Electronic invitations save time and money

Love them or loathe them, electronic party invitations are very convenient. To me, they are what you use when a paper invitation is too formal for the event (drinks with friends, coworker’s birthday celebration in the conference room), but you want people to know that you put some level of planning into it (ordered an ice cream cake, spent all day Saturday cleaning the bathrooms in your apartment). They save you time from having to pick up the phone and call every one of your friends.

E-vite has been the standard electronic invitation system that people adopted. There are a lot of color and theme options, people feel comfortable clicking on an e-vite link from their e-mail, and it doesn’t take a computer programmer to figure out how to use the service. But, I’ve never looked at an e-vite and been impressed from a design perspective:

It’s busy. Everything on the page is competing for my attention. (Although, I do like this new Clothing Swap Party invitation template. A great idea for a party.)

A new player has jumped into the electronic invitation market, and it is MyPunchbowl. It has all the same features as Evite, and the added benefit of the invitations actually looking like invitations.

There is less clutter on the invitation page, it’s obvious where to find information about the party, and it integrates with a number of electronic calendar systems. There are other features, like potluck planning and gift registry information, that are nice. But, to be honest, I just like the uncluttered look of the invitations. (And no, I didn’t really have a botox party.)

Both Evite and MyPunchbowl can save you time and money when you want to invite people to a casual event.

(Thanks to Erin Kane at RealSimple.com for introducing me to MyPunchbowl.)

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  1. posted by John on

    One thing to be wary of with any electronic invitation system: spam filters. I learned this the hard way a few years ago, when I invited a lot of people to a New Year’s party with evite, only to have 20% of them say, “Party? What party? I never got a invitation?” If the service provider hasn’t worked with ISPs to establish that their mail is legitimate, you can end up with some invitations going into spam filters – either in the invitee’s account or at a system level, where nobody will ever see them.

    One advantage of the old fashioned approach. If you use one and don’t get a response, it might be wise to call or send a personal email saying, “Hey, I hope you can make it!”

  2. posted by Megan on

    I am also a big fan of pingg.com
    They have very pretty design that’s customizable, and you can have them send postcard invites to people on the invite list if for some reason you didn’t have their email, or just wanted to.

  3. posted by Lane on

    For a really customizable, clutter-free website (they are funded by capital and not ads, at least for now), I really like http://www.crush3r.com – despite the terrible Web 2.0 name, it is a really great service. The best feature is that the emails it sends contain all the necessary information, and the click-through link for RSVPs requires no registration or additional work by the recipient.

  4. posted by nat on

    i like setting up events on facebook and inviting all my friends through there. if there are people you want to invite that don’t use facebook, you can just stick their email in the invitation list which works just fine.

  5. posted by Gracy on

    Checkout this one out! Has awesome designs, Ad free, Invite email confirmation and whole design center for invitations, announcements, ecards.


  6. posted by About | archive of informations; indexed in Google. just share link.... on

    […] Read the original post:  Electronic invitations save time and money | Unclutterer […]

  7. posted by Matt on

    I’ve had problems with E-Vite not sending messages, and people not being invited as a result. We checked their spam filters and it wasn’t that. I’ll try these other suggestions.

  8. posted by TD on

    I use http://www.Anyvite.com because let’s clutter-y then sites like evite and seems to run quicker.

    I’ve thought about doing a invite system in PHP with simple replication, grouping, and reoccurring event feature, but I don’t think my return on my time would be worth it at the moment.

  9. posted by kat on

    The truly maddening thing about Evite is that you have to click through to the website just to see the basic details about the event, like the date, time and location. Tracking RSVPs is a nice feature but I sometimes wish people would just send email instead!

  10. posted by labyrinthine on

    BUT paperstyle.com is great for fast, beautiful, real invitations.

  11. posted by Julie Minevich on

    I’ve found that with the increased user adoption, Facebook actually works well for event planning.

    It’s not the most visually appealing interface, but the invite is in a place most people visit daily. It’s easy for guests to RSVP, leave a message and check in on upcoming events.

  12. posted by Adie on

    If it’s a casual event, why not pick up the phone? Evites don’t just tell me who, what, when, where, and why, they also tell me that somebody doesn’t care enough about my presence to call. I don’t demand an engraved invitation by any means, but some personal contact is desirable. If I’m good enough to email but not good enough to call, chances are good that I’m not going to want to come to your event anyway.

  13. posted by Stephanie on

    I find using Google Calendar to send out invites is a good method as well. That way it’s already in my calendar and I can check periodically about who’s attending.

  14. posted by Cyrano on

    Just wanted to second the event feature on Facebook. It’s how I manage most get togethers nowadays.

  15. posted by Alisha on

    I just used socializr.com for my friend’s bachelorette party. They have a lot of fun designs and useful features.

  16. posted by Shana on

    Just the idea that there’s an OPTION for a “Botox party” skeeves me. I know it’s cliche to think America’s the land of the superficial, wasteful, and selfish, but it appears warranted, in cases such as this. Oy! 🙂

  17. posted by Emily on

    Is it uncouth to use evites for a fancy party?

  18. posted by Sam Franklin on

    The Invitation of the 21st Century is HERE!

    Greenvelope.com offers an innovative electronic wedding invitation service. Greenvelope (Short for Green Envelope) provides clients an environmentally friendly service to customize and send formal electronic wedding invitations. Together we can reduce our environmental impact by taking advantage of paperless invitations. In appreciation for your support Greenvelope donates a percentage of revenue towards various non-profit organizations that share our mission of improving our environment.

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    Greenvelope Staff
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  19. posted by LynnAnn09 on

    There are many invitations to choose from the online stores. But we have used MyExpression.com for our bridal shower invitations. The invitations are stylish and unique. I believe whatever occasion you might celebrate, you will find the invitations from MyExpression.com.

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