All-in-One Card Stamp

Ji Lee, creative director for Google Creative Lab, created an “All-in-One Card Stamp” to make card sending simple.

Why buy many cards for different occasions if you can have an “One Card for All Occasions Stamp”? It saves time, money and headache.

I wholeheartedly agree that it saves time, money and headache, but I don’t know how my specific group of loved ones would respond. I think they would laugh the first time they received a card from me, but on second and third mailings it would start to wear thin. Utilitarian? Yes. Solution for everyone? No.

Still, I like it’s practical nature and that Ji Lee was thinking of ways to reduce clutter. What are your thoughts? Uncluttered and cool, or over-the-top minimalist?

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  1. posted by John on

    Or just a new source of clutter?

    Cards don’t cause clutter (you buy them, you send them, they’re done. You receive them, you set them on the shelf for a little while or put them on the fridge for a week or so, and then you throw them out. Or if they’re really special, put them in a place where you keep your most sentimental items like letters and photos.).

    This, on the other hand, you buy because it seems cute (it is – it’s very clever) and then you find it in the back of a drawer two years later and think, oh, that was cute. And toss it on the yard sale pile.

  2. posted by alfora on

    If this stamp is supposed to reduce clutter when writing cards then just forget about the stamp, use a pencil, and write one of the greetings on the card.

    IMHO this is just a fun item and serves no practical use. At least not for greeting cards.

    I know of PostIt like papers that have texts like

    * Call
    * Call back
    * Information only

    and so on. A stamp might be more useful in some circumstances.

  3. posted by Serge on

    Yeah, right, “deepest condolences” checked off a list. If I suffered the loss of a loved one and got a checked off condolence card, . . . I could not think of anything more insulting.

  4. posted by Marcy on

    I have to go with c) hipster clutter.

  5. posted by Kaintuckeean on

    ditto Serge – “deepest condolences” check list would be highly offensive to receive.

  6. posted by [email protected] on

    That stamp makes me laugh, but I can’t imagine actually using it for a serious occasion.

    I make my own cards and to do the text, I usually pick a fun font and print it out on my inkjet printer. No clutter, and you can make some pretty nice looking stuff very easily.

  7. posted by Red Coyote Hunter on

    Funny. But useless. Belongs in a junk drawer that needs uncluttering.

  8. posted by Hannah on

    I would laugh the first time I sent or received a card like this, but after that, it would, like John said, be nothing but more clutter.

  9. posted by Mary on

    This is the sort of thing I buy, use on all my friends, and then in a year or two re-gift to someone whose family/friends circle doesn’t overlap with mine.

    Note: Re-gifting in this context means asking “would you like that checklist stamp you thought was so funny for your birthday/etc.?”

  10. posted by Sue on

    I make cards and therefore have a huge collection of rubber stamps.

    For the person who commented about the “Deepest Condolences” – this stamp is meant to use as a joke, not not as a substitute for multiple stamps for multiple occasions.

    Even so, I can’t see myself ever using it. And I have a ton of funny & sarcastic rubber stamps. This one just doesn’t appeal to me.

  11. posted by EngineerMom on

    Stupid. The stamp and an inkpad would take up way more space than a nice pen and stack of blank cards. This stamp could only be considered clutter-reducing if you’re also interested in reducing the number of your friends.

    Take the 2 or 3 minutes and just write a line or two from the heart. It doesn’t have to be profound, and the recipient will be much happier.

  12. posted by Rue on

    If it was a scrolly stamp where you could stamp only the line you want to put on the card, I think it would be a little more useful. It’d be easier to just print cards from your computer – no extra supplies needed (so no clutter, other than your computer, printer, and some paper).

    I do, however, like the “Go to hell!” sentiment. LOL!

  13. posted by Alexandra on

    If the stamp were created more like a date stamper with dials that rotated various words and greetings, this would be a more practical stamp and less of a unitasker.

    If you had the ability to change your greeting to suit the occasion (and then make sure to write a note inside) I think I’d actually purchase this stamp.

  14. posted by tuppenz on

    Even better, a saw a card with a very unique design on the cover which incorporated all the card-sending occasions. One box of these cards would get you through the year.

  15. posted by Anita on

    Oh yeah, the surest way to show you really care. As though pre-printed cards with badly-written and corny messages weren’t awful enough, let’s take ALL the thought out of making / picking out a card, shall we?

    Used once, as a novelty, and given for no particular reason, this might be fun. As a replacement for cards in general? I hope no one ever becomes that devoid of sentiment.

    Incidentally, I’m an amateur photographer so I make my own photo cards, or buy (blank inside) art cards by local artists. I can guarantee that something like that will be a lot more appreciated by any recipient; which is, after all, why one sends cards, no? Or have people become so jaded that sending a card has become a meaningless conventional necessity rather than a genuine display of affection?

    Also: how would this be uncluttering? You’d still have to keep a stash of blank cards, which take up as much room as regular cards, plus this rather large-looking stamp and an ink pad to boot. Buying art cards with no text inside would be more unclutterer-friendly, in my opinion, since you can use them for any occasion, AND you support your favourite artists in the process.

  16. posted by Caroline on

    Clever, one time amusement. Devoid of feeling, Want a truly uncluttered card system – use Send Out Cards ( I prefer to make my own cards, but this website comes in really handy in a pinch.

  17. posted by Becca on

    I totally agree with you. This would be hilarious! But only the first time. Definitely a clutter source after that.

    For my greeting cards, I keep a single photo-storage box of blank cards and many brightly colored pens, ribbon spools, stamps, etc so that I can make a card for any occasion, no matter how obscure. I find this works pretty well, and my grandma still likes getting a little piece of art that was made just for her. ๐Ÿ˜€

  18. posted by Consultant Calamities on

    Just silly!

  19. posted by Haley J. on

    Love it. I would buy this just so I could send it out with the “Go to Hell!” box checked randomly to all of my friends. Of course, that would probably make it a Unitasker, so I guess I shouldn’t spend the money. I like the idea of it, though.

  20. posted by Scott on

    Is this question serious? Really? It’s a funny sight-gag to show on a website, and I’m sure in the right situations a funny gag card (stress the certain situations part) – but for a site about clutter asking this as a serious question? I sure hope not.

  21. posted by Katy on

    The stamp is a little silly. I buy blank stationary that is appropriate for nearly all occasions and write a personalized message inside. It is cheaper than picking out a card for every holiday/occasion and saves the time of running out to the store and choosing among hundreds or thousands of cards.

  22. posted by Jasileet on

    New clutter. An over the top minimalist calls. Or not. heh.

    Honestly, this comes with ink to store and envelopes to lick and stamp. Not slick.

  23. posted by Judy on

    Did anyone look at Ji Lee’s website? Definitely a tongue-in-cheek look at current culture and quite fun to browse.

  24. posted by Another Deb on

    This might be appropriate if you often need to send cards to your ex-husband.

  25. posted by Kai on

    Come one, it’s not serious. I think it’s hilarious. (I particularly love the “Go to Hell!” option.) But I don’t need this. It’d be superfluous. I’d like to share my all-in-one card tool that has served me for years:

  26. posted by katie on

    As a card maker this is kinda cute as a bunch of greetings boxes but I also know you can use a water based marker to ink only one line. You can also cut the one greeting you want out of the list and glue it to a card or photos for scrapbooking. It is more useful that just what you see there. That said I would not buy it because the handle would make it too hard to store.

  27. posted by Ericka on

    The “Go to Hell!” checkbox made me lol!

  28. posted by Marty on

    Most of you are taking this way too seriously. If fact, any amount of seriousness is too much for this. It’s clearly a joke, folks. Note the “Go to hell” line. It’s a joke. Look up “joke.” You’d use it ONCE if you thought the recipient would laugh and hopefully remember not to repeat the joke on the same person. If YOU don’t think it’s funny, don’t get it, just as you reject many conventional ha-ha greeting cards. Seriously, folks!

  29. posted by Judy on

    Good one, Kai!

    Just took a closer look at Ji Lee’s website and the slides under some of the items/topics and am quite fascinated – what an amazing mind.

    Must say I’m very tempted by his Redundant Clock ( and Parallel World ( ;-}

  30. posted by Jessiejack on

    I’m with Scott and Kai on this one. The stamper is meant as a sight gag!It’s hilarious but I would not buy it. fun to look at. Check out J li’s web site –it’s great especially the redundant clock which makes me nervous since I have clock dyslexia and the words as image art which is incredibly clever

  31. posted by Angela on

    Would consider this tasteless – getting a card with any one of these things just “checked off” would make me reconsider my friendship with the person who sent it – I must not be that important if I get a “check list” card from you….but the “go to hell!” choice made me laugh…and if I did get this kind of card, I’d probably check off and highlight that choice and send it back!

  32. posted by Dawn on

    “Go To Hell” is hilarious. Don’t forget “Bite Me!” and “Kiss My …!” ๐Ÿ™‚ LOL!

    Seriously though, this stamp seems quite un-loving. Is it really that hard to grab a greeting card at your local grocery store or perhaps buy a box of assorted cards at a gift shop? Is it so painful to jot a nice note on the inside of the card and slap on some postage on it?

    I think showing a little consideration and thoughtfulness towards a friend or loved one is starting to become a lost art.

    Maybe this stamp is a joke – like a gag gift….

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  34. posted by sarah on

    this is awesome. I would not be offended if someone sent this to me in fact I’d laugh and think, “what a great idea!”

  35. posted by Andrew on

    Hehe… when I first saw the image in GReader, my first thought was “Unitasker”.

    But, based on his other “Independent Projects,” this looks more like a mockup than an actual “product”. You’ll notice that the checkboxes on the stamp itself are on the wrong side of the text. Or maybe the stamp is upside-down so we can see the “All-in=One Card Stamp” text — I can’t read the rubber letters to be sure, but I think it’s backwards.

    And did anyone see his “New Washington Monument”?

  36. posted by Stina on

    I would like it if it didn’t have the “deepest condolences” on it. That’s just tactless.

  37. posted by TL on

    Not a bad idea, but I prefer the personal touch of a letter dictated to my secretary, signed by her on my behalf.

  38. posted by Tabatha on

    i always thought cards were a waste of time. i would rather pick up a phone and say happy birthday or whatever so i never send cards, and i rarely keep any i get. they just seem like a huge waste of paper to me. i usually get slightly annoyed when i get cards from someone when they could have just called me. if they include pictures or a letter then I’m ok with it, but the card seems pretty pointless to me. most people can call and say whatever they wrote on the card. or email.

  39. posted by andrewpryor on

    Wow. Humor is entirely wasted on some people. However, I agree this is ridiculous. How about a phone call, email, text message or other method of sans-paper communication? And if one is completely devoid of creativity then send an E-card, or just type “Go to Hell!”

  40. posted by Simon on

    It’s a joke, people! Lighten up. It’s very funny. And clearly intended to be that way, not a de-cluttering solution for the world.


  41. posted by Dawn on

    TL: That is hilarious! I am cracking up! Sarcasm rocks!

    I wonder if they make this stamp in braille or foreign languages!? Let’s not leave anybody out! ๐Ÿ™‚

  42. posted by cdelphine on

    haha, I like Angela’s suggestion to check off “Go to Hell!” and mail it back. But this probably hard to laugh at because we can imagine people actually using this to send their “Deepest Condolences.”

  43. posted by Wilhelm Scream on

    A good joke, but as you say – it would only work once.

  44. posted by Serge on

    OK, I see now it’s a joke, having read the rest of the check boxes. But if you think it’s funny, you have a weak sense of humor. Not funny. Stupid. Waste of money.

  45. posted by Shana on

    High-LARIOUS. I’d buy it, just for giggles, and use with immediate family. We’re of the ilk who’d never get tired of it. “Happy Birthday! And go to hell!” Snork.

  46. posted by JustMeJosh on

    Forgot one:


  47. posted by jane on

    I had not realized how humorless so many unclutterer readers are. Funny!

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  49. posted by Janka on

    The stamp itself is funny, I did laugh. A good joke.

    However, at the risk of sounding humorless – this was not one of those Wednesday posts that are *supposed* to jokes, is this?

    And neither were a lot of the other recent posts that were, basically, about “how about buying THIS?” I have read the disclaimer that says that this blog is not about minimalism or anything such, but still, for a blog under the name “unclutterer”, one would expect most posts to be about something else than Yet More Stuff.

  50. posted by Paul Nichols on

    100% cool!

  51. posted by Jacque Harper on

    Great one! Not a unitasker, a 14-in-one-tasker!!!

    I agree with JustMeJosh, it needs “_ Other:__________” then it’d be 15-in-one!

  52. posted by Albert R. on

    My friends would laugh at this. Verdict: worth it.

  53. posted by Veronica on

    it’s awesome and there are way too many people on this comments list taking this too seriously.

  54. posted by Lain on

    You could easily mask the “extra” greetings, ink only the greeting you want, or stamp them all on a sheet of paper, cut out the one you want, and adhere it to your card.

    I think it’s brilliant. Think outside the box, people!

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