolbox is a resource to help you commit to writing those things that matter most to you. Specifically, the Resolutions, Personal Commandments, and Lists sections of the Toolbox can get you thinking about the things that you want to do more of and enjoy. Whatever these things are in your life, they can and will work as powerful motivators to keep you moving through the uncluttering process. When you have a clear idea of how you want your life to be, it’s easy to decide if an object, process, or behavior is useful or simply clutter in your life.

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  1. posted by Brandon Green on

    Very cool resource–I’m looking forward to playing with it this afternoon.

  2. posted by Anita on

    I thought this would be a great resource – or at least a fun thing to play around with. Then I clicked the link and went “ow, my eyes!”

    Maybe I’m just really tired today, but the colour scheme and page design gave me a headache. Good resource it may be, but uncluttered it is not. At least in my humble, sore-eyed opinion.

    … Or have I uncluttered myself to the point of not being able to handle odd colour combinations? 😛

  3. posted by Ange on

    This looks really interesting. I looked around, signed up (realized I have waaay too many LastPass pwds) and then found out I can’t post a resolution. It just keeps kicking back with “Please enter something for your resolution,” and there’s no help resource. Bummer, because this looked quite fun. (Tried in Explorer & Firefox.)

  4. posted by Pam on

    For anyone interested in this subject, I highly recommend the book “Happier” by Tal Ben Shahar. He is the Harvard professor whose class on this subject is enormously popular. The book’s findings are based on research, which give it a lot of credibility. I took out a copy from my library and ended up photocopying pages of interest. The conclusions are somewhat “common sense” when you come down to it, however we don’t often follow our instincts on these matters. Anyway, I hope those of you who pursue this will enjoy the book as much as I did.

  5. posted by Malcolm on

    Indeed so, Anita. Yikes! My eyes! Can’t handle the colour scheme at all…

  6. posted by David on

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  7. posted by Wayward on

    @ Anita—you’re absolutely right, the color scheme is overwhelming.

    I stumbled across Gretchen’s Happiness Project a year or so ago. A couple of her blog posts were thought provoking, but most seemed self-indulgent, pedantic, and preachy. A lot of what she writes about is good, but her writing style completely turned me off. I stopped reading within a couple of weeks.

    Occassionally one of her posts will end up on an RSS feed I get and I’ll click through on an interesting sounding title, however, as soon as I see it is realted to the Happiness Project, I leave. I wish Gretchen all the success (and happiness) in the world, but her writing is not for me.

  8. posted by Lily on

    @Ange: you have to write your resolution *also* in the line at the bottom.
    I like the site, though there’s room for improvement regarding usability. 🙂

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