Workspace of the Week: Ikea hacked

This week’s Workspace of the Week is Pinkernaute’s pristine office:

This space is stunning and I can barely believe that it’s all Ikea. It must be a delight to work in this well-organized office. Pinkernaute’s notes with the images give further details:

I used BESTA shelves and VIKA BYSKE legs, to create my ideal desk. The desktop is made from 2 hollow doors that I assembled, veneered, stained and varnished. The doors are IKEA TOMBO doors with a peacock wallpaper from Ferm Living.

The Trollsta sideboard [on the other side of the room] was one of the main inspiration for this room. I wanted black elements in my office, since computers and screens are so often black.

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  1. posted by whyioughtta on

    GORgeous. And I love the rationale re: black.

  2. posted by Rob on

    BE CAREFUL with that floor mat on a hardwood floor. Granted, my floors weren’t the best to begin with but I had one of those mats and although I didn’t notice it slipping it ended up working like sandpaper on my floor. Now I have a big sanded spot instead of a few little dings from my plastic chair wheels. 🙁

  3. posted by Dawn on

    I love how organized it is, but not sterile – still personal and interesting. Love the beautiful natural light pouring in and the awesome ceiling light fixture. The black storage boxes look so tidy.

    Great job!

  4. posted by Rich on

    @Rob – that’s good to know. I dinged up the floor in my last office and was always cursing myself for not getting a floor mat. For once my laziness paid off!

  5. posted by Lori Paximadis on

    This is beautiful. Just lovely. I can’t wait to redo my own office.

  6. posted by deb on

    To prevent the sanding of your floor under a chair mat get a large sheet of rug grip and cut it to the size of the chair mat and put it underneath it. Although you’ll be able to see the rug grip through the plastic mat, it works very well to prevent any sanding and dings. Some rug grips are less noticeable, I have some from IKEA that are darker and more grid-like than some of the more foamy lighter colored ones. It all depends on the color of your floor, too.

  7. posted by Anita on

    Great workspace! LOVE how you got creative with the IKEA stuff.

    One reason I adore IKEA is that most of their pieces are so flexibe / amenable to customizing. (Plus, if you mess it up, you don’t feel too bad, for the amount of money you spent on it.) I find some people miss this point when they gripe about how basic some of IKEA’s designs are. Great job on making this work so well in terms of both functionality and décor!

    Also: love your floors.

  8. posted by Jimmy on

    I would love to make a similar desk for my home office. Can you share more details about how you made it or assembled the parts?

  9. posted by Justin on

    I would also like to see how you created the desk. I currently have a hollow core desk as well, but I’d like to build a longer one. How did you veneer it?

  10. posted by David Dunn on

    One word popped into my head when I seen this office and it was ‘Wow!’.

    It really is impressive and looks very well organised. Shame mine isn’t quite the same 😛

  11. posted by Workspace of Note: Pinkernaute’s pristine office « David Chin Online on

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