House Beautiful: What’s in your junk drawer?

Recently, I received a fun request from House Beautiful magazine to share a photo of my home’s junk drawer with their readers.

Somewhere in every home there’s the bottomless, fascinating, slightly terrifying junk drawer. It’s like a little attic.

Truth be told, I don’t have a junk drawer in my house. I have just two built-in drawers in my entire place, and they’re in the kitchen. One of the drawers holds eating utensils and the other holds food preparation utensils. Which, unfortunately, I believe made me the least fun of the 8 “brave souls” featured in the article.

I’m honored that House Beautiful reporter Shax Riegler still included me in her entertaining article in the May issue. If you missed it while it was on newsstands, check it out online. (I am still giddy that my drawer is pictured next to Karim Rashid’s. I may be his biggest fan.)


Karim Rashid’s:

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  1. posted by Tanna on

    Thanks for sharing Erin. It’s interesting to see how all of the junk drawers can vary! I just did a post with two other organizing bloggers about our junk drawers. http://completeorganizingsolut.....rawer.html

  2. posted by Simpler Living on

    I like your collection of wine stoppers. The lower is really colorful.

    I started thinking about the tyranny of the junk drawer when I was getting rid of my clutter. Mine ended up being a way for me to avoid making a decision about what to do with random things like twist ties that I felt badly about just throwing away but ended up never using. Instead of finding a place for things (including the trash can), I put them in the drawer.

    Do more organized people, like you, avoid the junk drawer concept altogether? It sounds like it.

  3. posted by infmom on

    That is way too organized to be considered a junk drawer. 🙂

  4. posted by Alisa on

    That’s not a junk drawer, Erin! It’s a nicely organized kitchen drawer. I went to the House Beautiful website and I didn’t see one junk drawer. A junk drawer is a mishmash of weird items (that are generally useful) that are all jumbled together in a messy heap. This drawer is generally in the kitchen. I don’t have a junk drawer either but we had one growing up. It had all manner of tape in it, misc. sewing notions, string all wrapped around screws and bolts, floral tape, pencils of all varieties, pens that didn’t work, screwdrivers, rose food, crayons, cake decorating stuff, pet collars, flea medicine, tape measures, letters to my Grandmother, appointment reminders. You get the idea. And this drawer NEVER got organized! All in all it was a neat drawer to comb through when I was a kid. A good junk drawer is like an archeological dig.

  5. posted by RML - Being More Through Having Less on

    I posted on my junk drawer coincidentally this week, however I still haven´t done the new improved after shot 🙂

  6. posted by Alisa on

    Three more things that were always in that junk drawer from childhood: scissors, batteries and every glue imaginable.

  7. posted by Homer on

    Impressive. Karim Rashad must open his junk drawer very slowly.

  8. posted by Beverly Wade on

    One of my decluttering clients had the best name for this sort of storage place – ‘The useful drawer’.

  9. posted by Sue on

    Am I missing something? How do the pens and other round objects in the second picture stay in place?

    And do I see a Tide Stain Stick without a lid?

  10. posted by Krys Slovacek on

    Ditto @Homer. That was my first thought. The first time I opened Karim’s drawer, his stuff would look like what a junk drawer really is.

  11. posted by Patty on

    @Alisa — From your description of the junk drawer, I thought maybe we grew up in the same house, until you listed the pet collars and flea medicine. (Although if we’d had pets …) Instead, we had the mini-stapler and the staples that didn’t quite fit.

  12. posted by Eva Langston on

    I talked with organizer Justin Klosky from the O.C.D. Experience ( recently, as he came and gave me a free consultation, and said to me that it is indeed OK to have one junk drawer in your home, but it should be organized and clutter free. A suggestion he had was to dump out the drawers in your home that were “junk drawers” and then sift through the things that you actually needed and used, bring them to the one main junk drawer and discard the remaining items that were truly junk. I took his advice and now my junk drawer is clutter free, usable and continues to stay that way since I empty it out now once every few months and do not have any other drawers for junk..

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