CableBox is a box for cables

BlueLounge Design, the maker of the SpaceStation we wrote about back in March, is now selling a product called the CableBox. It’s basically just a plastic box (available in either white or black) designed to hold a power-strip inside to help contain cable clutter.

We admit this seems overpriced and ordinarily we would be tempted to find a simpler and less-expensive solution to the problem. That said, we’re hesitant to pile electrical cables inside anything not expressly designed for that intended purpose. So it’s worth considering, irrespective of the price. It’s also nice to have a more flexible alternative to the Belkin Concealed Surge Protecter, which requires you to use its own integrated power-strip.

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  1. posted by Pete on

    This should to be featured as a Unitasker!
    It only does one thing, and you have absolutely no need for it.

  2. posted by Marc on

    I concur with Pete, and thought the same thing when I saw it.

  3. posted by Kris on

    You can get the same thing cheaper in the baby-proofing section at BabyDepot or online. That’s what this is good for. We have one in the living room and I think it cost us $10-15.

  4. posted by sims on

    @Kris: Can you share what the babydepot product looks like? a link. this is a good idea, but an expensive one!

  5. posted by fileboxx on

    Powerstrip covers can be found for $7.95 at has a whole Electrical Safety product section that have many other choices also that seem to be affordable:

    I am not associated with this company, I just did a google search for electric cord baby safety box and they came up in the search and $7.95 is a more reasonable price than $24.90 for the CableBox.

  6. posted by Brooke on

    Perhaps a unitasker, but my son has gotten to the powerbar in my office and managed to turn off my computer several times this week. I didn’t know such a product existed I’ll have to look into it.

  7. posted by Pat on

    Definately a Unitasker!

  8. posted by zzipper on

    This also keeps my cat from warming hereself on the power strip and turning it off at the same time.

  9. posted by Kathryn on

    This seems like it would the plugs a little less unsightly, but you’re still going to have just as much cable spaghetti as before after the cables exit the box.

  10. posted by Mary on

    When I redo my work area, I’m going to put the various extras (Printer, scanner) on a shelf with a plug strip on the desk for maximum ease in switching things out. I’ll be in the market for something like this. Although my current design would want something wall mounted.

  11. posted by Kris on

    Here’s what we have, from the One Step Ahead catalog. Baby Depot doesn’t have a good web site. And I was wrong. It was $8.

  12. posted by Cal on

    If my powerstrip weren’t so wide, I would use something like this. My cat likes to try and sleep on top of the strip, which either results in him turning off everything or at least blanketing the strip in cat hair which can’t possibly be good.

  13. posted by sims on

    @Kris, thanks.

  14. posted by KES on

    You can go to Radio Shack and get a project enclosure box for about $5 and drill the proper size slot by hand.

  15. posted by Erika on

    The first thing I noticed about the Power Strip links that have been posted, is the fact that in the pictures the cords seem to orginate from underneath the skirting or from the back of a wall. (?) The second and more important thing to notice is that the cable box featured actually holds excess cable, the boxes on those childrens’ sites only protect the plugs from being pulled out. Excess cord will still be an issue.

    The post on the cord control kit ( looks absolutely fantastic though!

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