Unitasker Wednesday: Garbage Bowl

All Unitasker Wednesday posts are jokes β€” we don’t want you to buy these items, we want you to laugh at their ridiculousness. Enjoy!

I know that the bowl pictured to the right looks like a regular bowl — but it isn’t. No, this is a very special bowl. This bowl can only be used for disposing food scraps and trash while you are preparing a meal. It is the extremely specific Rachael Ray Garbage Bowl.

Anyone who has been using a trash can or another bowl for this purpose is way out of line. Only a proper and trademarked Rachael Ray Garbage Bowl should be used for such tasks.

Additionally, if you have one of these bowls and are using it for something else, you are going against everything this bowl stands for. There can be no multi-tasking for this Garbage Bowl. It’s not a regular bowl. You can’t put chips or salad in it. Don’t you see its name!?!

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  1. posted by Allison on

    Every time I see this bowl, it cracks me up. If I’m remembering correctly, it costs around $15. The concept of a garbage bowl is great, but I find it hard to believe that people don’t have any other bowl to use for this purpose.

  2. posted by Shawn on

    Friends of mine always use empty milk cartons for this purpose. When it’s full up, they toss it. Simple πŸ™‚

    It is mind blowing to picture buying a specific garbage bowl.

  3. posted by Sheryl on

    I wondered how long it would be before this made it to Unitasker Wednesday. Every time I see this in the store, I can’t help but roll my eyes. And I think it’s ugly, to boot! (But then, I guess a “garbage bowl” isn’t supposed to be pretty, eh? ;-))

  4. posted by Mike on

    Is Rachael Ray really that strapped for cash?

  5. posted by Allison on

    After posting my first comment, I made the mistake of clicking the link to the Amazon store. First, it’s actually $18 (for a plastic bowl!) or three for $50. Second, the reviews are pretty entertaining. Apparently this bowl has been life-changing for many. I don’t even know how to respond to that.

  6. posted by megan on

    I love that Rachael used a regular-ol’ bowl for a very long time on her show… until some marketing guy decided they’d brand the concept.

  7. posted by Maura on

    Also love the concept (not the bowl!) since my food prep area is not immediately next to the sink (garbage disposal) or garbage. Rather it is a counter top between the stove and the fridge.

    My “garbage” bowl is actually the plastic microwave plate cover that I keep stored in the above-the-stove-microwave when not in use (duh!). Around $2. at Walmart (maybe less). The air-vent holes are small enough to not really matter (unless your garbage contains liquid, in which case you can line with a plastic grocery bag). My garbage bowl mostly contains vegetable peelings, trimmed meat, etc.

    Washing by hand is a cinch and it is dishwasher-friendly (top-rack only, and can even be laid on top of other items since it has air-vent holes.)

    This plastic cover is a true multi-tasker. It serves as a “garbage bowl” as needed, I dump my microwaved popcorn into it after popping, and, oh yeah, it prevents splatters while reheating food πŸ™‚

    In fact, I am going to purchase another (they nest inside each other) in the event that I may want a “garbage bowl” and a plate cover during the same meal-prep session.

    Where does one store RR’s Garbage Bowl? Is it worth the real-estate to store this?

  8. posted by Stephanie on

    I saw this in Rachael Ray’s magazine a few months ago. All I could think was, Why can’t you just pull the garbage can next to your food prep area?

  9. posted by Caanan on

    Maura, I think we’re supposed to keep the RR Garbage Bowl out on the counter at all times, to show everyone that we love RR and will jump off a bridge if she happens to suggest it.

  10. posted by momofthree on

    This is site is wonderful for providing me a good laugh every Wednesday!! What a hoot. And to think all these years I have been cooking with out an official “garbage” bowl. OMG, I shudder when I think of ALL the times I have used the sytro or plastic trays the meat came on as a repository for my cooking detris!!
    OMG, I never knew I needed a bowl for the same purpose. I have a cousin getting married soon, so to make sure she is on the “PC” path with her cooking, I will rush out and get her the RR GB. Then I can sleep soundly at night knowing that my dear cousin will be set for life!! Or, how about all those people referred to in the Amazon comments posted by Allison, get one!!

  11. posted by Karen in Wichita on

    I guess I’m out of the loop (I haven’t seen Rachel Ray… don’t judge!), because I thought it was a bowl MADE from garbage. (My mother-in-law has a vintage equivalent that she calls the “ugly popcorn bowl,” though it gets used for lots more than popcorn including, yes, garbage.)

    My equivalent is a stainless-steel stock pot whose handle came unwelded. I have a vermicomposting bin (I said, don’t judge!) so it makes a great kitchen pre-composter (worms like their garbage ripe). Stainless steel so it doesn’t pick up any smells, has a nice (albeit handle-less) lid so it contains said smells and keeps bugs out. It’s not RR-branded, but I think I can live with that.

  12. posted by Kathryn on

    I am envisioning one of those sneaky “switcheroo” type commercials:

    “We replaced Mrs. Fitzsimmons’ regular mixing bowl with a Rachel Ray Garbage Bowl…let’s stop by and see what she thinks….
    Mrs. Fitzsimmons, what do you think of your new bowl?”
    “It’s just perfect for whipping up pancake batter. Look how light and fluffy it is!”
    “Would you believe it if I told you you’re mixing pancake batter in a GARBAGE BOWL?”
    [Dramatic Prairie Dog-esque look of horror]

  13. posted by Kris on

    Yes, I agree with just about all of the comments above. (The bowl is ugly, over-priced, unnecessary, etc.)

    A few months ago, I picked up a an attractive white ceramic bowl for the heavily discounted price of about $3 or $4 in the home goods section of T.J. Maxx. (For what it’s worth, it was from a Ralph Lauren dinnerware collection.)

    I had planned to use the bowl as a serving piece. Instead I found myself using it as a food scrap bowl for things that will end up in our compost pile. Because I like the way it looks, I leave it out on our kitchen counter most of the time.

    And because I’ve been using it only for food scraps, I haven’t bothered to wash it. I just rinse it out and leave it on the counter for the next time. (Needless to say, whenever I do decide to use it as a serving piece, it will go into the dishwasher first.)

  14. posted by Marsha on

    Clearly an actual garbage bowl is more appealing for Rachel Ray’s TV show – a plate full of garbage wouldn’t be very attractive on camera. I don’t have to worry about what I look like on camera, though.

    Good concept to just make one pile of garbage while preparing food – very silly to buy 1 specific item dedicated to mid-task collection of garbage.

  15. posted by Leonie on

    THANKS! you just gave me a great idea for recycling milk cartons and juice cartons. I’ve started composting and was going to get a pail or something for kitchen scraps.

  16. posted by penguinlady on

    I like the concept since my kitchen has a poor layout, but like others, just bought a $4 white ceramic bowl at a discount store. It looks fine on my counter all the time and if I need an extra serving bowl, can just wash it and we’re good. (We used to do the milk carton thing for composting, but alas, I live in an apartment with no access to a compost heap.)

  17. posted by Anita on

    Hmm, I suddenly feel awfully unsophisticated, having tossed my garbage straight into a trash bin all these years. I never knew I needed an intermediary in the form of yet another specialized bowl! Thank you, omniscient RR, for showing me the light.

    I’m just waiting for the gold-plated, Swarovski crystal-encrusted version to show up on this site: http://maybeyoushouldntbuythat.com/

  18. posted by Sapphire on

    I tend to be a messy cook, so when I saw Rachael Ray using a bowl to collect her cooking garbage, I thought, “What a great idea!” Unfortunately, I didn’t realize how important it was to use an officially branded ugly plastic bowl for my garbage. Alas, I simply pulled out a gorgeous ceramic bowl that I’ve had for years and put it in an otherwise unused and inconvenient corner of the counter, where it looks nice and is perfectly placed to receive my scraps.

    However, now that I have been made aware of the importance of spending $18 on this unitasker, I will run right out and buy one for not only myself, but everyone I know.

    …or maybe not. πŸ˜€

  19. posted by Karyn on

    LMFAO. I think I’ll use the $15 to buy good-luck roses for Susan Boyle, instead. πŸ˜‰ My garbage can just go in… the garbage.

  20. posted by Karyn on

    Oops. I just re-read the comments more carefully, and saw that the Garbage Bowl is $18, not $15. Oh, well. More roses for Susan Boyle! πŸ˜€

  21. posted by Jacki Hollywood Brown on

    I buy dishwasher detergent in a large pail. I use the pail as my “garbage bowl” the bonus with the pail is that it has a LID!
    I can carry the garbage out to the compost without spilling it in the house.
    Keeping the lid on prevents a build up of fruit flies and smell.

    I can’t see this garbage bowl as helping REDUCE REUSE OR RECYCLE!

  22. posted by Roger on

    Oh poor unenlightened us! Where have you been all my life! We can butcher our celery, prep our turkey and and toss the scraps – and dump the strange mouldy things found in dark corners of the fridge – directly into our trash compactor or the disposal. A special, named bowl designed specifically for garbage as an intermediate storage device has never occurred to us! An essential part of any Rachel Ray compliant kitchen, no doubt.

  23. posted by Valerie on

    I can understand wanting a bowl that looks nice to put your scraps into, I keep my scraps on the kitchen counter and it can be nice having something that looks nicer than a pail. But I cannot imagine spending so much for it.

    I keep my scraps for the compost in one of the many odd looking bowls I have from my ceramics classes in college, cost about a dollar to make, and works just as well as an over priced and kind of ugly looking bowl.

    Plus I do not have granite counters, so none of the bowls were even match, which is what I believe they are intended to do.

  24. posted by Another Deb on

    I have never watched or read any of Rachel Ray’s advice, and this item is not likely to lead me there.

    I use a plastic coffee can to collect compost items on my counter. The lid keeps odors away, the hand grips help when my hands are wet and it does not take up much space on the counter. I can recycle the container for a painting can, mini-washer (shake with lid on), plant waterer, goldfish water treatment container, breadbox, plant food mixer. The classroom uses are numerous. I keep compasses in one, glue sticks in another, etc. Although I don’t drink coffee, my husband keeps me well-supplied with the red cans. πŸ™‚

  25. posted by Sunny Paris on

    I have an awesome green bowl that I use to collect compost scraps. It is from about 1967 and all of its mates have been broken somewhere along the way. It became the compost bowl by accident one day and has been since.

    Everything non-compostable goes directly in the trash. If it’s TOO hard to get to the trash from your cook area, I might want to claim you have too big of kitchen. Of course, I suppose if it is an under-counter trash you don’t want to keep opening and closing the door.

  26. posted by Christine on

    I just put my garbage in ::shock:: the garbage! Why have an extra stop for trash when it can go where it belongs on the first shot? The advertisement for the bowl should say, “Now you get to throw $18 down the drain AND have one extra bowl to wash after you cook!”

  27. posted by Karen on

    I may be behind the times, but I just grab a plastic mixing bowl for my peelings, scraps, and whatever. Then I use the bowl to transport the garbage to the–wait for it–garbage pail, wash the bowl well, and put back in the cupboard.

    This is why I will never make it in marketing.

  28. posted by knitwych on

    Warning: Rant Mode engaged!

    Oooooooh the hatred I have for wRetched Ray! My idea of hell is being trapped somewhere (like a waiting room for an appointment I absolutely cannot miss) and having her horrendously annoying voice blaring from the TV. I have on more than one occasion gone up to a waiting room TV and muted the volume just to spare my eardrums. I boycott any product that has her ugly mug pasted on it, and when I’m in the grocery store and see her ugly mug smirking on labels or magazines, I turn the products around so she cannot be seen.

    This untalented skank acts like she invented the concept of the garbage bowl. My great-grandmother kept a scrap can (repurposed coffee can) on the counter when she cooked, and it was my job to empty it into the compost pile each evening. The sheeple who follow her and actually pay for an [email protected] bowl simply because she endorses it should be flogged.

    We keep a repurposed bubble gum can on the counter for food scraps. (It’s plastic type you get when you buy individually-wrapped bubble gum in bulk at Sam’s or Costco.) Garbage goes into the garbage can; recyclables go into the recycling bin. Bad enough that wRetched is contributing to the destruction of the English language with things like “EVOO” and “stoup” and “sammies”! She clearly doesn’t bother to sort her discards – which just gives me another reason to hate her.

    I would really like to see Martha Stewart (whom I hate somewhat less than I hate RR) in a no-holds-barred, battle-to-the-death cage match. My money would be on Martha.

    What’s funny is that my hatred of this woman is quite mild compared to the members of the Livejournal group dedicated to hating her. I thought I was bad until I read some of those posts! Those people scared me.

    OK, rant mode off now. (sigh) I feel better. πŸ™‚

  29. posted by Rue on

    Concept of the bowl is great, but you can go to Wal-mart and buy a plastic bowl about the same size for a couple bucks. πŸ˜› I wouldn’t spend $18 for a “garbage bowl” unless I really liked the bowl (and then I certainly wouldn’t be using it for garbage!).

  30. posted by Lori Paximadis on

    Hi-larious comments!

    My grandmother used a cardboard milk carton for compostable kitchen scraps, too. I just grab whatever’s handy. The rest of the stuff goes directly into the trash can, which I grab from it’s place and move to whichever counter I’m working at.

  31. posted by Miracle Maxine on

    @Karyn, I’m with you. My CAD equivalent of $18 are much better spent on flowers to the amazing Ms. Boyle (who, if she listens to me and my girlfriends, should perform something out of Phantom of the Opera for her winning performance). My compostable bin is a repurposed pail we got one summer at a u-pick farm, and said pail can be un-purposed (re-repurposed?) to hold strawberries, when the bleeping spring will finally come to the bleeping north pole where I live.

    As for RR, I’m with knitwych. ’nuff said.

  32. posted by Celeste on

    That Rachel is a marketing MACHINE! ;o)

  33. posted by Courtney on

    OK, she does not act like she invented the garbage bowl. I see RR as helping a generation of women who may not have learned from their mothers the basics of cooking and kitchen work. The things she says on TV are all things my mom taught me, and her recipes are simple, healthy, and generally hearty and popular, and so I recommend her to my friends who never learned to cook. Say what you will about RR, but she does break things down to basic steps to make cooking much less intimidating.

    That said, why do you need an $18 for garbage? If you really want this unitasker, you can find a bowl for .50 at a rummage sale. I am disheartened.

  34. posted by Dave on

    Somebody gave us one of those bowls as a gift. I used it for a few weeks until I dropped it and it cracked right down the middle:)

  35. posted by Keter on

    I keep a few clean plastic tubs with well-fitting lids that yogurt came in behind my garbage can. When I’m generating veggie scraps, I grab one of these to catch the scraps, and then put the lid on it to keep it from drawing bugs overnight. When I do my morning gardening, I grab any containers that have accumulated and take them out to the compost tea bin. I throw the dirty containers in with my regular dishwashing, as they’re never sitting around long enough to get really gross. For meat scraps, I use recycled plastic containers that lunch meat came in and I use to store refrigerated leftovers. Every 4-5 days, I make a batch of dog food, and the collection of meat scraps goes into it.

    There’s a LJ group dedicated to hating on RR? Wow, some folks don’t have enough to do. I just ignore her. But good rant knitwych. ;o)

  36. posted by Pat on

    Rachael Ray is soooooo annoying! The fact that she can sell this kind of thing at all just shows that she has a cult following.

  37. posted by Sheryl on

    We use one of those big clear plastic rectangular tubs that spring mix comes in at Costco. My sink has a small long-ish disposal bowl on the side, and the plastic tub fits in there perfectly while I’m cuttin’ and choppin’.

    After I’m done with the meal prep, it lives on the end of the counter until it gets full, and is then emptied into the compost tumbler.

  38. posted by Sara on

    And to think, I’ve been using an old bleach container with the top cut off, lined with a large plastic food storage bag this whole time! All I have to do is throw away the bag when it gets full and put in a new one, just like a regular garbage can.

  39. posted by Alix on

    You neglected to mention that the garbage bowl comes in three colors, so you can sort your garbage into animal, vegetable and mineral!

  40. posted by Misty on

    How fitting that the bowl looks like garbage (or vomit) as well.

    I just use a trash can, but my kitchen is small. Perhaps if I had more acreage I’d want to use a smaller receptacle and add in the extra step of emptying and cleaning my garbage bowl.

    Nah… I’d still use a trash can. I do like the suggestions from previous commenters on reusing something already destined for the trash.

  41. posted by L. on

    What I love is that you have your Amazon Associates code on the link just in case someone buys it. πŸ™‚

  42. posted by Leonie on

    does anyone know what the record for comments on a unitasker post is? This “Celebrity endorsed” unitasker is drawing in some hilarious comments. I once came across a faux Christmas letter that began something like this, “Dear Santa, the only thing I want this year is to slap Martha Stewart”…looks like Ms. Ray has her “fans” too…


  43. posted by Lynette on

    That bowl is hideous. It looks like they’ve used someones puke as inspiration.

    I just throw all my scraps straight into the bin. An old ice cream container works well too.

  44. posted by catmom on

    Sounds like we are all in agreement on this one!

    To Stephanie: I’m with you on pulling the garbage can next to the prep area. It’s worked for me all this time so why change it?

    To Karyn: I too could use the money on something else besides the bowl.

    This is great, I am laughing and almost falling out of my chair reading the comments!

  45. posted by Lily on

    Argh. The thing I hate about the garbage bowl the most (and there are many things to hate about it) is that she puts EVERYTHING in there. Cans that need to be recycled, scraps that need to go on the compost heap or in the garbage disposal, trash, and the drained discarded juices from any canned goods used during cooking – tuna, beans, olives, tomatoes, etc.

    I don’t like touching garbage to start with, but after she makes her foul garbage bowl soup, I can’t stomach the thought of someone putting their hands in there to sort that which should not have been co-mingled to start with. Garbage is bad enough. Garbage marinated in tuna juice is exponentially worse. I’m gagging at the thought.

  46. posted by Zarah on

    The 1-star reviews on Amazon for this product are HILARIOUS!

  47. posted by Karyn on

    @ Miracle Maxine (and anyone else interested) – The Susan Boyle FanSite http://www.susan-boyle.com/ is, in fact, in the process of organizing a “send roses to Susan” event, via JW Flowers. I had just been reading over there before checking out Unitasker Wednesday over here, so that was the first thing that popped in my mind. πŸ˜‰

    Anyway, if you or anyone else is seriously interested, keep an eye on the FanSite blog; they will soon be posting a blog post with info including a direct link to the “flowers for Susan” and how to purchase one. Oh – and the idea is one rose from each fan, so you still have plenty of that $18 to spend on something else more useful than an overpriced garbage bowl.

    Also, the roses will be sent to Susan’s home AFTER the finals, so she isn’t overwhelmed the night of the performance. The plan is to have the majority of them redistributed to local hospitals, nursing homes, churches, etc. afterwards, so there’s even an uncluttering aspect to it. πŸ˜€

  48. posted by Karen on

    I’ve heard of these new-fangled devices called garbage cans.

    Seriously, Rachel Ray can’t afford a kitchen remodel to put the garbage can in a convenient spot?

    Oh, wait, the $18 is actually a fund raiser so she CAN afford a remodel. It all makes sense now.

  49. posted by whyioughtta on

    Lily – I couldn’t agree more. My obsessive-compulsive disgust at this garbage soup prevents me from watching RR’s show. Also, the fact that I have ears.

  50. posted by John of Indiana on

    I have a “backboard” on the wall over my trash can in the kitchen so I can practice my “Three-Pointers”. Not enough room in this stupidly-laid-out galley for a garbage bowl, heck, there’s not even enough counter space to work on anything.

  51. posted by Ruth on

    Wow – there sure are a lot of RR non-fans here. Rachael’s original garbage bowl on her show was a vintage Texas Ware bowl. This is her reproduction version. I’m guessing she got a kick out of it when someone suggested marketing this. I’m sure she would agree with all your alternative garbage bowl ideas. Personally, I LOVE bowls of all kinds (particularly nesting bowls) and yes, I do have this “garbage” bowl. (I almost bought a Texas Ware bowl at a flea market once.) Sure, I could have used something else I already had. Yes, I could just pull over the trash can (but in my smallish kitchen it would get in my way). I could recycle some plastic pail for free. I find it handy to have a bowl on the counter as I’m chopping (but liquids go in the sink). My dh doesn’t agree, but he’s not doing most of the cooking. I did get the bowl as a gift, and I’m sure it was on sale at Kohl’s or Target (maybe ten bucks – I’ve wasted more on clothes I’ve never worn). I could use the bowl for chips, or something else, but I have other bowls I like to use for that, so this remains a “uni-tasker” in my house. At least this gets USED regularly.

  52. posted by Carol on

    Or better yet a small composting unit:

  53. posted by Marie on

    Some people who dislike her (particularly on social networking sites) have turned this into a dirty punchline. For example: http://p-userpic.livejournal.com/39324488/8739309

  54. posted by Amy on

    Wow! Marketing at it’s “best!”

    But, wow! Talk about strong opinions. I agree the EVOO thing is a bit much. But when I try new recipes, hers are the only recipes that my husband consistently likes. some have become staples. So I’ll put up with her cutsieness for now.

  55. posted by sarah on

    i can’t imagine why i’d EVER want to put garbage into a bowl, only to remove it and place it into the trash can. another thing to wash, another thing to store – or stare at on my kitchen counter. and i have no interest in staring at that ugly thing.

  56. posted by Agatha on

    RR’s voice is like nails on a chalkboard and she NEVER SHUT’S UP! I automatically turn the channel anytime I see her face pop up.
    I put all of my garbage in the garbage can, recycling can or the garbage disposal.

  57. posted by Cahy on

    I love showing my friends the “Unitasker”.
    The comments are even more entertaining.
    Unitasker info actually assists in uncluttering ones mind with laughter.
    Thank you all from Australia.

  58. posted by Vanessa on

    Wow, some people really don’t like Rachael Ray. I don’t dislike her, but I’ve only seen one episode of her show, so I don’t really know anything about her. I do know WHY she has the garbage bowl- since her show is about being able to make a dinner in 30 minutes, it’s quicker to be able to dump the excess food in a bowl on the counter, instead of walking over to the trash. It makes sense for her, but for me it’s completely pointless. Yes, I have to turn around and take two steps to throw out my scraps in the garbage can, but since I have a small kitchen and only one counter top space (about 1 sq. ft), a garbage bowl is pointless. And I wouldn’t pay even $5 for one anyway, since you can go to the dollar store and get a large bowl for $3, like I did for my popcorn.

  59. posted by chs on

    A garbage bowl, ha! Is that why it looks like puke?

  60. posted by OogieM on

    Any old bowl will work to carry vege scraps out to the chickens, natures garbage disposals. Only benefit to a specialized one is getting one with a lid which this is clearly lacking. I think it would actually look pretty with a few fall squash in it as a centerpiece πŸ™‚

  61. posted by Amazonite on

    My kitchen layout is actually a good reason to have a “garbage bowl” — and I had myself convinced that I wanted the RR one except for the price and the fact that it’s so god-awful ugly.

    So I went out to the Target and got myself a much more attractive stainless steel bowl, a bit bigger even, for about $7. And the good thing is that I’m allowed to use it for popcorn too!

    Funny thing is that I’ve seen the RR garbage bowl on clearance at a lot of different places — the rest of the line seems to be selling okay (even though it’s mostly $hitty quality — have you seen the cookware? dents if you set it down hard).

  62. posted by Suzyn on

    Yay! You used my suggestion!! (unless 8000 other people suggested it too.)

    My favorite kitchen garbage solution: my friends dedicated one under-counter cupboard to a large garbage pail. Then they cut a smallish hole in the counter, and fitted it with a lid. When they cooked, the lid came off, and all scraps went *whoosh!* off the cutting board and into the hole. Rather elegant.

  63. posted by Denise on

    I can completely understand having a garbage bowl (it was one of my ah-ha moments when I took a knife skills class – one bowl for prepped stuff, one bowl for stuff that was usable for stocks, one bowl for the scraps for compost), but I wouldn’t pay to have a specific garbage bowl. Regular bowls work just as well.

    As to why someone would have a garbage bowl rather than use the garbage/trash cans directly, it makes for a comfortable work position with a high likelihood of actually getting the scraps into the bowl rather than all over the floor. Yeah. Messy cook here.

    The overall concept is fine, but if I’m going to have a dedicated garbage bowl, I’m going to put a liner in it and call it a garbage can.

  64. posted by Bg on

    Rachel Ray’s Garbage Bowl is also perfect landin place
    for the Unitasker Paper Airplane.

  65. posted by Dot on

    “inherited” the same ugly ’70’s bowl when I married my husband. Reminds me of puke. Out the door at the first yard sale. Good riddance!

  66. posted by Katie on

    I admit I only read the first 58 or so of the 65 comments so far, but I feel like I should add that I thought this bowl was meant to be inset in your kitchen counter or island so you can just slide things into it. Yeah, so… this bowl requires you to cut a hole in your counter! But it might be sturdier/have a flat lip to hang/won’t leak… enough to warrant it as a kitchen ‘fixture.’

  67. posted by brittany on

    Whenever I read people being really excited about carrying a special bowl around with them so they do not have to actually carry things all the way to the trash/compost/whatever as they go, I have exactly one thought: Your kitchen is too big.

  68. posted by gooseling on

    this reminded me of you


  69. posted by Jen on

    Whoops! I just sent this as a suggestion before reading the last month or so’s posts.

    Here’s what’s frightening. I’ve seen this in a store. That means someone in charge of stocking a kitchen store thought “what a great idea!”, and actually bought them.

    That said, ever since I saw one, I’ve started leaving a small dish by the sink to empty the stuff out of the sink strainer. Ever since then, my husband does actually clean the sink.

    Great idea; stupid product-specific marketing of great idea.

  70. posted by No room for unitaskers « and then there were four… on

    […] the love of all that is holy, please don’t come back to me and tell me you’ve bought a Garbage Bowl, or a Chompr…I may have to go all Dwight Schrute on […]

  71. posted by Jeanine on

    I think the idea of the blog is nice, but really, let’s be for real here.

    Picking on RR seems to be beneath all of you. Surely you guys know…(or…maybe not) that the bowl that she uses was a part of a set that is no more. This was the only one left. So rather than toss a perfectly good item, she repurposed it. And isn’t what this blog is about? Uncluttering by finding more ways to use something than it’s intended purpose? Orginal idea? Hardly. My mother did this for years, as I am sure, did RRs.

    The funny part is, that some people actually BUY the bowl for what it is. That’s who, if anyone, you should make fun of.

    Don’t hate the player, hate the game.

  72. posted by EraserGirl on

    the biggest laugh is that it LOOKS like it a vintage melmac or boltaware indestructible bowl but it’s apparently very fragile
    Amazon Reviews

  73. posted by red on

    I have a bowl, not sure who makes it …it just says china on the bottom
    Its about 3 qts, has a handle on the side, and a pouring thing.
    It looks like a coffee pot had sexual intercourse with a bowl and thats what the stork brung.(hows that for PC?)
    I use it for everything, from prepping my vegetables in to straining my stock into.
    I love it!
    But as far as the RR GB….I don’t know whats worse the bowl or all you people stressing over it.
    Yall just need to leave my sexy Rachael Ray alone.
    GB or not, I still care deeply for her.

  74. posted by Anita on

    Erin — when I first saw the post about your appearance of Rachael Ray’s talk show in April, I remembered this unitasker and wondered if the topic came up…

  75. posted by marisela on

    I have to admit I’ve seen SOME value in many of the Unitaskers, but not this one. I see amazon doesn’t sell it anymore but it’s on QVC for $15.72 + shipping. Quite pricey for a breakable bowl!

  76. posted by Careen on

    Would you believe there is actually an economic arguement for items like this?
    It’s along the concept of wealth distribution – those that can and are willing, pay more for items of equivalent use to cheaper goods. We end up with similar standards of living, at differing costs, according to how much we are willing to pay for it. Willing to pay naturally encompasses able to pay. Keeps the economy going.

    So bring on the goof!

  77. posted by Erin Doland on

    @Careen — You’ve just described the economic fallacy of the broken window. Buying frivolous things doesn’t “keep the economy going.”

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