Thought experiment: How would you organize Hannah Montana’s closet?

A year or two ago when Hannah Montana became the favorite topic among my young cousins, I decided to watch four or five of the episodes on the Disney channel to figure out what they were discussing. I’m not really sure I’ll ever understand the appeal of the show, but I did learn about Hannah Montana’s closet. (The link goes to a video of her closet. I couldn’t bring myself to embed the video.)

Hannah Montana has an enormous closet with library stacks filled with shoes, belts, and purses, and rotating racks of dresses, tops, and sequined pants. While a fashionista might see the closet and start salivating, my first thought was, “How could I better organize this space?”

A Closet Carousel would definitely be an improvement over the spinning metal racks in Hannah’s wardrobe. Getting rid of all of the clothes she no longer wears would be another good idea (but my assumption is that since she leads a double life, she has more clothing needs than most). And, Simple Division Garment Organizers wouldn’t hurt in such a large collection of clothes.

The pièce de résistance, however, would be a digital wardrobe database with images and descriptions of all of her clothing and accessories. This way, Hannah might be able to pick out what she wants to wear before setting foot into her closet for an evening of party hopping or whatever it is secret rock stars do with their time.

If she has a Mac, she might enjoy the Dress Assistant closet organizing software:

If she is a Windows user, she might like the Victoria Clothes Organizer:

Or, if she wants a custom solution, I’m sure she could whip one up in Access without too much trouble.

For those of us not living the secret rock star life, any and all of these ideas would be overkill. However, it’s still a fun mental exercise. How would you organize a fashionista’s closet?

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  1. posted by whimsygirl on

    As ridiculous as this sounds (and feels) I think I might try this! I’m a mother of 2 teen daughters and I know the pieces we have are not being used efficiently. All 3 of us have ‘orphan’ pieces that are not being worn because they aren’t fitting into outfits. Due to storage issues.. we have clothing stored in some odd scenarios. The items that aren’t getting worn are falling farther and farther into the storage abyss. I’m wondering if this might help us see what is not being worn and what we could get to pull the orphans into the rotation.

  2. posted by Ryan D on


  3. posted by Amanda on

    I know the idea of having a lot of clothes might go against an “unclutterer” vein but thanks for posting this anyway. I think I might explore Dress Assistant, my closet doesn’t come close to Hannah Montana’s but I’m sure there are items that would better serve someone else.

  4. posted by Rob on

    i’d start this process by cancelling my subscription to the disney channel. everything else seems superfluous.

  5. posted by Amber on

    I’m with Rob!

    It’s really hard for me to not be judgmental about stuff like this, particularly when consumerism is foisted upon young people everywhere they turn. I also hate fashion because I find it sexist and stupid, but I try very hard to realize that for many, what they wear is a creative outlet just like painting or dance or whatever is for others.

    So. I guess if you’re going to have hundreds of pants and thousands of shoes, and a million belts, you may as well find a way to organize it all!

  6. posted by Elaine on

    What about that program that Cher had in Clueless?

  7. posted by Sky on

    I agree with Rob and Amber so I would organize all the clothes, etc., sell them all and donate the money to help the animals that are being dumped due to the recession. They are innocent and really need help.

  8. posted by whyioughtta on

    That Dress Assistant application seals it: I’m getting a Mac.

  9. posted by Jessiejack on

    I don’t have many clothes and I’m not a fashionista but I have to confess–I really want that Closet Carosel!!There’s something so appealing about neat rows of clothes gliding into view!!

  10. posted by Caitlan on

    Wow, I will have to think about getting the victoria clothes organizer. I have photographs of all my clothes because I have clothes that I love but I get into a habit of wearing the same few things while my favorites languish. Somehow I am not able to translate crumpled drawer contents into the cute outfits I love to wear.


  11. posted by L.W. on allows you to save purchases to your favorites. It also allows you to build outfits online, so you can see how things look together.

    Mostly, I think it should be used for evaluating purchases (e.g. will this skirt look okay with this blouse?) but I suppose you could probably use it as an online (free) way to organize your closet if you actually had enough clothing to warrant that.

  12. posted by erin on

    This reminds me of a scene in one of my favorite silly movies Tank Girl.

  13. posted by geekgrrl on

    Yep, if you’re not a rockstar/celebrity/tv personality and have that many clothes that you need software to organize it, you need to make a really, really large donation to the nearest welfare organization.

    Fashion itself isn’t bad: one of the first things human beings do, as soon as they are able to feed and shelter themselves, is to decorate their bodies. It’s the artificial commercial drive behind the fashion industry that annoys me.

  14. posted by Kristin on

    My husband has always teased me about the lack of clothing that I have. We have a nice little walk in closet and my clothes take up about 12″ of hanging space, 3 open shelves and two dresser drawers. He has the entire rest of the closet. I have a few very nice outfits and they get worn a lot, since they are the only things I own if we are going out to a place that needs a more formal outfit. I have these black pants that I love and adore and I realized the other day that I’ve had them for 12 years. I have 5 pair of them. They are my “uniform.”

    Now after saying all that, I would love a system where I could try the clothes on without having to go to the closet. But mostly, I’d love it if I had someone who could take me shopping and help me get a nicer, updated wardrobe.

  15. posted by Karyn on

    Know what’s nice about working at a grocery store? Every day is casual day. 😉 Black jeans. Black shirt–can even be a bit on the “worn” side, because it’s mostly hidden by the black smock I wear over it. I have a few other pieces of clothing for when I’m not at work, all comfortable and casual, because I almost never go out to anything requiring “dress-up.” My socializing takes place, for the most part, in coffee shops and cafes. Seriously, I had to go out and buy dress clothes to wear to my mother’s funeral, because all I had was jeans and casual shirts. But since, fortunately, people I know and love aren’t dying every day, for the most part my minimal, casual wardrobe suits me fine.

    I probably spend more on earrings than I do on my outfits. 😀

  16. posted by Lani Rosenstock on

    A Personal Stylist is what you need, Kristin. This is what I do and I love it! Clearing someone’s clutter, helping them make outfits with what they have, telling them what they need, and finding it for them. It really is that easy.

  17. posted by · Weekly Roundup on

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  18. posted by Scott Roewer on

    For those of you who don’t want to buy a Mac to use Dress Assistant, check out
    It is a web based application for wardrobe mgt. The big difference is the banner ads and marketing you’d see on the website vs. the app that lives on your computer.

    I hope that helps.

  19. posted by Jhens Acne Treatment Care on

    the kids at home loves Hanna Montana. I also watched this show from time to time and Miley Cyrus is really fit for this role.

  20. posted by Something my mom would enjoy on

    […] include the concrete  (”How to plan a garage sale“) as well as the humorous (”How I would organize Hannah Montana’s closet“). They have a monthly “best-of,” if the idea of crawling around inside the […]

  21. posted by Kelly on

    Tell her to pack 2 weeks of her favorite clothing, including one formal outfit, and toss the rest!

  22. posted by unknowntheartist on

    I’m down with what Rob says but Ryan D makes a very good point- I’d make a disco inferno with some of those disgusting wigs and clothes!

  23. posted by Kerry on

    I think I would donate all articles that are not age appropriate and put the remainder in a shoe box with a photo of the shoe box contents on the lid.

  24. posted by Splomo on

    I’m with Kerry.

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