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After Brian’s DIY note card task board post ran on Unclutterer, reader Cindy tipped us off to the Card Wheel by Real Simple:

Similar to a photo album, the Card Wheel has clear pockets that you can slip paper cards into and organize the cards by color tabs. Instead of using note cards, you can use business card size paper for your tasks. Simply flip open the Card Wheel and see all that you need to do.

Thank you, Cindy, for this great idea.

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  1. posted by knitwych on

    Very clever! I use something similar to this to keep notes on a couple of fiction projects I’m working on, but hadn’t thought to extend the format to tasks. My ‘wheels’ are home-made, though, using binder rings, index cards and a hole punch. Binder rings are around $2.50 for a pack of 8 or 10 of various sizes, I got the index cards on sale for 25 cents per 100 during a sale, and I had the hole punch. You could do the same thing with outdated business cards (your own or those you end up with when you clean out your biz contacts).

  2. posted by Java Monster on

    You’re actually confusing two products and mixing them together. There’s the 3×5.45 card wheel pictured, and a separate business card sized wheel.

    I’ve replaced the post with a more flexible ring in my card wheel. I don’t like how the posts only let the cards turn in a circle. You can’t flip them over.

  3. posted by Egirl on

    Good grief. Talk about a unitasker!

  4. posted by Sky on

    I’m with Egirl….unitasker.

  5. posted by martha in mobile on

    Not only does it seem like a unitasker, but it appears to be the perfect way to spend a lot of time “getting-ready-to-do” instead of just “doing.”

  6. posted by Leslie on

    I can see where it would help to organize a project (I think I’d like the board for that, but then again the card wheel is portable – I’m thinking of the fiction project someone mentioned and a tip I heard at a writing panel to always have a notebook so you can write things down when they occur to you), but for just plain keeping track of tasks it seems like a lot of extra work. Single sheet of paper I can cross things of on works for me!

  7. posted by Bibliovore on

    I think the concept is really great for checklists for not-just-once tasks, particularly with clear pockets that would allow write-in/wipe-off marking. It’d be handy for stuff you don’t do all the time but don’t want to skip steps on (such as preparing for a trip, covering anything from resetting the thermostat to remembering to pack your phone charger), coaching others (chore steps for kids, pet care for house-sitters), or teaching yourself a new routine (whether the same every morning or a different list for each day of the week).

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