Resources for designing a custom tool cabinet

There’s something intensely pleasing about seeing a box of fetishistically organized woodworking tools arranged perfectly in a custom-made wooden cabinet.

The Toolbox Book: A Craftsman’s Guide to Tool Chests, Cabinets, and Storage Systems by Jim Tolpin is a fantastic resource for any woodworker looking for ideas on how to store and organize woodworking tools. In addition to providing a number of designs for a variety of different tool cabinets and totes, it also provides helpful tips to efficiently store tools.

If you want to lose the next hour of your life looking at some amazing pictures of custom-made tool cabinets online, check out the entries that have already been posted in Fine Woodworking’s Tool Chest Contest. We particularly like the inside of this hanging cabinet, submitted by one of their community members:

9 Comments for “Resources for designing a custom tool cabinet”

  1. posted by Red Coyote Hunter on

    The toolbox is a work of art. I’ve had the book “The Toolbox Book: A Craftsman’s Guide to Tool Chests, Cabinets, and Storage Systems” for years. I look at it for inspiration.

    As an amateur woodworker, I know It would takes years to become proficient enough to accomplish this level of craftsmanship. And even then … well, you better have some talent.

  2. posted by Judy on

    I’m not a wood worker but I know a beautiful work of art when I see one!

  3. posted by Peter (a different one) on

    Wow – what a beautiful toolbox. I am drooling. If only I had that maybe my tools would be organized – lol.

  4. posted by Lori Paximadis on

    Droooooooooooool! I would love to have something even one-tenth this beautiful to organize all my tools. Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. posted by Mary on

    Whenever I find the perfect, lovely solution for organizing my fibercraft tools, I always discover something I need that doesn’t fit into the case.

    I’m as impressed by the confidence that these are all the tools that you will ever need as I am by the cases.

  6. posted by Tom on

    Mary, I don’t think that anyone who has made this type of toolbox thinks it is all the tools they will ever own. Somethimes they build multiple, or task oriented boxes. Many also enjoy figuring out ways to add additional tools as they are acquired

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  8. posted by WilliamB on

    But what do you do if (who am I kidding? when) you get another tool?

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